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corporatism and beyond-Re: young white males-Re: causes?-

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  • elaine upton
    Dear Demetrue, As usual, I appreciate your thoughtful reply, your flowing, compassionate words. I agree: we will do well to go beyond pitting one race or
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 1, 2000
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      Dear Demetrue,

      As usual, I appreciate your thoughtful reply, your flowing, compassionate

      I agree: we will do well to go beyond pitting one race or ethnicity against
      another, and look at the larger problem affecting all parts of our
      "BODY"--as you say, the invisible as well as the visible parts.

      Often, I think we are run by what in anthroposophy we might refer to as a
      deluge of Ahrimanic forces. These forces show up in the world of corporate
      capitalism. (And I am not pitting capitalism here against socialism or
      variants in so-called communism. All of these human-made systems have
      problems, especially based as they are on nothing but a materialist economic
      view, as someone on this list has already pointed out). Corporatism runs the
      world. Everywhere we look is Microsoft and all its affiliates, or Disney and
      all its affiliates or Viacom and all its affiliates, and a few other mega
      corporations that run the world.
      Mergers are continually taking place. Microsoft owns NBS, owns Outlook
      Express, owns hotmail, owns....owns...., owns our souls, if we let it.
      Bill Gates is, to me, not quite human, though he may have an outwardly human
      form. And he is one example. There are others...--

      A superstar like Tiger Woods promotes Nike Corporation. Our young people
      imitate Tiger Woods. Nike Corporation makes shoes and clothing in sweat
      shops in other countries and U.S. territories. In these sweat shops (in
      Asia, for example) workers are vilely abused. They go all day without
      bathroom breaks, or with only briefest breaks. They work in closed rooms,
      without sunlight or fresh air. They handle dangerous chemicals, without
      protection. They work gruellingly long hours. When they complain, the are
      let go. Their wages are a pittance.

      We could go on here...Michael Jordan is another our young people imitate.
      Arnold Schwarzenegger. Jean Claude van Damme. Madonna. I don't even know
      all the names. These superstars are, themselves, in the hands of Bill Gates,
      Steve Forbes, the CEO's of Coca Cola, Disney, etc. These people are master
      minds of manipulation, addiction, playing on fear and its attendant: greed.
      Greed results in, and in turn causes, emptiness. It's a viscious circle.

      Young people and adults are caught in this viscious circle.

      Drug peddlers target the vulnerable --young people, blacks in poor
      neighborhoods, hispanics in poor neighborhoods, native americans on
      reservations living in appalling conditions, and so on.--Likewise, Nike and
      Coca Cola target these neighborhoods, these vulnerable souls.

      Ralph Nader may have his problems, but his campaign to expose corporate
      American has validity. Wal-Mart moves in and all the locals stores shut
      down. Wal-Mart has a lot of hype about scholarships, hiring the handicapped,
      and so on, but look at what they really do. They sell goods so that everyone
      who buys from them is led to look alike, think alike...They don't give their
      workers contracts, and hire and fire at will. They clamp out diversity...of
      opinions, of dress, of all manner of things we use and live with...

      The me-me-me-win-win=-win mentality is rampant.

      Yet, yet, there are those who seek to live in an environmentally responsible
      way, to honor the lives of animals, to support local businesses who care for
      their workers and promote diversity. There are young people traveling to
      learn other ways, other cultures. There are people returning to the land,
      living lives of voluntary simplicity. There are people working for the
      ethical treatment of animals. There is an organization like the Southern
      Poverty Law Center that works for justice and civil rights on behalf of
      typically oppressed groups (most often people of color). There are unseen
      individuals working in community, living in compassion (more than an
      emotion...active compassion is the practice of seeing the Divine in all, and
      drawing that out of each...).

      May we work for the Light, as each of us is moved, according to the talents
      we are given.
      Blessings of Peace,

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      >Subject: Re: young white males-Re: causes?-Re: [anthroposophy] our
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      >Date: Tue, 29 Feb 2000 16:06:26 EST
      >Yes, Elaine, you bring up so many issues I have been thinking about this
      >year.... When the school shootings started making headlines, all I could
      >think of was the fact that children have been gunned down for years in
      >urban, African-American and Latino/Hispanic neighborhoods and it never made
      >front page news.... Maybe because the lives of urban, poor, minority
      >children were not as strongly valued by our society, maybe because each
      >was taken as a separate individual incident, maybe because violence was
      >expected in that strata of society, maybe because that strata of society
      >been invisible in America? (ironically making up the heart of America, yet
      >invisible) Or maybe even because one can find excuses and explanations for
      >violent, hopeless behavior of despair among the urban poor... but we are
      >clueless as to why middle class white kids would have any reason to gun
      >large groups of people.. That is also one of the scarier elements for me...
      >the white male youths seem to need to take a lot of people with them when
      >they explode! (because they feel invisible too!) The other issue I was
      >thinking of was that in African-American families, the system of slavery
      >one that continually broke down emerging African-American families,
      >specifically removing the father from the family group, and this was a
      >devestating pattern that continued long past the signing of the
      >Proclamation.. even in modern society, the welfare system rewarded families
      >without fathers and penalized poor families that wanted the father to
      >in the home... Despite the absence of the father, the matriarchy in
      >African-American society, consisting of mothers, grandmothers, sisters and
      >aunts was strong enough to hold that family together and raise those
      >well, against overwhelming odds.... The advent of crack-cocaine in the
      >15 years and its paralyzing effect on young African-American women is now
      >robbing the next generation of black children of the backbone of their
      >family.. the mother.... Crack-cocaine annihilates the strong maternal
      >protective instincts that one could usually count on in African-American
      >you are right, Elaine... not only is the drug use the symptom of a
      >sickness in our society, it also makes us much sicker.... often fatally
      >I was wondering if it possible to look at each ethnic group and their
      >struggles and afflictions as different organs and parts of one body....
      >perhaps the white youth are just the surface of the body, manifesting
      >symtpoms of deep disease in the heart or the lungs or the stomach... and we
      >on the surface tend to overlook the illness when it is lodged in the heart
      >the lungs, but suddenly wake up and take notice when the skin erupts with
      >boils and sores.... I am thinking that pitting different ethnic groups
      >against each other and continuing to focus on this race versus that race
      >be missing the true problem and the true solution... Maybe each part of
      >body is saying look, the body is sick! Maybe the WHOLE body needs healing
      >the parts to work together in harmony....

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