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Re: Lemuria & Atlantis - Pfeiffer Pt. 4

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    Completing some of the quotations from Dr. Pfeiffer in 1956. I have still to tell more about the Mayans. You see, I went to Mexico because I had a very
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      Completing some of the quotations from Dr. Pfeiffer in 1956.

      "I have still to tell more about the Mayans. You see, I went to Mexico because I had a very specific question raised in my mind when reading a lecture by Dr. Steiner in 1922 which was given in 1916 about the Mexican mythology and the influence of it. Ever since that time a question was in my mind which nobody could answer me. This question is related to the Mayan civilization and I have been searching for the answer ever since. Now I have found the answer, right there last week, mainly through the intermediary of this guide. While we visited these temples and remnants in the midst of the jungle; the guide said: You must understand that this tribe which built these temples is different from all the other Indian tribes, because they said that the uppermost religious principle is: “You can find God only in your own Self" This tribe when it developed its civilization about 300 B.C., flourishing until about 400 A.D., is called the Itza, and is the only one which has this saying. "You can find God only in your own self. Now this is something we are very familiar with as Anthroposophists, because I would say, it is our belief too that one has to find God in one's own heart or ether. This tribe lived originally at a place in the highlands of Guatemala on the border of Guatemala and Yucatan, a place which is called Uaxuctan. For this place I have been searching all these years. At this place lived a personality called Itzamna. This personality lived about the time of the Mystery of Golgotha. He was a divine Being who appeared in a physical body and he gave the directives for what later on developed into this Mayan culture.
      The other surrounding cultures here in Central America were very bloody cultures, because they all had the blood sacrifices; at first only one victim was sacrificed, but at the time of the arrival of the Spaniards up to 10,000 people were killed in one festival. Then the blood of the victims was disposed and drank by the priests who tried to become clairvoyant. This goes back through the Aztec culture. The native Mayan cultures, through the Toltec influences, were decadent too. Before that, there was a pure culture, we could say: a Sun culture. The change from the original pureness into the cruel, bloody ritual murders came about when the seventh Atlantean leftover migrated into Mexico and became dominant. The decadent Atlanteans have brought the blood sacrifice to the pure remnant of the original Lemurian continent which established itself here. Dr. Steiner speaks about the bloody, decadent black magic impulses which have dwelled there and brought about all the cruelty and torturing of the Aztecs and Toltecs that had to be stopped otherwise the whole world would have perished in a mutual bloodshed. He also explained that the civilization which radiated out from here in Central America during the first 1,000 years of our post-Christian time, had brought about a specific materialism which we have today in this world. That we have today in America as it is, a specific materialistic impulse, seeing in money, so to speak, the God to be worshipped in ownership and possession, that is the direct outcome of that which emanated from Mexico. So Dr. Steiner says: "That which today has developed as a specific modern world, is the result of the blending together of the overflow from Lemuria and Atlantis." The Mysteries which were the remnants of Atlantean Mysteries and flowed over to Mexico, were Saturn Mysteries. Saturn Mysteries make people very clever in the handling of matter, of material; make them very inventive to build machines. That in America we are able to build such beautiful machines on the assembly line, as is done today with all the organization that stands behind it, is a result of this event here in Mexico. The mass production of machines today is, according to Rudolf Steiner (and for many years he forbade to make this public) the direct result of the cultic, ritualistic mass murder in Mexico. You will understand, if you are conscious, that as the rather mixed, composite Being he is today, Man wants to prepare the exodus to a new continent, to free it from these influences. You have to look at the steps which have been taken by the spiritual leadership of Man to prevent such evils. There we have the set course at the 5th Atlantean period: the great spiritual leaders of the Sun Temple migrated into Central Asia. The great spiritual leader Skythianos under the guidance of Uriel, sent out the seven holy Rishis, sent out the Persian Zarathustra, sent out the initiates of Babylonia, Chaldea, Egypt and Greece. This developed as the Eastern civilization. Try to raise the level, and always out of this, the black principle dropped down again and degeneration and decay always seemingly get the upper hand, i.e. the spiritual leaders survive, but the masses time and again fall back into the land, and so we have, of course, in Egypt the terrific fight between the Sun Cult and the Moon Cult of the other priesthood. You just have to read The Spiritual Guidance of Mankind, one of the most important books, and you will find it very clearly described by Dr. Steiner how the influences alter our modern world. So you see, we have to put together these two things: this which develops from the East and that which is in the West. We cannot understand America and we can never build up a better America, unless we understand how these all come together in a culminating point here, and this flows back to the old world.
      This tribe of the Itza under the leadership of Itzamna had the idea that you can find God only in yourself. The Toltecs had a God, a serpent "Quetzalcoatl" of whom Rudolf Steiner at one point said it was a kind of Mercurial spirit, and at another time he said, it is a kind of mixture of Lucifer and Ahriman, a mephistophelian figure. That this is definitely so, you can see in the change of the first and second Mayan cultures in the way they build their temples. You have the monuments, you can see haw the very element moved in. Before the time that the mephistophelian element moved in, we had a pure Mayan culture under Itzamna.
      This culture was mainly astronomical. There is an observation tower which is preserved; we saw it, and you can still see it. There you can line up the orientation points. The guide explained this to me. We measured it out and it appears that the tower had an orientation astronomically so that you find the line of the summer and winter solstices and of the spring and fall equinox. The shadows of certain pillars are cast into the gate and other parts just at the very exact constellation. Today, all this is 4 degrees out and if we calculate back 4 degrees, we arrive at a time 8,000 years ago, when this orientation was correct. This is the time when a Mayan memory of the Itza begins, because that is the time when they started out after the submersion of Atlantis."
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