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    Dear Soren and Ron, There s a side of your posts which I could agree with , if I began to consider it on an actually historical point of view. That is the
    Message 1 of 3 , Nov 2, 2002
       Dear Soren and Ron,
      There's a side of your posts which I could agree with , if I began to consider it on an actually historical point of view.
        That is the very biography of Walter Johannes Stein.
         He surely choosed the "lesser evil" , like you suggest, fighting for Westerners and Winnie Churchill better for than Adolf.
       And surely , if I lived those days , I should have myself did the same !
      But Walter Johannes KNEW who Adolph was and where is an Adolf Hitler today ?.
      I have heard someone - namely the horrible Italy's premier Berlusconi - talk about Saddam like an Hitler  .... Let's be serious!. Saddam is a common butcher, like thousands in Mankind's history, Adolph was a different issue ,  and now we all know it.
      Well  how can I justify today an "oil-holy war" against Saddam (or Islam "terrorism") when I know, being a non-professional historian but somehow student and writer of historical matters, all the background about West-Saddam connection in the 80s, oil-drugs-Cia connection all along the years, 9/11 puzzles and so on ? 
        Moreover: having had a privileged look at occult and esoteric hidden agendas of "you know Who" since 1789 onward ?
      How can I justify,brothers in Christ,  any war here and now ?
      Oh yes I know what  we have been told  about the  pre-Christlike inner gesture that Krishna suggested to Arjuna. "You have to kill your brother but you have to be aware, in the meantime, that at the I AM level, there is no more fight or hatred, but there is only Love and Wisdom ?"
      That's not enough for me.
       So as a personal issue I am convinced that we  can work to heal the karmic roots of hatred killing, for instance and among thousands of other gestures, any "patriotic" impulse in us
      Since   the true "patriot" is  the one who is able to talk with his Folk Soul Archangelic Being: needless to say that each other "patriotism" is a mask for the Hindrancers in us.  
      On a social level: I don't want the world "to be fooled again"by mainstream media , who are screaming "War!"  and so I keep on to cooperate with the eco-pacifists here and now.
      That is a  " lesser evil" since Threefolding is still to come!
      One more reason to wish long life to everyone working on Threefolding on a political worldwide or local level , from Perlas to Ben Aharon !
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      From: Br. Ron
      Sent: Saturday, November 02, 2002 2:39 PM
      Subject: Re: [anthroposophy] Re: thanks, bruce

          > Needless to say: all the nationalistic, "holy-war-like" or
          > Anybody else" - aka outer war impulses - are just the opposite of
          >all this.

      I mean another side of the same battle, if it can't be done within it
      get's projected ... and happens as physical sword, the lesser we can
      handle the conflict as an inward process the more it get's projected
      in the outer impulses - there's no dialogue, but exchange of demands
      and counterdemands, eventually with no way back than attack and
      counter-attack -
      But it is  very special experience to intervene in a outer conflict
      with the peace and truth within, miracles happen :-)
      Non-violent justice is the toughest road to go, but give the sweetest
      victories, as there's only winners and no loosers :-) 

      Yes, this is the way I see it too. External violence is never
      the highest road possible. At best it can be but the 'lesser
      of two evils.'
      Unfortunately, at this point in our planetary consciousness,
      it sometimes is a necessity. Not the ideal to be sure, but
      a reality nonetheless.
      Killing the crazed hoards doesn't kill the "principalities"
      that animate them. It just buys a little time to live freely
      long enough to reach certain, urgent spiritual plateaus.

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