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  • Judson Chambers
    From: VALENTINA BRUNETTI Dear List, Is it the equation 666=Islam true ? Not at all. ****By the by, I found the references to Islam most
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      From: "VALENTINA BRUNETTI" <okcgbr@...>
      Dear List,

      Is it the equation 666=Islam true ? Not at all.

      ****By the by, I found the references to "Islam" most
      helpful and I'd like to give another take on the "666"
      business for a little clarity that leads to the
      affirmative for your question "Is it True" as cited

      In the Greek Gematria system and most likely the
      Egyptian Gematria system, 666 is the numeric value of
      the material sun. Therefore, this direction of
      reverence but only for the "Father" exhibited by
      anyone, including the Islamic outlook, bears upon a
      materialistic view upon the whole of all worlds. For
      it exhibits a disrespect and disinterest for the
      "Mother", who by the way grows out of the being of the
      pre-earthly "Father", through which the divine "Son"
      rises. Biblically, the process is referenced in the
      creation of "heaven and earth" wherein the "Father" is
      buried in the malic material earth to be resurrected
      by the power inherent in the soul of the Son, Jesus
      with the "spirate" wisdom of the "Mother", just as the
      parable is to assist our understanding of the
      resurrected father, "L'Osiris" or Lazarus.

      The love of wisdom seems to be the approach to the
      "Mother": Sophia (or as the Greeks named her the
      "twice is": ISIS, the Egyptian Whaset. The great
      wisdom of the Egyptians and the Greeks is reflected in
      their management of the images of the word, to wit the
      fact that the name of the "spiritual sun" is 888. A
      wonderful overview of the gematria is shown in the
      compilation by David Fideler, "Jesus Christ, Sun of

      These factors conspire to a fuller realization of
      cosmic truth, that the experience of spirit through
      material being is expressed in mirror thought by the
      union of "666" (=18 =9) with "888" (=24 =6) resulting
      in the heretofore mysterious relationship of "69"
      (spirit and matter in union).

      In closing it appears that the materialism of Islam is
      reflected in the treatment of women in general. (It is
      also signalled in the birth of Ishmael not from the
      Cosmic Mother (personified by Sarah) but by a woman
      apart from the Spiritual Mother. And of course in the
      malaise of evolutionary Western culture, we see
      mistreatment as well, however underlying the Christian
      outlook there is an ever-coming and greater spiritual
      appreciation and respect for the woman and the Cosmic

      Jud (anthroposophy@...)

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