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Re: [anthroposophy] 'The Ghost Kings'

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  • danifyou@tv.videotron.ca
    Space , the final frontier... Or perhaps rather how to beam-warp(of Light) up cross beyond, a Thunder Bird, the I go through Matter, in-(Gold)-Chant Robe
    Message 1 of 3 , Oct 28, 2002
      'Space', the final frontier...
      Or perhaps rather how to beam-warp(of Light) up cross beyond, a Thunder Bird, the 'I' go through Matter, in-(Gold)-Chant Robe Dress,
      a Bridegroom 'E' merge comes along...

      Hi Bradford!

      Yes, I know about the Danny boy song! :)
      A WWII veteran friend of mine use to play it on the harmonica whenever him I go visit...

      Whenever in such a way(Danny boy) called, I tell you, my heart connect re-collect to the friendly-guilelessness of the once and future Soul's Purity, in Christ a Brotherhood of Man, a Fraternity.
      Therefore in LOVE,
      shall we all be called Friends, Man-Kind found Divinity.

      I always knew that with Christ I was a
      "rich man"(Dhani). Thanks to George Harrison, this word(his son's name btw) from him I happened to know lately. No doubt that he may in his posthume album 'Brainwashed' (to be released mid-november) offer lots of Gold from his Krishna devoted soul.

      When I was a teenager I used to go to the library and reach the maximum amount of books allowed to take out( one can see a certain "food" relation here... ;) But now that I am grown, I now have, in the 21st century the Wonderful opportunity at this e-table to share and read into the thoughts, Soul and Spirit of all kinds of Questing-Amazing Living Individualities.
      And not the lesser, you Bradford, do Bridge-bring and make evolve (as well plant seeds) that which in one may be embryonic, making it into furthering("Multiplication of Bread(th)"), quickening-increasing the Growth, the Crop.

      Heaven is a Garden...
      No small wonder as to why the Sunflower is
      Full of Seeds! :)
      Thunder Birds do there feed!

      And so we are told that Zeus became enamoured with Metis(thought)...
      In his head, like a womb, Athena was fathered. And lo who came to spark her out!?
      Hephaistos the METAL Worker, yes truly the birth of Thougth-Man could only arise through the Reflection on a Cave of Death, a 'Mineral body' of a Mars Helmet...

      But Golghota came and the Centuries-old
      came to a flip flap Turning Point to a Removal of Death.

      A Centurion commanded armies, but this son of Mars removing his helmet asked to the Commander Chief of the Celestial Armies if his sick son could be spared from Death,
      say only one word said he and my son will be healed. And made it so it was...
      The Centurion of the Old Loved Christ, removed his War Mask Helmet,
      received Mercurial son of Life all-Heal all-Illness even Death....

      I had in my Memory Bank the data once read as to the fact that Stanley Kubrick first thought to name the "2001 'SPACE' Odyssey"(Silica) Killer Computer: ATHENA. Now it certainly comes handy to take it out and into our thoughts-streaming, and now we can say that he was pretty much (Surfing) on Time!

      That which leads us to the many times by Bradford described 'Gorgon Eye'. See as well
      here the "Phlegmatic"-Force Field of the Dry,
      yes, the Magnetic Field and the Electric Static that which was in 'Star Wars' movie(Imaginaion) preventing from attacking the Death Star, or rather defeating the Dead thinking, Nowhereland in Numbers, a Matrix-Sea of Insignificance arise. May you have a good Golden Compass 'North Star' Christ tuned if in this Fallen your Self to find to Life the Way(Manichean)...

      Sword of Michael most handy handle now
      Ô Knight, in the Gorgon slicing find found in Willing's Might, Heart of the Good Survive, Angel Pegasian Wings deploy-strike!
      Golden Solar So, Lacing Nathan Soul Chemical Wedding wear Hermes Triadic-Fire flying mobile Sky-Walker shoes, Sword-Sling-Thunder-Blaze!

      Christ knows how to Re-Move Star Stir Stone(s)...
      Mountains of it...

      [Logical conclusion...]

