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Re: [anthroposophy] 'racist' quotes?

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  • DRStarman2001@aol.com
    ... *******So was Charles Murray a few years ago when he published The Bell Curve , one chapter of which noted what any statistician knows, that different
    Message 1 of 12 , Dec 2, 2002
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      rlloyd@... writes:
      >>Why is it we can recognize the unique qualities of certain breeds of animals

      and try hard to keep those bloodlines pure but are so terrified of recognizing
      the same principles within the human species?
      the northern races have greater Stanford-Binet
      ratings than do the darker races (the number of Mensa members decreases
      proportionately to the population the closer we get to the equator)
      But the lighter races lack the visceral and rhythmic qualities of their
      darker counterparts.
      Hey, don't kill me...I'm just the messenger.

      *******So was Charles Murray a few years ago when he published "The Bell Curve", one chapter of which noted what any statistician knows, that different groups of people show characteristic higher and lower scores on intelligence tests. But it was a politically incorrect thing to talk about publicly, and he paid dearly for doing so.
      Dr. Starman
    • elaineupton2001
      Hello all of this thread begun by sarah (at least in its latest version). I m back from the holiday weekend and ready to roll. I appreciate soren s references
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        Hello all of this thread begun by sarah (at least in its latest

        I'm back from the holiday weekend and ready to roll. I appreciate
        soren's references to steiner on race in the PHilsophy of Freedom.
        And also,at the risk of shocking some, let me say that I quite agree
        with much of what starman said in reply on this topic. He talked
        about how it is difficult to discuss this topic without all the
        current hysteria that surrounds it. I agree. Also he mentioned how
        dealing in abstractions, instead of delving into the deeper esoteric
        matters of race, is not helpful, and again, I agree with him (you,

        Yes, it may seem shocking, sarah, what steiner said about blonds and
        intelligence. Then if we look about in our western cultures (at least
        here in the U.S.), we see this cult of blondness, from Barbar Walters
        (a very rich and famous TV personality, who does not have naturally
        blond hair, but like many, dyes her hair in order, it seems, to
        appear more acceptable), and we have this whole Nazi business abotu
        Aryans and blond hair-blue eyes, and so certainly people can have a
        field day with that and those who wish can say that steiner is
        racist...., but that would be dealing in surfaces, abstractions, and

        What does blond really mean on a deeper, esoteric level, for example?
        That is the question. It is a mere distortion that Hitler and Nazis
        and TV personalities or perhaps Madonna make out of this blond
        thing.... There is something deeper that needs a quiet, devoted kind
        of attention, beyond the hysteria, beyond the media distortions and
        the fascist agenda. Anything can be perverted, at least on the

        I feel quite certain that associating blondness with intelligence
        does not mean that only blond people are intelligent and that others,
        dark haired people are stupid, etc....Surely steiner, the man of vast
        wisdom, knew this, and if he didn't, well....that would be strange...
        In any case, one can look around and see that plenty of people with
        dark hair have intelligence. So, obviously we must be talking about
        something deeper here in this association of "blond"
        and "intelligence." There is a certain condition of evolution, and we
        evolve to a time when blondness appears and that brings a certain
        possibility into the world, just as the existence of dark haired
        peoples has brought certain possibilities into the world.

        Anyway, I think soren's posts are also right on, in noting that
        steiner says (in the Philosophy of Freedom, aka Philosopy of
        Spiritual activity) that we evolve beyond generic raciality. Also,
        sarah, if you want to read and get a broader view of what steienr
        said, there is another passage in the Apocalypse of St. John
        lectures, where steiner talks about the future not being about race,
        but about other groupings. "Blondness" no longer has to do with just
        race, but with a larger conception, just as do other qualities....

        This all takes some inner quiet study and cannot just be played
        around with in emails, in my opinion. So, if you/we are serious about
        this matter, it will take some quiet reverent study, deep observation
        and esoteric seeing, with LOVE and the broader view that LOVE for
        all beings affords.

        EAch human has a divine spark and all are worthy, regardless of skin
        color, hair color, etc. I hope that would go without saying, yet thre
        are some anthropops and enemies of anthropops who apparently do not
        experience this.


