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Re: [anthroposophy] Calendar of the soul North South link

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  • Jo Ann Schwartz
    Dear Franky, In my own work with the soul calendar, I actually work with four verses each week: the verse and polar verse for the Northern hemisphere and the
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 3, 2002
      Dear Franky,

      In my own work with the soul calendar, I actually work with four verses
      each week: the verse and polar verse for the Northern hemisphere and the
      verse and polar verse for the Southern hemisphere. (The verse for the
      Southern hemispere is determined by adding/subtracting 26 as you suggest.)
      So this week I am working with verse 27 and verse 26 (verse & polar verse
      for the North) and verse 1 and verse 52 (verse and polar verse for the

      Now, to be honest, I generally spend more time contemplating the verse for
      the Northern hemisphere -- after all, that is where I am located. But I
      do try to keep the other three verses there in the back of my mind.
      Personally, I find it helpful to think of the polar verses as harmonies
      which help strengthen our appreciation of the verses. I 'hear' the verses
      themselves as countrapuntal melodies, with the verse for the Northern
      hemisphere taking the lead for the week. (Er, in music, counterpoint is
      the art of combining melodic lines. In contrapuntal music, each voice
      carries its own individual melody, providing for harmonic and rhythmic
      interaction as the melodies unfold together through time.)

      But then, my appreciation of the soul calendar tends to come out in
      musical terms. <G> Some years ago, I wrote about the soul calendar as a
      year long dance. ( http://www.steiner98.org/Calendar/calendarDance.html )

      Any road, my practice with the soul calendar was very much influenced by
      Adrian Anderson's _Living a Spiritual Year : Seasonal Festivals in
      Northern and Southern Hemispheres : An Esoteric Study_, which I highly
      recommend for anyone interested in the soul calendar or festival work.
      Anderson is an advocate of aligning the soul calendar readings with the
      seasons, and thus of having the Southern hemisphere readings offset by the
      26 weeks.

      Although Karl Koenig is known for advocating the opposite approach, that
      those in the Southern hemisphere follow the same schedule of soul calendar
      readings as those in the Northern hemisphere, a phrase from one of his
      lectures stays with me. If memory serves, he was speaking to a group of
      Camphill workers in South Africa and urged them to "learn to infuse the
      Easter celebration with Michaelic iron."

      What might it mean, then, to infuse the Easter celebration with Michaelic
      iron... or, at this time of the year, to infuse Michaelmas with the joyful
      spirit of Raphael... I carry these thoughts as unanswered questions. One
      way I keep them alive and working within is to work with the Southern
      hemisphere verses.

      I do like your image of the world as a prayer wheel! But I don't feel
      that working with both the Northern hemisphere verse and the Southern
      hemisphere verse cuts the world in two. Indeed, I see it as a way to feel
      deeper into the unity of the world.

      All the best,

      --- eurythmy wrote:
      > Dear Friends of the soul calendar,
      > As we are embarking on the second half of the year, ~I am wondering how
      > we relate to the second half of the planet - to say it crudely.
      > Do I work on 27th week (26+1) thinking of the others who are in week 1 -
      > and vice versa? This look like a great wheel always turning and turning.
      > Is the world, that world just and only working like that, like a wheel,
      > be it a prayer wheel?
      > A part of me does not want to be cut in two that way: so sometimes I
      > feel or I try to feel that I am going towards my beginnings of week one
      > being in week 27 And having just left 26 I make inwardly that first step
      > BACK towards my old beginning, feel near 26 when I try to go to 1.
      > Perhaps having been through more of the cycles of the soul calendar I
      > will be clearer about it.
      > This is a question - or two - for me: what part of me wants to work this
      > or that way? Will this bring me nearer an understanding of the relation
      > of the soul calendar to the seasons and to the festivals which are
      > strongly or loosely linked to the seasons. What do you think?
      > I will have to live you to make some time to painting the calendar, may
      > be I should try to translate it myself to go nearer it. Anyway, tomorrow
      > some friends are doing in eurythmy the Michaelmas verse for the Speech
      > School and I will visit them.
      > Yours,
      > Franky

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