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R: [anthroposophy] Re: Etheric Realm,Keely and the "devices""question

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    Dear Martha, thanks a lot, there was some trouble in my e-mail box while I was spending my holidays so when I went back something has been lost. I ll go to
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      Dear Martha,
      thanks a lot, there was some trouble in my e-mail box while I was spending
      my holidays so when I went back something has been lost.
      I'll go to investigate the sites you kindly indicated.
      Constable wrote a 400 pages essay enitled "The Cosmic Pulse of Life" in
      which he was trying- among many other issues- to build a bridge between
      Steiner's work and Reich's insights about "radionics".
      It's a puzzling work: there are some thrilling topics in it, as the one
      about Reichs' murder by the Gvnmt since he was able to find an antidote to
      radioactive decay.......

      Ad majora

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      Subject: [anthroposophy] Re: Etheric Realm,Keely and the "devices""question

      > The moral question of the "outer etheric devices," the moral
      > readiness or lack of it, has been discussed at length on at least two
      > of these discussion groups, also with many valuable contributions
      > from Bradford. I believe if you trace these messages, you will find
      > many answers/ideas/thoughts list members have already dealt with.
      > Not that the subject is exhausted.
      > You might look again on Dale Pond's sites (enter Dale Pond on any
      > search engine), considered the "world expert" on John Keely. He knows
      > all about the papers left at Stockholm in 1912, and probably has
      > acquired copies. He has re-created at least one of the outer devices,
      > the "musical globe" which he names "Atlin," but while it is
      > extraordinary, it does not function as did Keely's similar globe
      > machine.
      > While RS said that there would not be readiness for outer etheric
      > devices until 4000 (!!), the work of Sympathetic Vibratory Physics
      > needs to be carried by a few. I have not had a chance yet to
      > investigate James Trevor Constable's work and its validity (etheric
      > rain engineering) but hope to soon.
      > Martha
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      > wrote:
      > >
      > > The etheric realm, Keely and the "devices" question.
      > >
      > >
      > >
      > > Dear listmates,
      > >
      > > one of the most powerful and important insights that Steiner gave
      > the world is about his findings on etheric realm. Following him, many
      > goodwill anthro-disciples experienced a lot about it: mainly
      > E.Pfeiffer,G.Wachsmuth and E.Marti following an "exterior" point of
      > view, and M.Scaligero or JB Aharon following a more inner one.
      > >
      > > We also know something about the very strange and remarkable
      > Keely's biography- with his "devices" that stopped being on motion
      > when he used to leave the room in which they were working- and we've
      > got also something in the same kind of issue on Steiners' Mistery-
      > Dramas.(Strader's Engine)
      > >
      > > Keely's story and all the claims about Reich,Constable, "etheric
      > raining" and so on - I don't know much about Nikola Tesla but in
      > every discussion about him we have to bear in mind that we keep on
      > walkin'near the muddy waters of the "conspiracy theories"- are
      > helping us to grasp the core of the matter.
      > >
      > > And precisely: we know , as anthroposophists- that to experience
      > the inner side of the etheric realm- as discussed in Scaligero or JBA
      > works- is actually a "going on by means of three steps on morality
      > path every one on cognition ".
      > >
      > > Well , what does it mean - under this chief respect- to work with
      > the ethers on a more "exterior" point of view, maybe the one that
      > implies the building of material devices or engines ?
      > >
      > > You may answer: that's the same .
      > >
      > > OK but if it is so we have to look at any possible "etheric-
      > based " device or engine - if the claims about them are true- with
      > the deepest care, while I've often got the impression that many
      > anthropop seem to be happy, very happy, to see some "etheric gear"
      > able to do something here or there, maybe causing some "etheric
      > raining".
      > >
      > > In other words: is it possible that everyone will be able to
      > manage such a kind of devices ?
      > >
      > > Try to imagine a world where these devices - in themselves
      > linked with the inner morality of the subject using them- are sold
      > just like cameras or computers!
      > >
      > > So I have to remember here what a groovy Italian writer, the anthro-
      > economist ,historian and columnist Geminello Alvi wrote at the end of
      > his "sketch biography" of John E.Worrel Keely:
      > >
      > > "....His writings.....they rest in Stockholm since 1912.
      > >
      > > It's much better that this story ended this way......."
      > >
      > > Any suggestion ?
      > >
      > > Andrea
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