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Thus Spake Zarathustra

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  • Bradford Riley
    From Copernicus to Ptolemy and back: ******** ...in certain of his esoteric lessons, or at certain moments during his esoteric lessons, Rudolf Steiner spoke
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 5, 2002
      From Copernicus to Ptolemy and back:

      ******** "...in certain of his
      esoteric lessons, or at certain moments during his esoteric lessons,
      Rudolf Steiner spoke as the direct mouthpiece of the Masters. A
      participant in the Dusseldorf lesson of April 19, 1909 reported that
      this particular lesson commenced with the following words: "My dear
      Sisters and Brothers, this esoteric lesson is one where the
      responsibility does not rest with the one who is speaking!" Those
      words were uttered because, in the following description of how
      Zarathustra had once received initiation from the Sun Spirit, Rudolf
      Steiner himself was Zarathustra at that moment. It must have come as
      a grand experience that "our great teacher, who had shared the
      results of his investigations with us, could now demonstrate through
      his own person how an ancient leader of humanity revealed himself by
      means of inspiration -that is, how Rudolf Steiner, as the first of
      the modern age, could transform himself through his own strict inner
      discipline into a serviceable tool for spiritual beings to work
      through, not as a medium, but as a fully conscious spiritual

      Bradford writes;

      Sirius is unique:

      What does it mean that the star Sirius (the dog star man's best friend) is
      on a 365.25 relation to earth, daily? R. S. "Sirius is the heart of
      Jesus-Zarathustra and it is in the depth of the Earth... Sirius is the
      cosmic thought which Christ makes of His own heart - thus it is found in the
      Earth." this influence attains its fulfillment through the metabolism.
      Sirius is supposed to be 3 X older than our sun which is in resonance with
      it. Three times older is three stages of cosmic development before us. "On
      Sirius, everything that humankind is thinking is heard"


      So it also mathematically runs, (aside from that amazing thought) directly
      with the inner pulse of the Earth. Zarathustra, Sirius, meaning that the
      Christ or higher field of Jesus as an advanced resonating, star. It also was
      known as ISIS by the Egyptians. It was used to set the solar calendar year.
      I found that tidbit of math recently on Sirius and the relationship jumped
      out at me. Our 365.25 days to Sirius was something to do with a one to one.

      Now lets talk about Inversion. Presently, for me, the blown, breath, soap
      bubble of our entire system sounds like a clear cut Community deed from
      Seraphim, Cherubim and Thrones. Since much of what our entire universe is,
      are integrated cosmic forces through constellations, and we cannot be
      certain that this whole little module isn't just for us and our

      You see, to graduate out of the Thrones sacrificed matter and become an
      Angel, as Buddha has done means to enter into the area of Devachan laws of
      non-matter above the sphere of light. This etheric geometry entails the fact
      that the Angelic community graduates upwards and the saints who are working
      on astral halos are graduating upwards as well. So that the Angels do not
      have a
      physical form. Their lowest member is an Etheric body. The Plants, flowers
      and blossoms are part of the Angels handy work, along with the elemental
      servants that they can get, now a days, the work is pretty hard for the
      elemental community.

      The etheric geometry of the organic world is out of current range of our
      sciences. We are unable conceive with quantum mechanics and the famous book,
      Dancing Wu Li Masters by Gary Zukav, what holds the idea of a thing together
      into its
      atomic structure. The best film to understand this and rent is called
      "MindWalk". Plants and organic life are matter, just as animals and us are
      matter beings. We are on a path to evolve outside the visible material
      universe.. Now this universe, with its mighty math and constellations seem,
      as in the film, "Contact" a must see, to be "an incredible waste of space,"
      as the film explains.

      The theory of the bubble is called the 'brane' theory because it experiences
      our entire universe, not big bang, but as a soap bubble membrane which our
      Three-dimensional sense perception lives in. As micro-constructs we carry
      Blueprints that both angels and mineral have. Therefore we can evolve along
      the string theory.