        --- In anthroposophy@y..., DRStarman2001@a... wrote:
        > sarahwh@t... writes:
        > > Hello,
        > > I discovered the following quotes from Steiner that I find a
        > > disturbing, and wondered if Starman and others could explain in
        some kind
        > > of context:
        > > "[T]he representative people for the development of the
        consciousness soul,
        > > hence for what matters particularly in our age, is the Anglo-
        Saxon nation.
        > > The Anglo-Saxon people are those who through their whole
        organization are
        > > predisposed to develop the consciousness soul to a special
        degree." (Rudolf
        > > Steiner, Materialism and the Task of Anthroposophy, p. 195,
        > > Press, 1987.)
        > > "If the blonds and blue-eyed people die out, the human race will
        > > increasingly dense if men do not arrive at a form of intelligence
        that is
        > > independent of blondness. Blond hair actually bestows
        intelligence.... It
        > > is indeed true that the more the fair individuals die out the
        more will the
        > > instinctive wisdom of humans vanish." (Rudolf Steiner, Health and
        > > p. 86, Anthroposophic Press, 1981.)
        > > thanks
        > > ¸..· ´¨¨)) -:¦:-
        > > ¸.·´ .·´¨¨))
        > > ((¸¸.·´ ..·´ -:¦:- Sarah
        > > -:¦:- ((¸¸.·´*
        > >
        > *******I've been saying for many years now that it was impossible
        > rationally discuss race in the 20th century, because of Hitler and
        the Nazis.
        > Now that we're in the 21st, I wonder if we can finally start. I
        doubt it can
        > be done among many people--- but race HAS an esoteric significance.
        > course, as you know, these days it's required by the intolerant
        religion of
        > the ruling paradigm that you say that an individual is an
        individual and
        > equal to every other individual, and that it makes no difference if
        he's male
        > or female, European or African, or what have you, and anyone who
        does notice
        > differences is evil and has to be shouted down. This of course
        ignores what
        > everybody knows from personal experience, that there are definite
        > traits of different nationalities, that the members of them
        generally show
        > regardless of the individual. The result of this Ahrimanic
        deception is that
        > these obvious truths are only discussed privately, with the result
        > honest discussion of them is prohibited and therefore they can't be
        > understood scientifically or rationally. Anyone who tries to do so
        is accused
        > of unconsciously following stereotypes. So strong is this desire to
        > politically correct that a clairvoyant like Rudolf Steiner is
        assumed to have
        > been doing the same thing, because it's unthinkable that he might
        have been
        > telling the truth. But different parts of the human being ARE
        accentuated in
        > the different races. To believe otherwise is to pursue a political
        ideal of
        > "equality" so much that reality is obscured.
        > As I say, I'm not sure we're ready to really talk about the
        occult side
        > of these things as it can be found in the Edgar Cayce readings,
        > etc.. Perhaps it's better done outside of public discussion. The
        quotes above
        > don't actually have to do with race, but with ethnicity, anyway.
        > Anthroposophy does not hover in abstractions, but its pure ideas
        are brought
        > down to sensible reality, for instance in recognizing how the
        different parts
        > of the soul will be stronger in one type of people or another.
        A "folk" or
        > people is not just an abstraction, but rather a folk spirit or folk
        soul, a
        > being higher than a human being, lives in all the members of one.
        This is a
        > reality which can be perceived, politically incorrect as that may
        > Individuals by their karma will incarnate into this or that group
        so that
        > they may use the abilities they will be born with. Rudolf Steiner
        could not
        > have come anywhere except to the German people, for instance. What
        > quoted here should be part of reflecting what it means to be an
        > speaking person, a Caucasian, etc. (Blond and red hair of course,
        like blue
        > eyes, occur only in the Caucasian race.) Naturally, however, this
        > cannot be scientifically examined so long as it is surrounded by
        > hysteria. It only comes up frequently because the enemies of
        > take these quotes and spread them far and wide to discredit
        Steiner. There
        > are many truths that can only be understood properly on the path of
        > initiation, and, when revealed to the unprepared and uninitiated,
        are bound
        > to be misunderstood.
        > Dr. Starman
        > http://www.DrStarman.net
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