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Re: [anthroposophy] Crap Circles (Was: The Sparsholt Face)

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  • DRStarman2001@aol.com
    *******Truth is quite intolerant of untruth, however----viz: Jeff opined awhile ago that an unnamed researcher had found all sorts of inexplicable effects
    Message 1 of 13 , Aug 26, 2002
      *******Truth is quite intolerant of untruth, however----viz:

      Jeff opined awhile ago that an unnamed "researcher" had found all sorts of "inexplicable" effects in the patterns hoaxers made in English wheat fields. It took awhile but I found what he was referring to, and the examination of these claims. Biophysicist Dr. W. C. Levengood claimed he detected various changes in plants affected by crop circle activity. The following comments were made by Paul Devereux regarding Levengood's findings.(From "Ancient Earth Mysteries", Paul Devereux, Cassel & Co., 2000, p. 47.)

      "...an American scientist, W.C. Levengood, had been analysing plant samples taken from English crop circles. He at first felt he had been able to detect minute cellular changes in the structure of the plant stems that were inconsistent with human action.
      So minute were these features, though, that the critics were able to show that they fell below the capacity of his optical equipment to differentiate objectively."

      Devereux continues with an account of further investigations done by Levengood and a colleague, when they analysed an unidentified substance found inside a wheatfield formation. The analysis identified the substance as:
      "...a glaze containing iron particles. They developed a theory that the particles had come from the Perseids, a meteor shower that occurs every late summer, and had been drawn down through the atmosphere by the 'plasma vortex' that had created the formation. Levengood predicted similar findings from formations around that time of the year in future, but this hasn't happened.
      Instead it transpired that Jim Schnabel had created the formation in question, and had sprinkled some iron filings around it. This had been rained on, and the crop had been harvested, and this had all resulted in reducing the filings to a glaze."

      Devereux also shows how hoaxsters Doug and Dave had even taken to "signing" their work with a double D---but believers continued to ooh-and-ah over each one about how it "couldn't have been done by human hands."

      Credulousness does not serve scientists well, natural or spiritual, and furthermore brings our whole movement into disrepute. Hopefully, this is an end of all that---for now.


      > tcpubs@... writes:
      > It seems very suspicious to me, too...
      > ******Well, this thread began with a crackpot "phenomenon" that I was then accused of being 'intolerant' for pointing out was obviously a hoax--- which then brought up all these feelings about how 'intolerant' any science like spiritual science is, as opposed to the various substitutes... well, now, this latest development seems like an appropriate end, to see the logical outcome of it. Enjoy.
      > -starman
      > Crop Circle CerealTM
      > This project plan is being submitted as an advertising campaign for a creative new cereal product called Crop Circle CerealTM. The
      > mystery of this fascinating phenomena is the foundation on which the success of Crop Circle CerealTM is to be developed. The marketing concept for this product is in synchronistic alignment with the current global fascination of the paranormal -- particularly UFOs, aliens and extraterrestrial activity. The mass market is currently being exposed to all types of unexplained phenomena throughout various forms of media, which creates a timely marketing opportunity to promote a product with the name of one of the most fascinating of all these anomalies -- Crop Circles. The entire marketing campaign would be done in a humorous, slightly satirical tongue and cheek approach. Because the true nature of this enigmatic phenomena can neither be explained or denied, it presents a wide-open creative format based on fact, fantasy, mystery and science fiction.
      > The product itself, can be promoted as being made from grain where crop circles generally appear -- wheat, barley, rye. The taste should, of course, be pleasing to the palate. To keep the product all natural would be ideal, though perhaps not as practical due to reduced shelf life. The shape(s) should be based on several of the simpler formations or could possibly be designed like a UFO. The images could be stamped on flat squares or triangles also.
      > If possible, actual grain from a certifiably genuine circle formation can be obtained and the cereal could contain a small percentage of this. Another possibility -- special collector's boxes containing this grain could be sold as a novelty item -- a powerful marketing "hook"......
      > (In Crunchy Alien flavours, no doubt?)
      > More at http://www.cropcirclecereal.com/

      > How can spiritual science be intolerant? It cannot. Where does one find the true intolerance?
      > Bill

      > Bill,
      > As an ideal, spiritual science is not intolerant; its certain practioners that are- just as in any other field.
      > Jeff

      ******And I think Bill was trying to point out that any true scientists does not need to try to coerce others into believing this or that. He knows the truth will do that of itself. Therefore the intolerant ones are the ones who are not scientists.

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