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  • Jo Ann Schwartz
    Dear Friends, The new issue of Southern Cross Review has just hit your Cyber-Newsstand at http://www.southerncrossreview.org In this issue, we continue our
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 7, 2002
      Dear Friends,

      The new issue of Southern Cross Review has just hit your Cyber-Newsstand
      at http://www.southerncrossreview.org

      In this issue, we continue our examination of the Social Question, this
      time from a political rights perspective. On the "Editor's Page," we begin
      by taking a closer look at the Middle East conflict. The problem of
      Palestine, with its rich blend of cultures, spiritual paths and economies,
      provides a space where the problem of the political sphere comes into
      sharp focus. There are also related essays by Starhawk, whose work on
      globalization issues we published earlier, whilst SCR political
      correspondent Gaither Stewart gives a somewhat broader view of the
      phenomenon of terrorism.

      The Education section returns with an essay by Steve Talbott examining the
      difference between absorbing facts and learning to think. Steve also
      appears in the Science section, for an interesting dialog with Kevin Kelly
      (past editor of Wired and Whole Earth Review) on the nature of living

      The Essays section finds SCR newcomer Helen Lock pondering the many guises
      of the Trickster in myth and legend, a graduation address by Ralph Waldo
      Emerson and an excerpt from Herman Hesse's Steppenwolf. In
      "Anthroposophy," Dennis Klocek gives exercises for self-transformation
      originally developed in his work with prison inmates on death row. We also
      present a short lecture by Rudolf Steiner, From Jesus to Christ in which
      Steiner discusses some of the fruits of soul development.

      "The Baseball Murders" whodunnit about a plot to kill Jackie Robinson
      continues in Serialized Fiction. This time our hero, Darrell Stark,
      reflects on the social milieu of the American South in the 40's and 50's.
      In Short Fiction, we are happy to introduce Harini Suri to the Southern
      Cross family, while Gaither Stewart is back with a tale of native
      mysticism from the Appalachian Mountains. Rounding out the fiction
      selection is a comical story by FTS about teaching English abroad that
      could have happened anywhere, but certainly didn't happen to him. Or so he
      would have us believe...

      Batting clean up, Bobby Matherne is back with another of his thoughtful
      book reviews. Bobby introduces us to the work of Edward Reaugh Smith,
      author of "The Burning Bush". Speaking of books, there's a new entry in
      the SCR Ebook Library: "How to Attain Knowledge of the Higher Worlds," by
      Rudolf Steiner. This is the unmodernized translation, sort of the King
      James version of Steiner's classic basic book about the path to

      We are still accepting both essays and short fiction entries for our
      contest. Prizes include publication in Southern Cross Review and cash! See
      the contest rules for complete details.

      Kind regards,

      JoAnn Schwartz
      Southern Cross Review

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