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One last post to answer the posts I received before I signed off..

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  • Demetrue@aol.com
    It was Jesus who said, Let him who is without sin cast the first stone to the men who were about to kill the woman caught in adultery.. it was the law that
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 13, 2000
      It was Jesus who said, "Let him who is without sin cast the first stone" to
      the men who were about to kill the woman caught in adultery.. it was the law
      that she should be stoned for that particular sin... Then he asked her where
      are those that would condemn you and she said they are gone and he said,
      "Neither do I condemn you, Go and SIN NO MORE"... Inotherwords, he did not
      condemn her to death as she deserved under the law... he saved her from death
      and allowed her to go on living.. However, he did NOT tell her, there, there,
      it;s okay that you slept with your friend's husband, you had no choice.. He
      specifically used the word SIN to describe her behavior.. SO what he did was
      say, yes you did something wrong, but I am going to forgive you and give you
      a chance to live a better life and not repeat the same mistakes... Now, if
      I say that having an abortion wounds the heart of the mother.... How in the
      world can you construe that as "casting stones"? Am I saying that she should
      be punished by death or punished at all? NO! Why do you expect the laws of
      karma to magically treat abortion as somehow different than all other taking
      of human life? And as to the phrase, "He who is without sin cast the first
      stone", the point was used to SAVE a life, NOT justify taking one! Jesus
      never condoned killing under any circumstance, in fact, he raised dead
      people, he said, I came that they might have LIFE.. He IS the Lord of Life!
      And as far as judging others, we are all in the same boat... all of us fall
      so far short of perfection, that in God's eyes we all stand in need of his
      Love, forgiveness and healing.... but if I saw my brother or sister about to
      fall into a pit and pointed to the pit, how is that judging them? Since
      when is giving accurate information, so my brother or sister can see the pit,
      an act of judgment upon them? If they still choose to jump into the pit, is
      it my job to then condemn them? Certainly not (Every single women I know who
      has had an abortion.. and that is MOST of the women I know, already are
      filled with self-condemnation when the permanant result of their action
      finally sinks into their consciousness after the psychological numbness and
      shock wear off...) my job is to comfort them and help them bind up their
      broken hearts and point them towards the loving forgiveness of God, who is
      ABLE to heal, forgive, redeem and transform our broken lives ( I have tried
      the approach of "you did what you thought was best, it wasn't your fault, you
      had no choice", and GUESS WHAT, it doesn't work! Besides there is ALWAYS the
      choice of adoption, since there are millions of parents waiting to adopt your
      unwanted child! What worked was going through a real funeral service for the
      lost/aborted baby and naming the child, weeping tears of repentance and
      asking and receiving God's forgiveness.) ... A classic definition of SIN is
      "separation".. when we perform acts that separate us from ourselves (which I
      believe abortion does), others (which I believe abortion does) or God (which
      I believe abortion does), that is sin, and this separation has a three step
      healing process.... confession, forgiveness and reconciliation.... and just
      because, as someone said, well we've all killed in a past life, does not
      give us license to kill some more, does it? I would think that the mistakes
      in our past would serve as a warning to us to become conscious of the
      sacredness of life and to avoid jumping into the open pits when we come
      across them the next time around...
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