      We have to come face to face with the fact that we educate ourselves into a
      stinking corner that there is no way out from. This they consider " A
      Beautiful Mind" It is unfair for our children. Imagine if you could, as I
      can, think into understanding how this world does make clear cut sense and
      that math and geometry are part of the puzzle from stone to Man.

      As an example, let us take the gestation cycle of the elephant. It is not a
      nine month period. Our nine month human gestation is linked to Venus, the
      time it takes Venus to go around the sun. However the Elephant is linked to
      gestation rhythm of Mars up to 700 days, the time it takes Mars to go around
      the Sun. It becomes curious that Hindu mythology brought the Elephant in
      relation to the War God Mars doesn't it?

      But to get back to the Sun, Sirius and our rotation cycle, it takes 23 to 25
      earth days for our Sun to rotate once. One Sun day is not 24 hours like the
      Earth. However we are integrated with higher rhythm patterns in that each
      birds egg is sat on for the sun period of up to 25 days before hatching. The
      gestation cycle for the Bees are also linked as well to the Sun Day, the
      trinity appears in a splitting of light sensitive beings that make for the
      Queen, who gives off light within the dark chamber of the hive; the standard
      worker; The drone who is a guard dog and flies up to the highest reach of
      the flight of the Queen, vertical, invisible spine, where thought and
      inception become conception. Three different splits of light work in the
      three different capacities of the bee. All of this is because Honey is
      Liquid Light.

      Further the structure of the hens egg is the exact structure of the entire
      universe. When you look at an egg, with that sunny yoke in the middle you
      are looking at some strange bit of business in that the egg shell reproduces
      the idea of the extended shape and expanse of the entire universe. It is an
      exact copy of the dimensions of our universe.

      To get a Human to the top of the evolution chain and linked up to the same
      blueprint as the Angel, Archangel and Archai we go through a kind of ring
      knot, which is visibly sensed in the Halo of saints. This ring knot
      eventually leads humans out of the ring knot of karmic matter, if it chooses
      to do so. This ring knot embodies a bit of what in cosmic theory might be
      the string principle of universes strung together and our DNA and Angel form
      are linked in this string. Presently we have human beings who are at Angel,
      Archangel and Archai level, I could name some of them, who stand within both
      worlds and will not betray the Sun Being Christ who has shifted to the
      center of the Earth.

      This brings us back to the inversion. The Sun Being, Elohim himself has
      brought his center out of the Sun into the Earth. Zarathustra and the Sirius
      Star are curious problems, just as all colonies of spiritual beings, from
      plants, animals, Mars Beings in the Devachan, outside of our specific five
      sense bubble..(five senses, five planets of Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter
      and Saturn). All of them have to do with a blueprint of development within
      the Solar Family.

      The Being who has taken the outside and made it the inside and shifted from
      Copernicus back to what Ptolemy said about the Earth being the center is
      what has happened. Humans and science are tagging slowly behind in theories
      trying to catch up with the Christ event and we can see how important
      it was for Steiner to bring the Christ event into the Sciences.

      So we have two truths and something that has historically happened that
      inverted the Sun Elohim and the Moon Elohim or just Sun and Moon into a new
      form of slow lawful conversion and inversion. Light will diminish and the
      sense world decrease while etheric Pauline Light will increase and radiate
      from mankind and the new force of the Sun within the Earth.

      So science in terms of the inorganic fantasy of the sub-atomic particle
      world cannot put organic thinking into its mechanical system. Light moves as
      both particle, little specks of matter, and wave, light that passes through
      matter altogether and communicates with electron and photons disconnected by

      It is a difficult threshold and we are clunking our Model T brain against
      the walls of the Cosmic Egg. It was never big bang and yet it is taught
      religiously to everyone. Stephen Hawkings can put the new book, World in a
      nutshell, from the Hamlet phrase out, but it cannot account for living
      beings with a blueprint of physical, etheric, astral, ego. You have to
      remember that when they talk about atoms, electrons and quantum theory, we
      are talking about cells which we are made of, atoms and fields that we are
      made of according to their primitive and idiotic science theory. This might
      be good for rocks but not exactly when Christ transforms matter and inverts
      the process from downward to upward along the spiral string theory.

