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  • Danny Fortier
    ... But there are great differences in respect of all this -- for example, between Asia and Europe. Seen from outside, the thinking peculiar to the Asiatics
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 16, 2000
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      > >You have German anthroposophists in America
      > >speaking English, etc., and German or Nordic or central European
      > fairy
      > >tales, for example, dominating in Waldorf schools in America (these
      > stories
      > >instead of stories of the Cherokee or Lakota or Hispanic-American
      > stories
      > >and influences or African-American stories and so on
      > I wonder how many generations it takes before one can truly be part
      > of
      > the land? RS said that the migrants in America would eventually start
      > to
      > look like the native population over the generations- the think the
      > number seven (generations) was given.

      'But there are great differences in respect of all this -- for example,
      between Asia and Europe. Seen from outside, the thinking peculiar to
      the Asiatics would appear -- even now, when a great proportion of them
      have lost all spirituality -- as bright, shining light raying out into
      the spiritual space of the universe. Rut the further we go towards the
      West, the dimmer and darker does this radiance become. On the other
      hand, more and more life surges out into cosmic space the further we go
      towards the West. Only from this vista can there arise in the human
      soul what may be called perception of the cosmic aspect of the earth --
      with the human beings belonging to it.

      Such conceptions will be needed if mankind is to go forward to a
      propitious and not an ominous future. The idiocy that is gradually
      being bred in human beings who are made to learn from the sketchy maps
      of modern geography: Here is the Danube, here the Rhine, here Reuss,
      here Aare, here Bern, Basle, Z�rich, and so forth -- all this external
      delineation which merely adds material details to the globe -- this
      kind of education will be the ruin of humanity. It is necessary as a
      foundation and not to be scoffed at; but nevertheless it will lead
      gradually to man's downfall. The globe of the future will have to
      indicate: here the earth shines because spirituality is contained in
      the heads of men: there the earth radiates out more life into cosmic
      space because of the characteristics of the human beings inhabiting
      this particular territory.

      Something I once said here is connected with this. (One must always
      illumine one fact by another). I told you that EUROPEANS who settle in
      AMERICA develop hands resembling those of the RED INDIANS; they begin
      to resemble the INDIAN TYPE. This is because the souls coming down into
      human bodies to-day are directed more by geographical conditions, as
      they were in the olden days. In our own time, the souls are directed,
      not by racial considerations, not by what develops out of the blood,
      but by geographical conditions, as in the past. But it will be
      necessary to get at the roots of what is going on in humanity. This can
      be done only when men accustom themselves to concepts of greater
      flexibility, capable of penetrating matters of this kind. These
      concepts, however, can be developed only on the foundation of spiritual
      science. And such a foundation is available when the spirit can be
      brought to birth in the human soul. For this, man needs a free
      spiritual life, emancipated from the political life of the State.'

      A Lecture By
      Rudolf Steiner
      Dornach, April 13th, 1919
      GA 190

      > A late friend of mine once said to me "Why are you always talking
      > about
      > Rudolf Steiner? It is Christ you should be committed to firstly." Of
      > course he was quite right, and he was able to lead me from a ghostly
      > representation of Christianity to a living one. In Christ our racial
      > differences melt away, our ancient cultures find remedy.
      > Let's not confuse the messenger with the message.

      This can easily be explained by the fact that this is not the Christ
      we lack but the Sophia of Christ, Steiner has been the first
      representative of Anthroposophia; maybe some in the process 'forget'
      the Christ and to be themselves representative of Anthroposophia,
      maybe because of a lack of Michaelic fire?...

      � la prochaine,

      I know of no more encouraging fact than the unquestionable ability of man to elevate his life by a conscious endeavor.-- Henry David Thoreau
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