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  • holderlin66
    ... that each to the Living Spirit, that which can only Individually basd, I say they turn people into sweet spiritual animals no condescendence intended to
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 2, 2002
      > "bubble" of "system" which is no Communion of Man, that is THINKING
      that each to the Living Spirit, that which can only Individually
      basd, I say they turn people into "sweet spiritual animals" no
      condescendence intended to their devotees, anybody can make up back
      and awake to their Self worth and Magically trigger over everything
      be alive Threefold way quickening the Wolrd, Spirit Elation of the
      Life made Man Spirit relating to *THAT WHICH IS*, Living Wording
      > MicroCosmically processing the Macrocosmos and interacting with
      Fellow Human Beings in the World REAL and OBJECTIVE in which we all
      bath as we also bath in Maya out of sheer LAZINESS as well...
      > 'Be Good'. So yes, let us be Good, but what else? you can be Good
      at any time you decide to be so, no need for any "mind Opium" of the
      ritualistic processes isn' it?

      Elaine and Danny;

      Sweet spiritual animals!!!! That was good. I had a difficult time
      finding out who said what in the dialogue. I think Danny still has a
      funky computer situation. But Elaine and Danny, thanks for whatever
      that discussion was, it was the essential differences between how the
      New Agers water things down, yet, also serve as fodder for the good.
      But cancels out and targets those who by clear research and thinking
      truly discern a higher learning curve and makes those a target for
      mockery. At least that was a part of it.

      Now I am in Texas at a Sentient Soul, full fledged wash. It is the
      West Fest in Texas. It is the Czech Polka festival with a lot of beer
      and Texans. No New Agers here for damn sure. Talk about how to spread
      the balance of your spirit. They played a wild and crazy song about
      if we don't drink the beer, when we're dead our friends will be
      drinking all the beer. I attempted the Texas Polka and consider this:

      Along with the funnel cakes and saurkraut, I located a map of Czech
      with Austria on the border and Steiner having been on the border of
      that along with Bayrishe Wagnerian festivals. So I am thinking, what
      the hell am I doing here? Now the connection is curious when I
      consider Austria and the region of Steiner's stomping grounds and
      roots. I am here, Euro/Northerner occultist to visit my soon to be
      wife's, cousins, who will be attending our wedding next Year in Waco

      So the Czech's occupy Waco and West Texas. Every year they have a
      festival and this festival is a Sentient Soul dip in the pool. I
      thought very clearly that I had to write a book depicting clear
      experiences in chapters marked Sentient Soul stories - Intellectual
      Soul Stories - Consciousness Soul stories. I mean real down and dirty
      chapters of experiences so that we understand where we are on the map
      of the soul. I know what the map feels like and looks like, and we
      have a good 1/2 of 1% who even have a clue about that.

      Sentient Soul 101: Here in Texas they love the Longhorns or Dallas or
      Texas A.M. I attended the game with Louisiana and Texas A.M. I toured
      the campus and the rigors of the military, loyal fans, tradition and
      team spirit in particular the marching band for A.M. that attempts
      nearly perfect Pythagorean math forms on the football field. Now my
      mind tries to make some comparison to my days in Dornach, where I
      find I wish we had the loyalty that A.M. has for each other, but I
      attempt to compare my own experience of Pythagorean forms in Eurythmy
      and Waldorf Schools in their pure integrated math movements and the
      impressive though tainted Sentient Nationalism of the immense
      patriotism to one school mascot and one school, Texas A.M.

      The lead singer in the Talking Heads, did a kind of cadillac film
      road tour of Texas and I forget the title but it is so sur-real and
      guess what it is very, very sur-real when I cast my eye from the view
      of the Consciousness Soul into the traumas and petty life visions of
      ma, mas and dadees and cousins and high, high drama on stories about
      the time sissy got drunk and wrecked the pick-up. These are the true-
      grit substance of what gives each person their right to royally screw
      up anyway they like to. It is a badge of honor in the Sentient Soul.

      While in my tortured brain, I am thinking of Mars forces and Texas
      and Buddha on Mars and St.Francis and the Elohim Christ. I think to
      myself that "The Michael School" is really the highest educational
      system and I want T-shirts and bumper stickers to proudly declare
      that such a School exists and it is much more than family and
      barbecues. But all the Courage and the mixed mud of the Sentient is
      all warped together in undifferentiated MIXED METAL KING that Goethe
      described in his GREEN SNAKE AND BEAUTIFUL LILY.

      Well on the overview I had a good time, but all those Polkas, a great
      band and all that beer and sausage.. jeez! So when we compare the
      spread of Intelligence that runs from the Sentient, so called adults,
      and up and through the Consciousness Soul.. we find that in the
      Consciousness Soul I can certainly digest them.. but they certainly
      cannot digest the Michael School. So the inner spread, to cover the
      American Folk Spirit or the Sentient Soul of the Italians or however
      or where ever is a big spread. It requires a large spread of heart
      and soul.

      With mascots and school cheers the sentient soul easily gets caught
      in false tradition and ritual and forms nationalistic and accepted
      loyalties to regions and schools that lock in on the sentient and
      intellectual frameworks of the psychic development and place icons
      and the idols of Francis Bacon on the psychic headstones of those
      that are unaware of anything that is even a phase higher for
      humanity. Mascots and Team Icons create egregorial elemental
      attachments inside the sentient and intellectual soul arena and do
      not allow but 2% of any of these through to higher Consciousness Soul
      integration. It remains massively locked down, so consider yourself
      lucky to even approach the thinking of the Consiousness Soul.

      I am well aware of how insane it sounds to understand Buddha's
      experience on Mars... However as Michael School grad student I know
      this changes the entire future destiny of those that were soul warped
      by the VietNam War. I know that they shall be experiencing and
      seeking what the Indivudals of Buddha and St. Francis have antidoted
      to the Mars activity that was false on Earth. From their Mars after
      life experiences will come whole waves of new Gandhi's.. I know this.
      Yet it is only a portion, an after thought, of the current themes
      which still create in Texans a hunger to go to War and fight for
      America. A fine idea, if we weren't already wading into the
      Consciousness Soul up to our ankles. I love the Alamo and I also have
      inner questions about Los Alamos.

      The connection is that John Wayne - The grandaddy of Sentient America
      died and contracted bone cancer while shooting Genghis Khan on soil
      that was infected with nuclear blasts and called safe. Think about
      the theory and the reality of the Sentient Soul it completes the tale
      in John Wayne. Who dares even follow the trail of John Wayne to his
      conclusion and weigh in the answer that the gods gave. It wasn't
      John's fault. America loves to wallow in the falseness of the
      Sentient Soul and that is what we have as national Media and news of
      the day and that is why we have Sentient Soul Bush at the helm of the
      country. We cannot glimpse or capture the inner vision we will be
      forced to carry when martyrs from Mars return again to Earth. Well I
      don't have to tell this list the facts, but to be a prisoner of the
      Sentient Soul and figuring out how to talk and swim with them fishes,
      while I is actually a Consciousness Soul student.. Talk about Big
      Texas Spreads.. well this is a vast stretch.. Have a Shiners Czech
      Beer! Have A Steiner Brew what's it to you?

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