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  • danifyou@tv.videotron.ca
    Fountain over palm tree and marks of the bark When ether speaks to matter Tell me, have you been breathing Fire? Yogi enough to bear the sky with no height ,
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 3, 2002
      Fountain over palm tree and marks of the bark
      When ether speaks to matter
      Tell me, have you been breathing Fire?

      Yogi enough to bear the "sky with no height",
      Ouranous said:
      "Place of "Come-forth" I can be"
      (The first time plane traveller likes to hear that Knowledge-"infeeling"...)

      See Relativity, this other kind of Seal
      One of Possibilities.

      Yes! Light (in)Form(s).
      Sound Principle to follow,
      Tracking Life and Buddha also.
      Devachanic 'Voice of Silence',
      There's a Thread running.
      Blue Flower
      Archetypal Plant.

      The Sun spoke
      And continues to do so...
      Evolve in Mindful-ear
      You know Christ

      Virgin Consciousness

      Filled with Good

      Truly Everywhere after ever grow...

      -Dhyanny ;)
    • holderlin66
      ... NOWHERE MAN - BEATLES he s a real nowhere man sitting in his nowhere land making all his nowhere plans for nobody doesn t have a point of view knows not
      Message 2 of 2 , Sep 4, 2002
        --- In anthroposophy@y..., danifyou@t... wrote:
        > The Sun spoke
        > And continues to do so...
        > Evolve in Mindful-ear
        > "Nowhereland"
        > First
        > You know Christ
        > -Dhyanny ;)


        he's a real nowhere man
        sitting in his nowhere land
        making all his nowhere plans for nobody

        doesn't have a point of view
        knows not where's he going to
        isn't he a bit like you and me?

        nowhere man, please listen
        you don't know what you're missing
        nowhere man,
        the world is at your command

        he's blind as he can be
        just sees what he wants to see
        nowhere man can you see me at all?

        nowhere man, don't worry
        take your time, don't hurry
        leave it all till somebody else
        lends you a hand

        Bradford comments;

        Thanks Sir, Dhyanny. Your right. Here we see some of the break
        through to the Relativity of Consciousness. To remind ourselves
        again, a person who might travel at the speed of light, might age
        differently then the souls who have lived in so called real time. Now
        Einstein could show and fiction has enjoyed showing how this pace,
        changed our sense of Time and Time development. From a stationary
        spot in slowed normal time to Speed of Light time.

        So we say that this Relativity exists for those who can think in the
        Consciousness Soul, and those trapped in Time, living in Sentient
        Soul experiences, do not grasp the higher Time dimension, but
        certainly the souls experiencing, Spirit Self, Consciousness Soul can
        experience the different rate of speed coming from the Intellectual
        Soul and Sentient Soul. This thought allows us to grasp in our own
        environment how difficult it must have been for a Christ to enter our
        Human emotional world or the clarity and acute pain if you were a
        Buddha or Steiner or Christian Rosenkreuz to quietly live in the
        sewage sea of mankind's false thoughts.

        In Nowhere Man, The Beatles song, indicated by our good friend
        Dhyanny, or Danny we can clearly see where John Lennon was looking at
        the speed change and relativity of consciousness. Dhyanny is right!
        Not that many of us can think clearly enough to grasp it, but NoWhere
        Man is really such a strong intuition on Dhyanny's part, to see and
        understand where others are saying in poetic vision CONSCIOUSNESS
        SOUL. While we say what the heck is all this about?

        What the difference friends, between an Elohim and my little Sentient
        Soul brain who calls Jesus just my sweet little baby savior boy. Vast
        differences in speed, moral vision and active taps of courage exist
        between being a coworker with Christ or enjoying the vacancy of your
        self imposed closed, cowardly mind.

        I can shrink to Sentient Speed, extract the courage, loyalty and
        certain warmth from it, but those, 99% fixed in the Sentient Soul
        cannot expand to grasp of Christ as the Cosmic Being interwoven in
        matter as the Love and Light principle. What! you say, is he talking
        about again?

        It is Light and Matter and the mission of Earth as transubstantiating
        Matter with Love that is not taught in our universities. Yet we
        worship the idea that Beam me Up Scotty means disassembling my matter
        and reassembling it while having leaped hundreds of miles and caught
        my essential material body while orbiting somewhere out in space. The
        Christ did that and entered the Atomic table of all matter as the
        essence of the Logos. Why do you think Star Trek is truly Christian?

        Why is it that we fail to grasp what everyone else with an ear to
        hear grasps, that if we talk about science of matter and we do not
        include the Thomas experience of sticking his fingers in the wounds
        of Christ and the various reappearances of Christ, we fail to grasp
        the nature of matter. Is this so hard to think through and why would
        we not show some respect to the idea of the Logos musical compostion
        of matter and what do we think we are doing extracting and poisoning
        matter to extract merely the Light from it and not the Love?

