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Fwd: what Saacke is talking about

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  • Robert Mason
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    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 30, 2002
      --- Robert Mason <robertsmason_99@...> wrote:
      > Date: Sat, 29 Jun 2002 12:54:50 -0700 (PDT)
      > From: Robert Mason <robertsmason_99@...>
      > Subject: what Saacke is talking about
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      > June 29, 2002
      > To Gary Pighetti:
      > I apologize for taking so long to reply. I get very
      > little
      > time online, and I can't compose a reply and upload it to
      > the mail program. So these remarks must be much briefer
      > than they might be otherwise.
      > I read German very poorly, so I couldn't translate
      > Saacke's
      > web pages any better than does Babelfish. I have only
      > distant relations with the Anth. Society, and very much
      > of
      > what has, and does, transpire therein is quite mysterious
      > to me.
      > Around 1960-63 Rudolf Saacke asked the simple question:
      > *When did the Anthroposophical Society founded by Rudolf
      > Steiner on Christmas 1923 have its subsequent meetings?*
      > --
      > As Saacke looked into this question, it became apparent
      > to
      > him that the answer was: *Never!* Amazingly, the
      > organization that calls itself the "General
      > Anthroposophical Society" ("Algemeine Anthroposophische
      > Gesellschaft"; "AAG") is not the same as the the
      > "Anthroposophische Gesellschaft" ("AG") founded by
      > Steiner
      > in 1923. The AAG is really a transformed Building
      > Association that held and built the Goetheanum. (This is
      > a
      > very, very simplified summation of events and a situation
      > that are incredibly complicated and confused, and
      > confusing.)
      > In 1963 Saacke was expelled from the AAG with no reason
      > given ("ohne Angabe von Gruenden"). But he kept after
      > the
      > matter, and over the years more and more Anthros became
      > aware of the situation and asked for reform. Thus: the
      > "Constitutional Question". For a long time the Society
      > leadership did not admit that a problem existed.
      > Finally,
      > a few years ago a "working group" was formed in Dornach
      > to
      > study the question. This group included some members of
      > the reform party, but not Saacke.
      > Suddenly, in March of this year, the Vorstand announced
      > its
      > intention to dissolve the AAG and absorb it into the
      > dormant AG, and then register the AG as a Swiss
      > corporation. (This is only my weak grasp of the
      > proposal;
      > the details are still not clear to me.) Some people see
      > this development as a big forward step, but Saacke does
      > not. As I understand him, he does not regard it as any
      > solution to the underlying problem, but as only another
      > obfuscation. So, I forwarded his newsletters as needed
      > info for Anthros who should be concerned with developing
      > events, while they are still fluid.
      > Why is all this important? -- When I first became aware
      > of
      > the Constitutional Question, I viewed it a legalistic
      > hair-splitting. But not any more; the healthy structure,
      > or the malformation, of the Society has implications for
      > the development of Anthroposophy on Planet Earth. And
      > apparently Steiner himself considered the organization of
      > the Society to be an important matter: so much so that
      > in
      > 1923 he "joined his karma" to the Society's karma and
      > attempted to reorganize it into a fit vehicle for the
      > Anthroposophical Movement on Earth. But his illness and
      > death intervened before his plans could be put into
      > effect.
      > For whatever reason, his successors botched the
      > reorganization, and I believe that this malformation had,
      > and has, much to do with tortured history and failures of
      > the Society.
      > Not the least of the consequences of this malformation is
      > that the Vorstand can expel a member for any reason, or
      > no
      > reason. You can find some of Sune Nordwall's more
      > esoteric
      > considerations on his website. I don't have the complete
      > URLs, but you can email him at
      > Sune.Nordwall@...
      > He understands English very well.
      > Rudolf Saacke has a book in German, *Die Formfrage und
      > die
      > innere Opposition gegen Rudolf Steiner*. He also has
      > Graham Rickett's English translation of the text, but has
      > not yet, as far as I know, published the English version.
      > If you are interested, you might query him at
      > fenix@...
      > He understands English tolerably well, if one keeps it
      > simple. His old website
      > www.team.com.pl/fenix
      > has many English pages, not all necessarily directly
      > concerned with the Constitutional Question.
      > The Anthros-Views mailing list has had some discussion of
      > these questions, both the recent developments and the
      > deeper background. (A big discussion in the Summer of
      > 2000, I believe.) If you send the message *help* to
      > listserv@...
      > you can find the commands that will allow you to search
      > and
      > download their archives.
      > You can find some old essays on these questions at
      > http://www.antroposofi.org/gas1986.htm
      > And, if you are really, really interested, I might be
      > able
      > to dig up some of my old screeds and send them to you, if
      > you are willing to wait a few weeks, or longer.
      > Robert Mason
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