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Re: [anthroposophy] Re: Islam : the third Beast from the Abyss

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  • DRStarman2001@aol.com
    Message 1 of 11 , Oct 30, 2002
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      >Always looking for inspiring stories to demonstrate the power of prayer,
      >The Presidential Prayer Team shares this amazing story in the news
      >today. Please pass it on to inspire others.
      >50 Christian truckers got together to pray to pray that somehow the
      >sniper terrorizing the Washington, DC area would be caught. Ron Lantz
      >would be retiring as a driver in a few days and didn't even live in the
      >area, but he felt sure that God would answer their prayers. In fact, he
      >told the others there that God was going to use him to catch the sniper.
      >A few days later he was listening to the radio as he was driving again
      >through the region and felt compelled to pull off the highway to a rest
      >stop. It was just a couple of miles from where the prayer meeting had
      >taken place. As he pulled in, he was shocked to see a car similar to
      >what was being described on the radio right there before his eyes.
      >Carefully trying to read the license plate, a chill went up his back as
      >the numbers matched. He quickly called 911 and remained there for what
      >he said were the longest 15 minutes of his life until the police
      >arrived. He even pulled his truck across the exit, there would now be no
      >escape for these elusive murderers. The rest is now history-the snipers
      >were taken into custody without incident.
      >Ron's testimony is being beamed around the world today. It shows the
      >power of prayer. And in a class act, showing his true character, when
      >asked what he would do with the award money, he said the half million
      >dollars would simply be given to the victims' families.
      >The snipers killed 10 and wounded 3 around our nation's capital over the
      >past three weeks, leaving the entire region in a state of terror. Yet
      >out of the great darkness has also come a great beam of light as the
      >world has heard a clear testimony of the power of prayer.
      >The Presidential Prayer Team is pleased to honor trucker Ron Lantz as
      >today's American Inspiration, and we strongly encourage you to share his
      >uplifting story of prayer with your friends and colleagues. You too can
      >experience the power of prayer, as we pray for the President and leaders
      >of our nation. Join the team at www.presidentialprayerteam.org. Kids can
      >join at http://www.presidentialprayerkids.org. It's free!

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