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R: [anthroposophy] Re: Racial Characterisations- Moderation

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  • Sören Groth
    ... myself in a ... oh oh a ... Well better be an extremist let s get to the bottom and top of this , than a dull let s stick to the agreable - I can be
    Message 1 of 5 , Oct 30, 2002
      --- In anthroposophy@y..., "VALENTINA BRUNETTI" <okcgbr@t...> wrote:
      > Dear Soren,
      > I wanna thank you for your positive and well balanced comment, but, as I
      > have been posting a while ago to Stephen , I sometimes express
      myself in a
      > "thorny " way. (In the Italian ecologist movement, where I belong since
      > early '70 they call me a kind of "extremist" but it's not true - oh
      oh oh a
      > voice from a corner is just telling "are you sureeeeee?")

      Well better be an extremist "let's get to the bottom and top of this",
      than a dull "let's stick to the agreable" - I can be pretty "thorny",
      too - when people tend to join in some nice agreable picture, di you
      recognize the sense one often get in meetings and groups, people love
      to produce opinion about things they aren't gonna do anything about
      anyway .. then I get "thorny" .. dogma is one side of problem,
      habitual thinking the other ..

      > Well,I'm glad to know that Jarna is a non-dogmatic place,

      Guess that's the good thing about diversity, though the different
      antroposophical socities of course are united in being
      antrrroposophical, they develop different ways of being so... the
      funny thing is that it's not all depending on the "people" .. Järna
      antroposophy are people from all over the world, so it's not specific
      swedish that it turns out that way.... again how the swedish quality
      isn't individual.. many germans like it in Järna, as they think the
      german tradition is to formal and strict, as I'm told the danish is a
      bit like that, too .. And some swede's of course like it better in
      Germany, feel more comfortable with that tradition... So as
      Antroposophia grows, it really becomes cosmopolitan, and have
      different communities with different tradition, so a free individual
      can find one that feels like "home", though it may turn out to be in
      another country. That's just good :-)
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