      So why Lanoos don't you Conquer Gorgo-Golgo, das Hell Yell HAL Hag Death?...
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      From: Bradford Riley<holderlin66@...>
      From: danifyou@...
      >Subject: [anthroposophy] 'The Ghost Kings'
      >Date: Sun, 27 Oct 2002 04:57:01 -0400
      >'The Ghost Kings'
      >The ghost kings are marching; the midnight knows their tread,
      >From the distant, stealthy planets of the dim, unstable dead;
      >There are whisperings on the night-winds and the shuddering stars have
      >A ghostly trumpet echoes from a barren mountainhead;
      >Through the fen the wandering witch-lights gleam like phantom arrows sped;
      >There is silence in the valleys and the moon is rising red.
      >The ghost kings are marching down the ages dusty maze;
      >The unseen feet are tramping through the moonlight's pallid haze,
      >Down the hollow clanging stairways of a million yesterdays.
      >The ghost kings are marching, where the vague moon-vapor creeps,
      >While the night-wind to their coming, like a thund'rous herald sweeps;
      >They are clad in ancient grandeur, but the world unheeding, sleeps.

      >-Robert E. Howard

      Oh Danny boy!

      (Which as you may or may not know are words to a wonderful song about Danny,
      an Irish song.)

      Not that such a song, or praise would apply to someone who finds such a
      poem, that refers, in intuitive fire, to the Ghosts of Mars... not the movie
      the "Ghosts of Mars" but also refers directly to the Tolkien Nine Kings, The
      Black Riders. The very substance of their power, that devours them in soul
      is like unto a second death. Of course it takes great souls with clear
      imagination to see into these things, otherwise the substance of reality is
      left to various scraps of dog food that fall off the table.

      Just as I might sing the praises of Danny Boy when he understands that
      "Adams Bridge" connected to the Sri Lanka and the Ramayana brought to our
      attention a word, Vishwakarma...this word, or some such close to it, leads
      us to a very profound region of understanding offered, as you have said, and
      I recall, by Dr. Steiner as foreshadowing of the Christ. These type of
      Golden Sparks of insight are really lost on so many who seemed wrapt up in
      the petty mysteries, that there were Major mysteries and minor mysteries or
      as in Eleusis and Ephesus, Greater and Lesser mysteries... it takes a keen
      eye to pull the nuggets of gold out of the fire and turn them in ones hands
      and return them to the world of men as gems. You have done this many, many
      times. Thanks

      [not to mention the form of the Abraham/Zarathustra Brain of the Seond Adam
      and the Adam Bridge, which was a wonderful link..thanks]

      As to the Astral Body of Christ, Buddha on Mars and themes where
      Manichean/Sorathian themes have impacted... we note with cultural joy that
      we can change the Luciferic sea of fallen data into something warmed by the
      Golden forces of the Christ Being. We can enter the wreckage of the Fallen
      Intelligence and communicate, redeem and place such gems back into the
      upward stream of cosmic intelligence coming from Mankind.

      It is after all, Cosmic Intelligence, which would be fragmented and mapless
      if Steiner had not so focused our attenton on specific highlights of Michael
      Intelligence, before the axe fell. Before the whole wreckage rocked the
      world and arose in the will to power of 33, the feeling heart of troubadours
      in 66 and finally the head forces of 99. But what we failed to grasp in our
      economic understanding of the emerging and financing of the Internet, was
      the vast economic bubble that sucked in thousands upon thousands of dollars
      from 401ks in America. That Clinton and the vast economic bubble, was the
      belch, that sucked the full Fallen Intelligence out into the open world that
      we call cyberspace.

      Many a false economic value was manipulated to grow this sea of seething
      Luciferic and Ahrimanic, numbed intellectual potential before our
      fingertips. The GreenSpan Speech of July and the fall of the Gold Standard
      as well as the Karmic event of the Twin Towers - have mythic revelations
      behind them when we consider Wisdom and Mercy now in the hands of humanity.
      When we consider the Two Towers of Tolkien and when we consider the Mythic
      force that allowed the economic Towers to arise in their splendor and also
      the crash, the force that took them away as the bursting of the bubble that
      created the last afterbirth of the Internet through the economic, AThena.

      In fact, an unholy Athena, born from the Fall of Intelligence into the heads
      of men, as Zeus of old, Mankind gave birth to a Luciferic Athena forces from
      their own Heads, feelings and wills. Now we see even deeper. AThena burst
      forth fully armed from the Head of Zeus, that reflection and the Fall of
      Michael Intelligence into the heads of Men, allowed the birth, through
      economic aspects, humanities own Athena or fallen Athena to arise fully
      formed from the Heads of Men. That is such a bullet, such a hot piece of
      insight, anyone could have an entire book on this amazing subject. Athena
      born from the Heads of Men and the tracing of the Internet and the IBM
      computer. Hot, Hot, Hot!

      These are the insights that I must truly thank you for Danny. Things that
      arise between thinkers, and the Michael School are fully living images of
      cultural power instead of fragmented intellectual soul garbage scows.


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