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Re: not islamic killer - also gulf war veteran

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  • Sören Groth
    ... the Gulf ... seem to ... war, loose ... is? How is ... Dear Sheila... I will be glad to ... In the whole discussion about fundamentalist Islam the sniper
    Message 1 of 4 , Oct 30, 2002
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      --- In anthroposophy@y..., "LilOleMiss" <lilolemiss@i...> wrote:
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      > From: Sören Groth

      > > > Btw how come the fact he was a soldier in the US army during
      the Gulf
      > > > War don't come up here ... what made him turn around... there
      seem to
      > > > be a "veteran-syndrom" causing a lot of trouble... Win the
      war, loose
      > > > the soul of the soldiers...

      > "Three University of Arizona professors were shot and killed by a
      > student in the school's College of Nursing, who then took his own
      > life. Robert Flores Jr., a Gulf War veteran who was failing his
      > classes, launched the attack during an exam Monday."
      > Sören
      > Soren, would you explain to us what the purpose of this posting
      is? How is
      > this specific quote of the Sicilian with your words involved in
      > Anthroposophy?

      Dear Sheila... I will be glad to ... In the whole discussion about
      fundamentalist Islam the "sniper" eventually was brought up, by some,
      in the meaning, that it had any significance that he had converted to
      islam... I tried several times to point out, that his actions actually
      probably wasn't motivated by his religious belief, but might have
      deeper implications of cause and effect... and simply asked if the
      fact that he was a veteran had occured to anyone, not in any way meant
      as some backstapping on the US, but knowing that veteransyndrome's
      have caused and do cause a lot of problems, not just in the US but in
      any country .. simply a discussion about the victimisation of war,
      that does warfare do to people... is it possible to penetrate this
      soulproblem from an anthroposophical view ??? To me war can easy be
      dehumanising .. the means is the way, and determines the goal.

      Many discuss what war does to the civilians, but what does it do to
      the soldiers... ?? But noone picked up the thread... so I sort of poke
      a bit on it, as it really seems like there's Gulf War veterans going
      nuts from time to time, no matter if they're muslim's or not. The
      reason is probably more what in psychology is called post-traumatic
      stress syndrome. Horryfying images the person can't get heal, which
      affect the lifeforce of the person, so in stressituations they react

      ...and the delete part cited comes actually referring a bit to you,
      who told everyone here, that all my postings should be deleted upon
      sight by you... glad you didn't and we had a good conversation about
      children and school ...

      > Some of us are curious and look forward to your explanation.

      Hope it was satisfactory ....
      > Sheila
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