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  • holderlin66
    ... Sentient Soul Icon that had Conciousness Soul enough to not be able to keep with the Sentient demand ... in him yet the Sentient being what mainstream
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 2, 2002
      --- In anthroposophy@y..., danifyou@t... wrote:
      >> And speaking of Sentient Soul, you make me think of the American
      Sentient Soul Icon that had Conciousness Soul enough to not be able
      to keep with the Sentient demand
      > and that ultimately led him to an early death.
      > Yes Elvis left the Building, for he had too much Consiousness Soul
      in him yet the Sentient being what mainstream consider cool and
      DESIRE, what makes you part of the Epimethean feast, and yet this
      mainsteam recognized the Good and what was special in him:
      > Though this same maintream broth made him depressed-decadent into
      extinguishing, for Sentient Soul stand still is ultimatly Death, no
      plant in the dark can make it, and our
      > "plantness"(I trust anthroposohists to know what I mean ;) needs
      the Spiritual Sun,
      > into extension if not the shrivel....

      Bradford comments;

      Yes Danny, Elvis, the honesty to see clearly what a rut he dug
      himself into and how the fans devoured the fallen sentient nature and
      rejected the parts in him that might have made a forward motion
      beyond that limited soul vision is a tragedy. John Lennon made it to
      the Consciousness Soul and made it past the sentient and intellectual
      guard posts and was killed at the very moment when he could utter the
      text of "Imagine" which takes one past the sentient soul into the
      primary equation of the Consciousness Soul.


      Imagine there's no heaven,
      It's easy if you try,
      No hell below us,
      Above us only sky,
      Imagine all the people
      living for today...

      Imagine there's no countries,
      It isnt hard to do,
      Nothing to kill or die for,
      No religion too,
      Imagine all the people
      living life in peace...

      Imagine no possesions,
      I wonder if you can,
      No need for greed or hunger,
      A brotherhood of man,
      Imagine all the people
      Sharing all the world...

      You may say Im a dreamer,
      but Im not the only one,
      I hope some day you'll join us,
      And the world will live as one.

      Writen by: John Lennon
      © Bag productions inc.

      Bradford continues;

      It is fun to continue the soul education in the sentient soul until
      one comes to Viet Nam or finds out that the big nothing, world
      picture or weltanshauung that was taught at your local American
      University did not cover the inner man and did not deal with the
      development of soul and spirit and remains an unfruitful, cursed fig
      tree of false knowledge. John Wayne, Elvis, these are tales of the
      Sentient Soul. John Lennon, tales of battles to attain Consciousness

      So I am fully aware how strange Buddha on Mars sounds. But I happen
      to also grasp the deeper implications of why Erasmus made exercies
      for the Spiritual Christian in inverting Mars energies inwardly to
      Self and not outwardly. This brings us to the point in time when
      Buddha was establishing His Christ Mission on Mars in 1604. Why
      Loyola brought the current Intellectual Soul Jesuit college mission
      of education into direct relation with the Church and why it has
      moved from former relgious grasp to science as 500 years turned our
      beliefs from Religion to Science and has revealed our current
      bankrupt university trainings.

      To see and to know is something we should wish. But I can tell you
      that, while I happen to be walking through America the burden is to
      carry my Spiritual Science with me and I do. I know I am socially
      accurate in my observations, but there are dozens of ways of putting
      this. Thank you danny and Elaine, Starman, Bruce, Joksu for
      maintaining the depth and clarity of the Michael School, it is far
      easier being asleep in the Sentient or Intellectual soul but what a
      privilege to see the vast vistas of the Consciousness Soul. What a
      horrible price to pay of having slept through the early phases of the
      Consciousness Soul.

      Let those who think so cleverly carefully place their experiences in
      relation. After all what is Relativity? Relativity to what? What is
      the average sentient soul Texan's relative relation to someone
      thinking in the Consciousness Soul? What is this Einstein relativity
      of Time. Now think would please, think. Time and relativity to
      relations in soul space and dimensions of consciousness are vaster,
      vaster fields of relativity. The Theory of Relativity to two or three
      souls traveling at different relations to Consciousness Soul or
      Sentient Soul are vast, vast relative differences. These are facts
      that are part of the Einstein equation. Where are the researchers to
      put these differences into intelligent form? To have it enter the
      body of education just as objectively as the limited kernel of an
      Einstein theory.

      We as the Human Community in relation to Elohim of the Christ stature
      draws a case for relativity. We cannot talk of baby Jesus, it is
      insulting even if aimed in the right direction. It is a case of
      Relativity and Human development and thanks to Steiner we have a way
      of showing this. But do we live it? We do not know the vastness of an
      Elohim and the origins of the Cosmos and the Old Sun Evolution of the
      Cosmos and its relation to us, when we as Humans were mere plants.
      Yet this Being Freely chose to shrink wrap Itself at, SPirit Self
      level, to enter human evolution. We have no, no idea. We piddle
      around with education and garbage and worship the Dead Elvis and not
      the Living Human Spirit. Not one goofy priest from the pulpit comes
      close in saying god this and god that in grasping the relativity of
      Human Consciousness to Elohim Consciousness and who the Thrones were.

      Let us re examine the Thrones sacrifice which only two or three even
      gather and grasp on this list. Christ and Earth evolution is Love and
      Light. Alberich the gnome and Einstein remove the Love of Earth
      evolution and deliver for us fallen Light and Matter from
      untransformed Earth evolution. This science lesson is what it is all
      about and why we have to tools to think our way into the
      Consciousness Soul. It is true in myth and science and it is true for
      religion and Lord of the Rings. It is just wholly true with a picture
      of the whole enveloped with our own relativity.

      Christ is not just here for the beer, He is lifting all matter and
      the full sacrifice of the Thrones and the Beings trapped in the Fall
      upwards through the fission of Light and Love. Where is Einstein and
      our university teachers on this subject? Except for five or six of us
      here, everyone else is wondering what the heck we are talking about.
      That is really, really a matter of relativity isn't it? Consciousness
      and Relativity is really more than Einstein's theory of Relativity.
      Shouldn't it be taught objectively? Your damn straight it should. We
      wouldn't have to kill Gandhi's, John Lennon's, MlK Jr's and we
      wouldn't be swamped in the Sentient Soul/Intellectual Soul learning
      disability that we are now.

      Have you not considered that those children who come into incarnation
      with more advanced thinking conditions that cannot relatively fit
      into this lame ass Sentient substance which destroyed Elvis, John
      Wayne, and makes mockery of those who place the objectivity of Mars
      developments of the Buddha life into the hands of our friends? There
      is no thinking disability here but there certainly is at every
      Sentient Soul table.

      Unless we begin to treat things differently we deserve whatever
      tragedy befalls our families and our countries because we refuse to
      learn. Trapped in Egregorial University and Religious systems that
      accept the limited intelligence and stupidity we preach and teach as
      the whole truth and nothing but the truth remains worlds apart for
      relativity. Therefore flag not my sisters and brothers. The Michael
      School is something to carry proudly in a relative fashion as suits
      the costoms , "When in Texas do as the Texans do.". But even St. Paul
      disobedied the principle. When he was in Rome he knew that at the
      center of world leadership it was he, St. Paul, who ordered the death
      of Christ and now he knew, When in Rome, carry the off set, weight,
      the pivot of earth evolution that would lift Rome off its hinges.
      Indeed it was all a matter of Relativity of Consciousness. If each
      one of us starts thinking, it changes the world.

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