      In our sense reality, within our bubble, we can go land on Mars obviously
      because all of our concepts are thinking about retaining our life and sense
      perception within the laws that exist for earth life. We carry our thinking
      and our space suits with us, we carry our concept of Earth sense perception
      along with us. But the Planets, Stars, Constellations, Galaxies ray in
      curious forces to individuals, like Zarathustra, and create star maps in
      each individual brain when the individual incarnates from out of the stars.
      A unique star map based on the wonderful moral logos of beings who are
      living in higher etheric geometry link a four phase field into human
      destiny, miracle and moral growth, and what we imagine as
      history.... all based on the blueprint that runs from Seraphim to stone..
      The fact that we can work out the details and our destiny on Earth is to
      raise all
      these details into a higher grasp, quick light like intuition with healing,
      Radiating etheric life and light coming from us.

      But education is a disaster for the incoming soul of children willing and
      wanting to learn the powerful reasoning that they understood before they
      took on material form. When they, we, were living in the entire Star World,
      a world of mighty wisdom which allows humanity to hold this blue planet as
      it's proofing or proving ground, we swam, existed in mighty Beings guiding
      math and moral light all around us.

      Our tiny hopes and joys, history, life and death are the growing killing
      fields or growing fields that have so greatly changed since the incarnation
      of the Sun Being Christ.

      Steiner comments: (it is New Years, Sirius is directly overhead)


      ******"I have told you that there was, as it were, a sister-soul to the
      Adam-soul, to that soul which entered into the sequence of human
      generations. This sister-soul remained in the soul world. It was this
      sister-soul that was incarnated in the Luke-Jesus. But it was not then
      incarnated for the first time in a human body in the strictest sense of the
      words, it had already been once incarnated prophetically. This soul had
      already been made use of formerly as a messenger of the holy mysteries; it
      was, so to say, cherished and cultivated in the mysteries, and was sent
      whenever anything specially important to man was taking place; but it could
      only appear as a vision in the etheric body, and could only be perceived,
      strictly speaking, as long as the old clairvoyance remained. In earlier ages
      that still existed. Therefore this old sister-soul of Adam had no need at
      that time to descend as far as the physical body in order to be seen. So it
      actually appeared on earth repeatedly in human evolution: sent forth by the
      impulses of the mysteries, at all times when important things were to take
      place in the evolution of the earth; but it did not require to incarnate, in
      ancient times, because clairvoyance was there. The first time it needed to
      incarnate was when the old clairvoyance was to be overcome through the
      transition of human evolution from the third to the fourth Post-Atlantean
      age, of which we spoke yesterday. Then, by way of compensation, it took on
      an incarnation, in order to be able to express itself at the time when
      clairvoyance no longer existed. The only time this sister-soul of Adam was
      compelled to appear and to become physically visible, it was incorporated,
      so to speak, in Krishna; and then it was incorporated again in the
      Luke-Jesus. So now we can understand how it was that Krishna spoke in such a
      superhuman manner, why he is the best teacher for the human ego, why he
      represents, so to speak, a victory over the ego, why he appears so
      psychically sublime. It is because he appears as human being at that sublime
      moment which we brought before our souls in the lecture before last, as Man
      not yet descended into human incarnations. He then appears again to be
      embodied in the Luke-Jesus. Hence that perfection that came about when the
      most significant world-conceptions of Asia, the ego of Zarathustra and the
      spirit of Krishna, were united in the twelve-year-old Jesus described by St.
      Luke. He who spoke to the learned men in the Temple was therefore not only
      Zarathustra speaking as an ego, but one who spoke from those sources from
      which Krishna at one time drew Yoga; he spoke of Yoga raised a stage higher;
      he united himself with the Krishna force, with Krishna himself, in order to
      continue to grow until his thirtieth year. Then only have we that complete,
      perfected body which could be taken possession of by the Christ. Thus do the
      spiritual currents of humanity flow together. So that in what happened at
      the Mystery of Golgotha, we really have a co-operation of the most important
      leaders of mankind, a synthesis of spirit-life. When St. Paul had his vision
      before Damascus, He Who appeared to him then was the Christ. The halo of
      light in which Christ was enveloped was Krishna. And because Christ has
      taken Krishna for His own soul-covering through which He then works on
      further, therefore in the light which shone there, in Christ Himself, there
      is all that was once upon a time contained in the sublime Gita. We find much
      of that old Krishna-teaching, although scattered about, in the New Testament
      revelations. This old Krishna-teaching has on that account become a personal
      matter to the whole of mankind, because Christ is not as such a human ego
      belonging to mankind, but to the Higher Hierarchies, Thus Christ belongs
      also to those times when man was not yet separated from that which now
      surrounds him as material existence, and which is veiled to him in maya
      through his own Luciferic temptation. If we glance back over the whole of
      evolution, we shall find that in those olden times there was not yet that
      strict division between the spiritual and the material; material was then
      still spiritual, and the spiritual � if we may say so � still manifested
      itself externally. Thus because, in the Christ-Impulse, something entered
      into mankind which completely prevented such a strict separation as we find
      in Sankhya philosophy between Purusha and Prakriti, Christ becomes the
      Leader of men out of themselves and towards the divine creation. Must we
      then say that we must unconditionally give up maya now that we recognise
      that it seems to be given us through our own fault? No, for that would be
      blaspheming the spirit in the world; that would be assigning to matter
      properties which we ourselves have imposed upon it with the veil of maya.
      Let us rather hope that when we have overcome in ourselves that which caused
      matter to become maya, we may again be reconciled with the world.