        It is indeed an Equation but Einstein gave us the Old Moon equation.
        Old Moon he says! What the hell is that? Ah again, relativity of
        Consciousness. To those who understand this internal questioning you
        are extremely lucky and also must carry the curse of the Michael
        School. To those who don't understand you are truly unlucky.
        Naturally to explain it in a nice neat little book geared to the slow
        unfolding of the logic forces, is why we research together on this
        list. Raw research is different than presenting some clear pathway
        collections of data for digestion by some.

        To understand Dhyanny's intuition and grasp how John Lennon fought to
        attain Consciousness Soul and lift everyone there as a cultural act
        and was killed, we begin to understand current Politics. John Wayne
        as the grand daddy of Sentient Soul American experiences has been
        cheaply imitated in both Father George Bush and son G.B. Elvis is
        Dead and the Sentient Soul killed him. Fans of the Sentient Soul fail
        to IMAGINE or think into the realm of what is up ahead. Universities
        fail to prepare students for changes in consciousness or outlining
        distinct levels of Conscious experience in terms of mutual relativity.

        The church either Catholic or Baptist is all the Sentient Soul needs
        to sustain their floating relation with the sea of wasted
        consciousness called society. Every once in a while a song filters
        through to them. But it has no relation to Einstein, Light, Love,
        Matter, nuclear energy or Relativity of Consciousness. It is great if
        it is a feely, touchy, Love song about my bottle of Jack Daniels. I
        go back to church on Sunday and listen to some nonsense that plays on
        all the sentient b.s. in the soul and thus America continues to
        wander around blind and drunk and John Lennon-Gandhi-MLK jr.- and
        countless assassinated martyrs come back into earth incarnation...

        Oops Earth Incarnation, another giant thought outside the realm of
        Baptist or Catholic and if you have problems with this idea you are
        exactly who I am talking about. You would not only kill and crucify
        Christ if He stood in front of you but you would have no idea of the
        interconnected forces that tie The Christ experience to the awaiting
        catharsis of Viet Nam vets just over the threshold and the wonderful
        sacrifice of St. Francis and Buddha.

        So I have waded through a week of Sentient Soul observations. I
        understand that we could put this a dozen different ways, in
        psychological terminology, but the very limitations and contraction I
        experience as I artfully attempt to hold to warmth and light in my
        conversations with those who would lock me up if I said Mars, Mars,
        Mars.. Buddha, Buddha, Buddha... would gladly Kill John Lennon again
        and anybody else who, like Steiner, is bringing in a new phase of
        thinking Consciousness and must use language and experiences that
        make him sound like a lunatic. The fact is that these souls still
        want a good burning party with a lot of stale gossip about nut cases
        and good reason for shooting all Liberals.. This, if it wasn't for
        the heart, would be enemy territory. Read, read, read "The Handmaids

        Because it resounds with "FORGIVE THEM FOR THEY KNOW NOT WHAT THEY
        DO, THINK, MEAN, SAY, UNDERSTAND OR GRASP!" Jerry Springer is latent
        behind the Sentient Soul and yet, all the hopes of grasping anything
        deeper lies in overcoming our bankrupt, stagnant,
        sentient/intellectual soul education.

        One more note. Bruce Lee- I had the opportunity to watch on AMC how
        Bruce Lee attempted to lift souls into the universal, in the same way
        John Lennon did but with a different medium. As a Chinese esoteric he
        fought to present souls of different races as Human Beings and fought
        Hollywood on it for downgrading Chinese to the ethnic b.s. that the
        sentient soul of America Thrives on. The most interesting thing, in
        relation to the Buddha/Christian Rosenkreuz research is his final
        last, unreleased film called, "The Game of Death".

        Here Bruce Lee, (Who wrote and directed the scripts he developed
        which eventually come to the billowy form of something
        like, "Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon"" enters into a Pagoda, on a
        Temple ground devoted to Buddha and using the Martial Arts, confronts
        higher and higher forces as he rises up the Five Level Pagoda
        structure. The film was never released, but AMC showed cuts from it.
        Outside the Pagoda on the Temple grounds stands the larger than life
        statue of standing Buddha on an actual location.

        Now if you have a chance to see this AMC document on Bruce Lee's film
        you will see the Mars element and the Christian Rosenkreuz element
        and the attempt to live into the Family of Humanity Consciousness
        Soul element. If you follow the Chymical Wedding and observe how
        Rosenkreuz is given the task with ladders and ropes to rise level by
        level with a group of Initiates in order to make the new blueprint,
        as Dhyanny has indicated, the new blueprint, or Etheric model of the
        new human ATma Being.. Rosenkreuz and his crew rise up level by level
        in a similar overlay to the Bruce Lee rising up the Pagoda, level by
        level and using the Pagoda as what we understand as chakra initiate
        development on an ascending scale as a picture of Man. Behind the
        effort of Lee or Lennon are higher cultural inspirations and we have
        but to look and connect the dots to see them.

        Finally, following further Research on Buddha and Mars.. a new book
        out now called "War is a Force that gives us Meaning" is stunning. A
        new release and a real eye openers and we can bet that this
        transformation of the idea of War has everything to do with the
        forces I have been indicating with Buddha and St. Francis on Mars.

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