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Spiritual Revolution-Re:American Anthroposophy

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  • elaine upton
    Yes, indeed, Joel... ... I d say a revolution, YES; yet this time not against anything, rather *for* just the kind of thing you speak of so forcefully and
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 6, 2000
      Yes, indeed, Joel...

      You write:
      >[much crying and gnashing of teeth, deep sobs, great surges of anger,
      >moments of incredible fear - at noticing how much damage has already
      >been done, then a pause ... a gathering of will, perhaps it is time to
      >have another revolution, a revolution against spiritual imperialism.

      I'd say a revolution, YES; yet this time not "against" anything, rather
      *for* just the kind of thing you speak of so forcefully and honestly in your
      post to Starmann and in the article on the web.

      Those who say America has contributed little to the arts are seeing without
      full sight, or with a biased sight. In the arts in America is an expression
      of that which lies deep in the soul of America, and that art shows us all
      that is great, all that is healing, in its working to fulfill the destiny of
      the consciousness soul and beyond.

      Walt Whitman heard it: "I Hear America Singing"..and in the next century
      Langston Hughes wrote something like, "I,too, sing America."

      You mention Bob Marley and the Wailers, and that is a most apt example.
      Though Marley became too enamoured of drugs (marijuana), he (and reggae
      artists) still had gifts and opened up certain forces (they are from
      Jamaica, and that is a particular formation of the Americas, with African
      influences, but in the difficult process of being transformed)..
      In____________rhythms he sings:
      "Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery. None but ourselves can free our
      minds. Have no fear of atomic energy. Non-a-dem canna-stop-a de time!"

      Such lyrics and rhythms provided a way for a whole otherwise alienated and
      disenfranchised generation to enter the stream of active spiritual life. A
      century before Marley, Emerson had called for this kind of emancipation
      (likewise Thoreau and Whitman and Frederick Douglas and Sojourner Truth and
      other Americans, not in imitation of Europe). Emerson's language was still
      more amenable to the European soul, yet his message was distinctly American,
      and this is a stream that runs on, *even if in troubled waters*, through to
      Marley, the Beat poets and other artists.

      --Other artists, from Georgia O'Keeffe to Walt Whitman to Langston Hughes to
      Toni Morrison to Willie Nelson to Frances Ford Coppola to Denzel Washington
      or Madonna to Queen Latifah ot William Faulkner to.... may all have what are
      called weaknesses or "faults" that people can criticize. Some of these
      artists may even be considered scandalous. (But so were many great European
      artists, including Mozart...). I am not holding these artists up as saints
      or great adepts (though some may be that, too). What I am saying is that
      they show deep aspects of the soul of America, in its
      outward/social/active/will character merging with the life of feeling; they
      show various struggles and hopes and dreams, which we can see if we look
      with *deep interest* (which is what Steiner called love) beyond the glaring
      surface of commercialization and greed. Yet even here, in this very greed,
      something is going on, not something without suffering and problems, but
      something of a struggle that is working itself out.

      Joan Baez, Thomas Merton (monk and writer), Father Daniel Berrigan and his
      brother (eloquent speakers and priest), Dorothy Day, Martin Sheen (actor)
      and many others have combined spiritual striving with artistic/social
      activist work. The uprisings against the Vietnam War, and later against
      environmental destruction have shown this movement of artists and spiritual
      activists. Now, we go on, and don't need so much, i would say, to be
      "against" something as "for", advocates for consciousness soul
      responsiveness to our Mother Earth, social justice, and so on...

      >((...)) just check out my "Outlaw Anthroposophy".

      >http://www.tiac.net/users/hermit/otlwa.html )and write me some

      I've written you a little about this already. I thank you for your
      contribution, which feels very important to me. I shall continue reading!

      Gratitude, blessings,

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