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  • Bradford Riley
    Spanning the Abyss of the Sciences “There is a great gulf between the conception of the world recorded in the Gospel and that held in our time. It is no
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 7, 2002
      Spanning the Abyss of the Sciences

      �There is a great gulf between the conception of the world recorded in the
      Gospel and that held in our time. It is no wonder that through the
      conception of the world held today the Gospel is either misunderstood or not
      understood at all. Bit by bit questions concerning our view of the world
      must be decided, as we get rid of the rubbish of materiality which today
      conceals the Gospel. These studies are meant to be contributions towards the
      re-working out of the Gospels� views of the world.�
      Emil bock �Studies in the Gospels�

      Bradford comments;

      When we approach the Mystery of Golgotha and the John Gospel and compare it
      to our current sciences, we stand before an abyss. It is easy to bridge this
      abyss, because of the current developments in the sciences. Certainly to
      prove our case, we may present evidence that supports the Christ Event and
      only after some stammering, stuttering and general denial, can an objective
      scientist bridge the gulf between Religion and Science. It is because
      Science and particularly the etheric forces of science are actually
      religious in nature that it allows us to begin to span the gulf that exists
      between the deliberate denial and stymieing of that which occurred at
      Golgotha. Through out education and the corporate style of consumerism, the
      Intellectual Soul, in all aspects of culture, has promoted an enormous
      political filibuster against any true knowledge of Golgotha.

      If we turn to Intellectual Soul religion or Sentient Soul religion we end up
      in various forms of Fundamentalism or entrenched denials due to ancient
      religious dogmas. It is my intention to outline what the Scientist Steiner
      was obligated to place before humanity. If, I were to deny what I know of
      Goethe as the individuality of Phidias or Novalis as the individuality of
      John the Baptist, I would also have to deny that Aristotle was obligated to
      overcome the science of Francis Bacon. If I deny what can be ascertained by
      spiritual development and reincarnation, I would have to deny that Lazarus
      John wrote the John Gospel. If I deny John, well not only am I a liar, but I
      would have to deny that both Buddha and Zarathustra midwifed the Christ into
      His Earth mission.

      So in brief, let us look at the stepped up miracles of the Christ Being in
      relation to Steiner�s � The Gospel of St. John and its relation to the other
      Gospels.� In this research document of Steiner�s, he reveals a clear
      acceleration and enhancement of Logos penetration into the very Logos
      structure of Man and the world. In other words, The Christ dives down into
      the foundations of Man and Matter and emerges with distant forces of the
      sciences that are currently dreamt of by humanity. Christ places these
      advanced forces in the Spiritual Being of John for safekeeping and for
      Mankind�s future. To begin I shall first look at Emil Bock and see if his
      religious nature and mission was unable to see the ultimate magnitude of the
      Christ Being. It could be that certain advances in the Sciences were beyond
      Bock�s imagination when he researched his �Studies in the Gospels�.

      Here is Bock�s statement:

      �The crude conception of the miracle of Jesus, the feeding of the 5000,
      comes really out of such an idea which, without noticing it, presupposes
      that Christ succumbed to the temptation to make bread out of stones. And if
      one conceived of the walking on the sea in a physical sense, that would mean
      that Christ, at least subsequently, succumbed to the second temptation: to
      play with the powers of life. It must be more seriously acknowledged that
      Christ really resisted the threefold temptation, that he emptied himself of
      his universal predominance and really entered human life as a man."

      Bradford comments;

      The statement Bock makes, �Christ really resisted the threefold temptation,
      that he emptied himself of his universal predominance and really entered
      human life as a man,� begs for qualification. This little reductionism may
      be true, or it may not be true. In other words, an Elohim, entered the human
      world at the level of Spirit Self. He decided to accomplish, stage by stage,
      an increase in the magnitude of what a Man could do with his Earthly
      vehicle. But standing behind this particular Man was the Sun Being, the
      Logos Himself. It was with the greatest difficulty that He shrunk His
      stature to that which stands above the Consciousness Soul capacity.
      Eclipsing his Super-Spiritual Forces of I AM Love, to the workings of
      humanity, does not mean, that once he accomplished this, he did not proceed
      step-by-step, miracle-by-miracle to increase the magnitude of what Man could
      and will produce as he evolves to Atma or Spirit Man.

      So what were the MATTER MIRACLES that Christ accomplished as he strengthened
      the capacities of Man? We study Christ, not as an Avatar, but as a Being who
      had stood at the core of Saturn evolution when Humans were mere
      un-programmed mineral beings. It is here where Science, Francis Bacon and
      current education are mere imitators, and deniers of that which is truly in
      Man to do. Let us not, for one instant lose sight of the fact that the I AM,
      kernel of Immortality, as �Cosmic Bread� was distributed to numerous I AM
      beings, so that, when this Time came, when Earth would be here now, it would
      be numerous I AM�s who having taken the Bread and the Blood of the Immortal
      Elohim, could now assist in lifting together all aspects of the Fall and all
      Fallen Beings that had entered into this region of Creation. From this
      perspective the Last Supper and the very beginning of the Saturn inception
      of I AM�s into the ongoing development of the Cosmos, were led by the Logos
      Being Christ and shepherded into Earth evolution and the Scientific events
      of Golgotha.

