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Joel-Re: Pietro Archiati-Re: Thomas A'Kempis- no saint

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  • elaine upton
    Dear Joel, How gratifying to read your letter here, and to turn to your website and read more of your work. I have not read all that is there, yet what I did
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 3, 2000
      Dear Joel,

      How gratifying to read your letter here, and to turn to your website and
      read more of your work. I have not read all that is there, yet what I did
      read is helpful and inspiring.--I find your dream wherein you see that the
      Anthoposophic Society in America is not connected to American soil to be an
      important indication of what is to me everywhere evident in the U.S.--

      I shall continue to read your work on the website. Meantime, I am struck by
      what you say about following the Goethean discipline and by your engagement
      of step 1, what you call 'sacrifice of thoughts'. This keeps coming up for
      me lately --this thing that some eastern religions call going beyond "mind
      mesh" (sufism), or "beginner's mind" (buddhism). I find "sacrifice of
      thoughts" a more helpful term, pointing to a methodology that speaks to me.
      "Sacrifice" is making sacred, rearranging to make sacred, giving or losing,
      submitting to the higher Will or Divine in us, dying in order to be born.

      Also, your name for the Anthroposophic Society --what is is, Society for
      Preservation , Conservation --pointing to the bureaucratic nature?--I have
      to laugh! Yet, it is sadly an apt description, in my experience....

      Thank you for your work of imaging and en-visioning. Your soul accompanies
      me, as I find my way with this problem of the "grave paralysis" of the
      Society in the world, and the ungroundedness of the Society in the U.S.


      >From: "Joel A. Wendt" <hermit@...>
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      >Subject: Re: Pietro Archiati-Re: [anthroposophy] Thomas A'Kempis- no saint
      >Date: Wed, 02 Feb 2000 18:43:40 -0500
      >From: "Joel A. Wendt" <hermit@...>
      >Dear Elaine,
      > I would like to confirm your observations with a quote from my essay:
      >"Listening to the World Song: a report on the Experience of an Idea", on my
      >website at:
      >"As an aspect of this work, and in preparation for a coming 35th
      >celebration of the Faust Branch, I worked over several nights during
      >at forming pictures of the history of the Faust Branch. It was during this
      >that a particular image arose in my consciousness.
      >The picture was divided in half vertically into a left and right image.
      >left image was like a blue line drawing and the right image like a red line
      >drawing. In the blue line drawing there was central figure, whose form was
      >similar to the European individual mentioned above. This figure was about
      >feet off the ground, and was surrounded by two or three other figures, who
      >portrayed in postures of adoration. They were also off of the ground, as
      >somehow following upward the central figure.
      >In the red half of the picture there was a parital foundation of a
      >with a few weeds growing around it here and there. Sitting on part of this
      >foundation was a central figure, this one similar in form to Carl Stegmann.
      > He
      >sat in the posture of Rodin's Thinker. Around him were several other
      >in various states of repose, either sitting and laying down.
      >The whole picture was static in nature, except that the left hand picture,
      >one in blue lines, gave the effect of some kind of upward motion.
      >My understanding of the meaning of this picture is as follows: When the
      >soul comes to America the Earth forces here push that soul off of the
      >ungrounding it. If the American soul attempts to follow this soul, to live
      >its mental pictures and the understanding and imitation of its soul life,
      >will unground the American soul as well. For the American to imitate the
      >European is to court disaster. Even such a personality as Carl Stegmann,
      >had permiated his own soul forces with deep aspects of America over almost
      >years could not bring his will into play, could not bear fruit.
      >Eventually I came to understand, through this and other experiences, that
      >anthroposophical movement in America is not connected to the American Soul,
      >rather, because of the lack of consciousness in the integration and working
      >together of these two soul gestures, anthroposophical centers in America
      >the characteristic of being ungrounded spiritual colonies of European soul
      >cultural life.
      >This is a disasterous situation for anthroposophy and for the world which
      >something from anthroposophy. It cannot be overstated."
      >I also stuck a small comment in [brackets] below.
      >warm regards,

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