      For do we not hear resounding out of the world around us that it is a
      creation of the Elohim, and that on the last day of creation they
      considered: and behold, all was very good? That would be the karma to be
      fulfilled if there were nothing but Krishna-teaching (for there is nothing
      in the world that does not fulfil its karma). If in all eternity there had
      been only the teaching of Krishna, then the material existence which
      surrounds us, the manifestation of God of which the Elohim at the
      starting-point of evolution said: �Behold all was very good,� would
      encounter the judgment of men: �It is not good, I must abandon it!� The
      judgment of man would be placed above the judgment of God. We must learn to
      understand the words which stand as a mystery at the outset of evolution; we
      must not set the judgment of man above the judgment of God. If all and
      everything that could cling to us in the way of guilt were to fall away from
      us, and yet that one fault remained, that we slandered the work of the
      Elohim; the earth-Karma would have to be fulfilled; in the future everything
      would have to fall upon us and karma would have to fulfil itself thus. In
      order that this should not happen, Christ appeared in the world, so to
      reconcile us with the world that we may learn to overcome Lucifer's tempting
      forces, and learn to penetrate the veil; that � we may see the divine
      revelation in its true form; that we may find the Christ as the Reconciler,
      Who will lead us to the true form of the divine revelation, so that through
      Him we may learn to understand the primeval words: �And behold, it is very
      good.� In order that we may learn to ascribe to ourselves that which we may
      never again dare to ascribe to the world, we need Christ; for if all our
      other sins could be taken away from us: yet this sin could only be removed
      by Him. This, transformed into a moral feeling, is a newer side of the
      Christ-Impulse. It shows us at the same time why the necessity arose for the
      Christ-Impulse as the higher soul to envelope itself in the Krishna-Impulse.

