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R: [anthroposophy] Eugenic Occultism & HBHG Bloodlines

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    Dear Nihil , Sure: Evola and Guènon are, in any case, writers of biggest interest but as we know they are a little dangerous to manage, if you ain t got the
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      Dear "Nihil",
      Sure: Evola and Guènon are, in any case, writers of biggest interest but as
      we know they are a little dangerous to manage, if you ain't got the right
      About Scaligero and Stein. When I used to meet Scaligero ,between 1972 and
      1980, I didn't know at all that once there was a guy called W.J.Stein.,
      about whom I read for the first time six or seven years later.
      I remember also having talk a lot with Massimo about lots of topics, about
      Communism , about the spiritual tasks of Evola and so on but very few about
      However I remember the living tale, heard in the same years, about
      Hitlerites's trip in Rome on 1938, made by an "high spiritual being in human
      fashion" who saw them in the occasion of this event.
      In 1938 she was only thirteen , but naturally gifted with spiritual sight,
      and she told me of an inner impression just like "actual dark
      Well, I'Il try also to attach to you "Anthro and Nazi", maybe tomorrow.
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      Dear Andrea,

      Thank you for your article. I basically agree with every line. It shows
      how traditionalism in the form of Guenon and Evola, worked to prevent
      the seeker to get to the work of RS by appealing the reader with a
      'mathematical' (Guenon) or 'powerful' (Evola) dialectics. About the
      conclusion, I just wonder how much reading Evola became decisive for
      several young to embrace the eversive right-wing. BR and other left
      wing oriented groups did not read Evola for sure, but the results were
      similar. I suppose that left-wing cultural control in Italy prevented
      any possibility for many young to find their way to RS, and some of
      them ended up with subversive activities.
      About right-wing young actvists, it is true though that reading and
      understanding MS instead of Evola would have saved them from activism.
      But Evola and Guenon works prevented many from the possibility to
      access the solar path and direct their energies in a positive way.

      Anyway, once one has understood what to do there are several works
      written by Evola that can be of great interest, like "The hermetic
      Tradition", or by Guenon, like "le roi du monde" related to the
      interesting book by F. Ossendowski "Beasts, men, and gods" that deals
      with the figure of baron von UngernSternberg.

      In a previous post you mentioned that only W. Stein knew the background
      of nazism. Did you ever asked Mr. Scaligero about this?

      About your assay would you be able to split it into more messages?


      --- In anthroposophy@y..., "VALENTINA BRUNETTI" <okcgbr@t...> wrote:
      > Dear Nihil,
      > The link between Evola and the so called "Strategy of Tension" was not
      > something like a personal or direct Evola's partecipation or "guilt" to=

      > some bloody event in the sixties or seventies but it lays on a differe=
      > more subtile, plane.
      > It's not a matter for courts!
      > It's something like a "philosophical" or indirect inspiration through=

      > some topics of his insights , twisted or not,-but it's a different issue=
      > on suggestibles souls, that's why , if you look into some right wing
      > terrorist's biography, you'll find some "powerful" and "superman" attitud=
      > till the cold blood violence and murdering- induced just by JE's teachin=
      > As you may see we are on the topic of the "Bad Teacher", with deep esote=
      > meanings some of them I used to speak about with a guy who knew Evola
      > better of anyone else, Mr.Massimo Scaligero.
      > I dedicated to this issue an article on "Kairòs" magazine . "L'Equivoco
      > tragico dell'Esoterismo Tradizionalista" ( The tragic mistake of
      > Traditionalist Esotericism) that I can attache to you on a private e-mail=
      > You'll be able to find "Anthro and Nazi" (Issue4- Luglio 2001 of "Rivista=

      > Antroposofia)e-mailing a request to mc5648@m... , They should be able
      > to get a copy for you.
      > If you'll not succeed in this iI'll try to attach to you the essay( it's =
      > easy ,since it's a little bit too long).
      > I wrote also an article about Evola and Onofri (on Kairòs too) following =
      > work of a young researcher named Michele Beraldo.
      > I tried also to take a glance- through this article- on the Rome esoter=
      > milieu before and after Onofri's premature death (1928).
      > I've got also an unpublished essay about Renè Guènon, my degree examinati=
      > work through Mr Augusto Del Noce,,dated 1974 but for personal reasons, I
      > believe that it shall never be published
      > Andrea Franco.

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