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  • Pacbay
    ... This is a floater comment below. What specifically are you referring to?? And I would say - have some compassion. Though more mature students may not
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      This is a "floater" comment below. What specifically are you referring to??
      And I would say - have some compassion. Though more mature students may not like it, many students of esoteric paths are overwhelmed by the information and process and remain in the student stage for many years. It may be  better to lean on the words and content of someone who obviously "knows" then speculate and engage in scattered creative tomes. Though one must wean oneself from book and teacher dependence, the first step of Rosicrucian and Michael training, as I understand it, is study and freeing our philosophic thinking from conventional thinking and behavior. Mastery of learning is thus the first stage even if it means "repeating" or going over the a teacher's material again and again. Imagine being in the School of Delphi and being a student of Plato. If the dialogues of Socrates are the teaching method, one better get better glasses and hunkered down.Obviously advancing into meditation and independent thinking is the next stage but this is transitional as well and confidence comes in time.
       I am reading for example, the Gospel of St. Luke lectures by RS for the 4th time or so, and its again like reading it new! I am dumbfounded how I "understood" it 10 years ago and yet now are reading it anew. I do not feel that I am dependent on RS but simply am studying deeper for meditation later.
      As for carrying over spiritual ideas into politics or social leanings, that is another issue. Usually they do not mix well.
      “We think so because all other people think so;
      Or because--or because--after all, we do think so;
      Or because we were told so, and think we must think so;
      Or because we once thought so, and think we still think so;
      Or because, having thought so, we think we will think so.”
                                       - Henry Sidgwick
      The above hints at the occult prison which entraps
      many proponents of modern day 'thought based' systems
      like Theosophy and Anthroposophy.
      Much of what I have seen...(particularly with some wannabe
      Rosicrucians here) is more akin to a self congratulatory, left wing
      circle jerk than anything approaching the true spirit of  Goethe,
      Paracelsus, Bulwer or even Rudolph Steiner himself.
      I used to wonder why it was only mothers, professional fighters
      and warriors who were measured by degrees of  'Heart.'
      I also wondered why those of the spiritual and political left
      who always insisted on avoiding war at all costs, preserving equality
      and trumpeting humanist values, seemed paradoxically devoid of Heart.
      When people are short on true conscience and have a desperate
      need to become viable individuals, the best they can do is create a
      'persona' of compassion in order to be able to see themselves as
      they would LIKE to be.... rather than as they actually are.
      There is such a thing as heartfelt intellectual interchange...
      then there is mental masturbation.
      BR. Ron                                                       

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