      An exposition such as I have given you in this course, my dear friends,
      should not be taken as mere theory, merely as a number of thoughts and ideas
      to be absorbed; it should be taken as a sort of New Year's gift, a gift
      which should influence our New Year, and from now on it should work as that
      which we can perceive through the understanding of the Christ-Impulse, in so
      far as this helps us to understand the words of the Elohim, which resound
      down to us from the starting point, from the very primeval beginning of the
      creation of our earth. And look upon the intention of the course at the same
      time as the starting point of our Anthroposophical spiritual stream. This
      must be Anthroposophical because by means of it will be more and more
      recognised how man can in himself attain to self-knowledge �. He cannot yet
      attain to complete self-knowledge, not yet can Anthropos attain to knowledge
      of Anthropos, man to the knowledge of man, so long as this man can consider
      what he has to carry out in his own soul as an affair to be played out
      between him and external nature. That the world should appear to us to be
      immersed in matter is a thing the Gods have prepared for us, it is an affair
      of our own souls, a question of higher self-knowledge; it is something that
      man must himself recognise in his own manhood, it is a question of
      Anthroposophy, by means of which we can come to the perception of what
      theosophy may become to mankind. It should be a feeling of the greatest
      modesty which impels a man to belong to the Anthroposophical movement; a
      modesty which says: If I want to spring over that which is an affair of the
      human soul and to take at once the highest step into the divine, humility
      may very easily vanish from me, and pride step in, in its place; vanity may
      easily install itself May the Anthroposophical Society also be a starting
      point in this higher moral sphere; above all, may it avoid all that has so
      easily crept into the theosophical movement, in the way of pride, vanity,
      ambition, and want of earnestness in receiving that which is the highest
      Wisdom. May the Anthroposophical Society avoid all this because from its
      very starting point, it has already considered that the settlement with maya
      is an affair for the human soul itself. "

      Bradford comments;

      Is it not like a wedding between Ahura and Sirius? This Zarathustrian takes
      his way as the defined heart of an initiate who bore the name Jesus of
      Nazareth. What shall we say of the stars now? How shall we reckon with the
      Earth if within her girded walls the Sun has married Sirius and like two
      mighty horses, pulling the inversion of the spindle of light external to
      light internal, woven through the heart of the wandering King of the Magi,
      Zarathustra/Jesus? See it loved the 365.25 of the living Earth and the
      Living Earth was loved by the Sun Being Christ and how did this wedding come
      to change Earth's destiny?

      When Nietzsche spoke, "Thus Spake Zarathustra" such an invocation hid a
      mighty truth. The rest were liars compared to THUS SPAKE ZARATHUSTRA. In the
      Beginning was the Word. Yet, as we know, some of us know that, a cosmic
      larvae attached itself to Nietzsche's brain. In this larvae incubated the
      new thought life of the other Nietzsche. It was time for a cosmic Being to
      Speak and divulge the truth about who it was that walked the Earth and what
      transpired among the gods, even if foolish mankind were dull, and stupid.

      Thus seed larvae with a voice admonishing humanity to stir themselves from
      their stupid dream and bear the weight of what happened to both gods, men,
      time and Earth herself, took Nietzsche's brain and rattled an earth
      shattering, soul tearing high pitched shout for joy, that the underworld
      would now have to face the baby stupidity of Man for the infestation in the
      brain mass was fertile ground for the thundering test of humanities weak
      tripod of faith. Thus Spake Ahriman! Ahriman, the larvae of the gods, awoke
      in Neitzsche's brain. He knew what Zarathustra had done? But do we?

      Steiner on Nietzsche;