      The Miracles:

      1.) The miracle in connection with the Marriage in Cana.
      2.) The miracle in healing the nobleman�s son.
      3.) The miracle of the man who had lain 38 years by the Pool of Bethesda.
      4.) The Feeding of the 5,000.
      5.) The sign given in the vision of Christ walking on the sea
      6.) The miracle in the healing of the man born blind
      7.) The greatest and most dangerous miracle, the Initiation of Lazarus, the
      transformation of Lazarus into the writer of the John Gospel.

      8.) These SEVEN miracles are not complete. There was the Phantom Form,
      released from Christ at Gethsemane. It becomes the new foundation for Nature
      changing to that which is the basis of New Nature, in the unfolding of what
      is in humanity as, HUMAN NATURE.

      9.) There was the sweating of blood-which infused the red blood iron forces
      of the human Jesus with Sun forces that would super-charge Earth to becoming
      a Core Sun for a new solar system.

      10.) There are the events on Golgotha themselves, Shattering Earthquake as
      the force of the new Seed of the Sun drips from the Cross and Death, as a
      force, is reversed.

      11.) There are the Appearances of the fully walking, talking, eating, active
      Forms taken by the Christ Being after the Resurrection.

      12.) There is the active Rising of the Etheric Christ and our inability to
      keep pace with his lofty Being.

      What science explores today, and what it wishes to know, by the many
      research tools it uses, is what is the mystery of matter? Can we
      technologically approach these mysteries? Can Monsanto change the taste of
      water into wine? Can we replicate bread and Fishes by taking stones and
      making them into bread, can we solve world hunger? Can we spy on each other
      by using how the Christ appeared, as REMOTE VIEWING? However the idea that
      remote viewing might be part of the human psychic nature, aside from
      Technology, and have moral implications in spiritual development is not
      considered important to the general geo-political psy-ops think tanks.

      Can we send Nano-computer cells, intelligent computer healers, into the
      entire organism and program them to rid the body of illnesses? Can we make
      human bodies that are immortal, invincible, and with higher brain functions?
      Can we cellularly make copies, clone bodily parts to help people and can
      we also clone plants, animals and humans?

      What part of the cellular and Logos reasoning is possible? What is the
      mystery of the destructive light of atom smashing Fission and the
      constructive Light released with biological and cellular building in
      creative fission? Can we with laser surgery heal a man born blind? Is it
      possible to infuse every particle of matter with living Light resonation?
      Can we bring the dead back to life? If the Logos had nothing to do with the
      creation of matter and the ordering of matter into various forms and
      systems, how was the universe made? Who made us? Are we accidents? Shall we
      teach the dogma of scientific certainty that we are accidents and merely
      part of the �big bang�? Can I assemble and disassemble my body, shape shift,
      and do really cool molecular disappearances? Can I travel faster than light,
      walk on and visit various planets? Can I make myself into a conscious
      electrical impulse and enter sub-nature and create new programs and worlds
      where man can vacation in?

      All these questions, that science asks, are part of the scientific mysteries
      of the Living Logos. It is not to say that we halt all scientific research
      and swing backwards to fundamentalism. It is looking into �The John Gospel
      and its Relation to the other Gospels� that we find the trail of the Logos
      that builds within a three year period, and restores through Man, the
      massive forces of an Elohim that had disappeared into the micro-mystery of
      Man. Under the special circumstances of digging into the foundations of Man,
      the Divine Beings that made Man, and the Christ Logos Being, the I AM source
      that has for It�s core the full Godhead of Seraphic Love, made the I AM in
      Man and found in his foundations the substance to reveal all that Science
      seeks for. For Science seeks the riddles to how was this done? However it
      fails and fears to ask how this was done, even though the same scientific
      answers they seek, will also apply to the highest Sciences in Man. That is
      why Rudolf Steiner left us the greatest scientific legacy ever given.
      Because His legacy looks directly into the John Gospel and raises the
      research criteria of the Sciences to include those things that we would have
      to describe as miracles.

      When we follow and delve into the structure of Man and the Universe, as we
      all should, the riddles of the Iron in the blood, the Light and Immortal
      forces in our blood; the harmonic etheric formative forces that create
      cellular and atomic number, based on the profound numerical Logos structure
      called The Music of the Spheres; all this raises the Science of Man and
      raises the depth of culture and education to significance and not
      superficiality. Since the core of the Earth is super heated molten Iron,
      What point of inception, what type of literal Super Solar Iron impregnated
      the Earth and started Her growth towards becoming a New Solar Sun force. Was
      this the same substance that exists in our blood? Did Christ act as a super
      cosmic sperm to bring to birth the Earth egg into a new being? Did not this
      deed have to come from Man as the highest integrated Being of the Logos on
      this planet?

      Please bring any comparisons or discussions on the acceleration of the
      miracles of the Christ Being in order to Bridge.. the famous Green Snake
      Bridge � that bridges Science and Religion. This is a fairly easy Michael
      Task for the Autumn Season. There are wonderful scientific minds amongst us
      and this is doable. Then there can hardly be any excuse, once we have shared
      our notes, Matter and the Logos will be grounded in our common understanding
      and we will have the tools needed to defend the Logos.


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