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Lucifer and Ahriman under the Bed

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    Hey List, Here s an interesting guy with something to say: Stanley Messenger is a philosopher and metaphysician who lives in Glastonbury. He is now in his
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 13, 2000
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      Hey List,
      Here's an interesting guy with something to say:

      "Stanley Messenger is a philosopher and metaphysician who lives in
      Glastonbury. He is now in his eighties, though he claims his work has
      just begun! He is more a speaker than a writer....."

      Lucifer and Ahriman under the Bed:


      An excerpt:
      "I believe König recognised this judging by the powerful group of
      independent spirits he gathered round him. But he was a real king! As a
      brash youngster I once asked him how, in view of Steiner having built
      his entire process on the basis of spiritual freedom, he justified his
      own very authoritarian regime. He didn’t answer me directly, but he
      looked at me very kindly instead of turning me out of the room and said
      enigmatically:- "It can happen". His authority was a role-model for
      others to develop their own!

      "Very different, but equally a lone wolf, was Walter Johannes Stein, who
      was elbowed out of the A.S. in G.B., in Park Road, (some would say he
      made it too hot to hold him!), and set up his own venue in West London.
      To be fair he was certainly not an easy element to incorporate into
      anything institutional. He was irritated by the conventions of a society
      and needed his own venue in which to develop his particular genius,
      which was considerable."

      More revelations:
      "Trevor Ravenscroft, who shocked the movement rigid by writing a book
      called The Spear of Destiny. This was a powerful novel which taught
      people a lot about anthroposophy but was also extremely misleading about
      certain facts in Steiner’s life, in fact flatly untrue in certain
      instances. This was of course Trevor’s responsibility, but he was
      bullied by his publisher not to be too specific about where truth ended
      and fiction began, as he proposed to put it out as a straight
      non-fiction title. Trevor knew it was fiction and said so. But Trevor
      had an Achilles' Heel. He was an alcoholic and he needed the money. The
      publisher prevailed and Trevor concurred. As a result the book was a lot
      more successful than it would otherwise have been and they both made a
      lot of money. "

      Any of you been to Glastonbury?

      Read Stanley's review of Guidance in Esoteric Training:
      "Stanley has been involved with the Steiner (Anthroposophy) movement
      since its early days. He is currently campaigning to bring new life to
      it by abolishing the organisation! "

      This site has a lot of interesting stuff.
      One woman's spiritual journey:
      Call No Man Master
      by Joyce Collin-Smith
      "The works of Rudolf Steiner, Gurdjieff and Ouspensky, the Maharishi
      Mahesh Yogi, Pak Subuh the Indonesian mystic, all helped enormously. But
      the basic questions which we all pose: Who am I? What is it all about?
      What am I to do? drove me ever onward."
      Read it here:

      I've went to quite a few meetings of the Subud brotherhood (Pak Subuh)
      years ago. Quite weird really.

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