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Re: [anthroposophy] Re: Platonists & Aristotelians

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  • Bill N
    In order for the two streams to work together (in the physical world), a third element is required. What could that be? Bill ... From: DRStarman2001@aol.com
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      In order for the two streams to work together (in the physical world), a third element is required. What could that be?
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      Subject: Re: [anthroposophy] Re: Platonists & Aristotelians

      Starman writes:

      "The Aristotelian thinks about specifics, with few or no general convictions already held but rather arriving at tentative truths by experiment and induction. The Platonist, on the other hand, starts with an already-worked-out general system of ideas or beliefs, and then seeks to fit everything into that pre-existing scheme. (Witness the 'anthroposophists' who want to look only at whatever statements of Steiner back up their already-held Christianity, for instance--- even though there's not a single Christian church whose dogma Steiner didn't contradict at one time or another.)

      "The Platonists have a theology handed down from the Middle Ages, and it may even be right; but their thinking has no power to reach what Steiner reached, because THAT power is only gathered by Aristotelian reasoning. This is why Aristotle was regarded as the "Lesser Mysteries" and Plato the "Greater": the truths that Platonists sense are real, but nonetheless are not fruitful if merely accepted. C.S. Lewis, for example, got none of the scientific training in specifics that Steiner had, so he created a great thought-structure that's wonderful--- but it does not allow one to arrive at Bio-Dynamic Agricultural preparations, homeopathic medicines, etc"

      What has not been alluded to yet is the particular significance that Rudolf Steiner (in his 'Karma Lectures' of 1924) gave to the fruitful working together of the Aristotelian and Platonist souls both connected to the spiritual School of Michael, at precisely this point in history.

      He describes how the Platonists of the School of Chartres of the 12th Century were inspired from the spiritual world by the Aristotelian souls. The latter subsequently incarnated in the 13th Century and became the leaders of Dominicanism, and were themselves inspired from the spiritual world by the now-deceased Platonists. Steiner goes on to describe an agreement between the two soul groups to incarnate together at the end of the 20th Century, the way being prepared (in the early 20th Century, at the beginning of the new Age of Light and rulership of the Archangel Michael) by the Aristotelian souls.

      So, to make it clear, although the early anthroposophists clearly came from all sorts of different soul groups, there was a predominance of the Aristotelian stream (many consider Rudolf Steiner to have been the reincarnated Aristotle - Thomas Aquinas), and this indeed (as Dr. Starman suggests) leant a practical utility to the anthroposophical movement. But now a working together between the two streams, the two soul-natures is called for.

      I feel my inspiration drying up as I approach the $64,000 question of what that all involves! Perhaps I've said enough for now.

      Paul Newton,
      Wisconsin, USA

      *******I think the "how" is implicit in that this is a spiritual SCIENCE and that Aristotle is called the Lesser Mysteries leading to Plato's Greater. The "how" is scientifically. Platonic religious sentiment is of no use unless approached with that spirit---in fact, is actually harmful.


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