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America's difficulty with the EthericChrist-Re: Buffalos/Soren

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  • elaineupton2001
    Hello Joel, Bradford, any and all of this and related threads, Thanks, Joel, for what Bradford has called your Delicately layered veil painting of the
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 23, 2002
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      Hello Joel, Bradford, any and all of this and related threads,

      Thanks, Joel, for what Bradford has called your

      "> Delicately layered veil painting of the cathedral of

      See my comment below, but first to repeat Joel:

      > Joel (at the end of his eloquent post on two layers of perception
      and on the difficulty with "difficulty")) wrote:
      > > Once we live into the centrality of the biographies in the
      nature of
      > >world events, then "difficulty" disappears and the world begins to
      > >from within with the light of all the moral striving arising
      > >everywhere. At this stage we begin to notice that we might have a
      > >certain creative potential in all this that we didn't realize we
      > >Our world picture is fallen, and can itself be redeemed.

      Excellent! The "world begins to shine!" Well, I'll have some of that
      that your are eating!

      Thanks for noting that one can turn things inside out and instead of
      just seeing "the difficulty" "America" might have with the Etheric
      Christ, one can also see (through practice in creative perception)
      a "light in all the moral striving." Yes, I am all for that.

      My prayer is to continue to follow a path (on which I have a ways to
      go)--a path of seeking that light in all things, that luminosity
      in "America" and her destiny.

      The posts (inspired by your post, Joel) of Stephen and E. (sorry,
      you, E. are new to the list, and I am not yet remembering your name,
      but I will) continue the discussion of overcoming the excess of
      Ahrimanic forces and developing the practice of sharing/fraternity in
      the economic sphere of the threefold society.--I think this is
      related to the whole discussion of "America" and experience of the
      Etheric Christ. Speaking of the "American" nation (the U.S.), that
      country is the richest (materially) in the world, and individuals and
      groups (where the IAM--Christ--is the medium) can and do develop this
      practice of sharing, this re-enactment of the miracles of "feeding
      the five thousand". There are many in the U.S.A. (anthropops and
      others) who are doing this work of light, in varying degrees.

      I will be chewing on all this. Tomorrow I am off to Maryland to my
      family and to my mother's funeral on Thursday. As I fly through the
      skies, there is a certain international experience, but also there is
      for me a particularly "American" experience in airports and such, in
      the high-tech Ahrimanic sphere. To be sure, Europeans, Africans,
      Asians, Australians, all use this high-tech sphere, but the main
      workings of it (from ticket agents at computers to extroverted
      airline hostesses making jokes while they serve coffee) has quite
      an "American" flavor. Also, my dear family in Maryland live in a
      different milieu than do I (they, for instance, live with many more
      gadgets and perhaps more concern for material things). Yet, as we
      come together to remember my mother and celebrate her life, a mystery
      lives among us, one supported by our music, for we are a singing
      family (my mother was a great singer). --Well, there is light in
      there for sure, and I pray to follow the spiritual practices that
      deepen my perception and make it a creative force.

      Forgive my rambling here.

      Best wishes (I won't be here again, probably, until next week),
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