      ******** ". But the really eternal element of the human soul is hidden in
      the metabolic system, in the system which, for earthly life, has the most
      material function of all. Outwardly it is indeed the most material, but just
      because of this, the spiritual remains separate from it. The spiritual is
      drawn into, absorbed by the other material parts of the organism, by the
      brain and the rhythmic system, and is no longer there independently. In the
      crude materiality, the spiritual is present in itself. But to use it, a man
      must be able to see, to perceive, by means of the crude outer materiality.
      This was a possibility in primeval humanity and, although it is not a
      condition to be striven after, it may still occur to-day in pathological
      states. It is known by very few, for example, that the secret of Nietzsche's
      style in Thus Spake Zarathustra lies in the fact that he imbibed certain
      poisonous substances which brought into play within him a particular rhythm,
      which is the distinctive style of this work. In Nietzsche, it was a
      definitely material substratum that was really doing the thinking. This,
      needless to say, is a pathological condition, although in a certain respect
      again there is a kind of grandeur in it. If we are to understand these
      things we must no longer have false ideas, either about them, or about
      Intuition and the like, which lie at the opposite pole. We must understand
      what it means that Nietzsche should have imbibed certain poisons � a
      procedure not to be imitated � which substances work in such a way that they
      lead to an etherisation, an etherealised mode of experience in the human
      organism. This irradiates the thinking and produces what we find in Thus
      Spake Zarathustra. Intuition, on the other hand, is able to perceive the
      spirit-and-soul as such, separated from matter. Nothing of a material nature
      is at work in Intuition as described in the books Knowledge of the Higher
      Worlds and its Attainment or in An Outline of Occult Science. Here we have
      two opposite poles of spiritual knowledge.

      "...Mysteries into which Christ sent His message, it was still known that
      men once possessed a sublime knowledge born of the working of material
      substances, born of metabolism. No attempt was made to awaken the old
      matter-born knowledge of spirit-reality in the manner in which this had been
      done in primeval humanity, nor in the degenerate way subsequently pursued by
      hashish-eaters and others with similar habits in order to acquire, through
      the workings of matter, knowledge not otherwise accessible. An attempt was
      made in quite another way to awaken this matter-born knowledge, namely, by
      clothing the Mystery of Golgotha in ritual, in mantric formulae, above all
      in the whole structure of the Mystery as Revelation, Offering,
      Transubstantiation, Communion, in the administration of the sacrament of the
      Eucharist in bread and wine. It was not poisons, therefore, but the Lord's
      Supper, clothed in what arises from the mantric formulae of the Mass, and
      from its fourfold membering: Gospel, Offering, Transubstantiation,
      Communion. For the intention was that after the fourth part of the Mass, the
      Communion, actual communion among the faithful should take place, with the
      aim of giving an intimation, at least, that thereby a knowledge leading to
      what was once achieved instinctively by the old metabolism-born knowledge,
      must be re-acquired. "


      'We sacrifice unto Tishtrya, the bright and glorious star, who spoke unto
      Ahura Mazda, saying: "Ahura Mazda, most beneficent Spirit, Maker of the
      material world, thou Holy One!
      '"If men would worship me with a sacrifice in which I were invoked by my own
      name, as they worship the other Yazatas with sacrifices in which they are
      invoked by their own names, then I should have come to the faithful at the
      appointed time; I should have come in the appointed time of my beautiful,
      immortal life, should it be one night, or two nights, or fifty, or a hundred
      'We sacrifice unto Tishtrya;
      'We sacrifice unto the rains of Tishtrya.
      'We sacrifice unto the first star; we sacrifice unto the rains of the first
      'I will sacrifice unto the stars Haptoiringa, to oppose the Yatus and
      'We sacrifice unto Vanant, the star made by Mazda; for the well-shapen
      strength, for the Victory, made by Ahura, for the crushing Ascendant, for
      the destruction of what distresses us, for the destruction of what
      persecutes us.
      'We sacrifice unto Tishtrya, whose eye-sight is sound.
      'For ten nights, O Spitama Zarathushtra! Tishtrya, the bright and glorious
      star, mingles his shape with light, moving in the shape of a man of fifteen
      years of age, bright, with clear eyes, tall, full of strength, strong, and
      'He is active as the first man was; he goes on with the strength of the
      first man; he has the virility of the first man.
      'Here he calls for people to assemble, here he asks, saying: "Who now will
      offer me the libations with the Haoma and the holy meat? To whom shall I
      give wealth of male children, a troop of male children, and the purification
      of his own soul? Now I ought to receive sacrifice and prayer in the material
      world, by the law of excellent holiness."
      'The next ten nights, O Spitama Zarathushtra! the bright and glorious
      Tishtrya mingles his shape with light, moving in the shape of a
      golden-horned bull."

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