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  • jla
    My suggesstion for the future is not to respond to these types of posts . Indifference is the best way to defuse interest. These dreams of reality belong
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      My suggesstion for the future is not to respond to these types of posts . Indifference is the best way to defuse interest.  These dreams of reality belong eslewhere . The more we feed the dialogue, the more we will get.
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      > *******Does the word "judgemental" mean anything to you?
      >      Or "condescending"?
      >    Oh, never mind. I don't think any further conversation would do
      any good,
      > anyway.
      > -starman

      The Dream appears to be beginningless, but in fact it is only now.
      From moment to moment you are renewing it. Once you have seen that
      you are dreaming, you shall wake up. But you do not see because you
      want the dream to continue. A day will come when you will long for
      the ending of the dream, with all your heart and mind, and be willing
      to pay the price; the price will be dispassion and detachment, the
      loss of interest in the dream itself. Wanting it to continue is not
      inevitable. See clearly your condition, your very clarity will
      release you.

      When all the false self-identifications are thrown away, what remains
      is all-embracing love.

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