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  • DRStarman2001@aol.com
    ... *******Indeed, because to inhabit earth and to inhabit , say, Mars, are not two separate things. As we live here on earth we also are partially in the
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      elaineupton@... writes:
      Morgan, you ask:

      --- In anthroposophy@y..., Morgan Vierheller <mrgnsms@e...> wrote:
      > Anyone know Steiner's view on life on other planets/solar systems?
      > M. Vierheller

      Ha! That's funny! Do you want a book or two (at least) for a reply?
      STeiner's work is full of references to other planets and the beings
      there. Where to begin? What about Occult Science: An Outline, or any
      of a zillion other of his works.

      Beings on Mars work with us in certain ways, work in certain trees,
      like the Oak tree. Mars beings have to do with action, assertive
      action (often distorted today in war).

      Beings on Venus work with us in certain ways, and in certain trees,
      and in certain personality types  more strongly, and so on.

      And Saturn beings, shaped our bodily form, live strongly in certain
      needle trees, work as important death forces and formative (skeletal
      forces) and so on.

      Moon beings and speech.

      Etc. etc.

      Steiner's work is full of this, on these planets and more and the
      beings who inhabit them, and thus inhabit us and other beings of the

      *******Indeed, because "to inhabit" earth and "to inhabit", say, Mars, are not two separate things. As we live here on earth we also are partially in the other spheres: with our hearts the Sun, with our kidneys Venus, etc. Only in the earth sphere do we have material form. It's an illusion that other stars are material. Materiality as on earth is found nowhere else. As the Cayce Readings put it, even no two leaves of a tree are alike. The conditions in which other beings experience their incarnations are quite different.

         The other forms of life on earth are even more profoundly manifest their "other-dimensional" parts because they are not free beings. So the sunflower has its material form here on earth but "grows from" Jupiter, etc. In Man these are but inclinations of temperament and physiognomy.

          The spiritual life in the world of the fixed stars is comparable to the other states we passed through which Steiner called "Saturn", "Sun", "Moon" etc., and the future states we have yet to pass through. Some of these do not resemble stars at all. When we detect 'stars' that do not shine, we are seeing some of the worlds in the "Saturn" state, binary stars the "Moon" state, and so on. When a star ascends into its next phase it becomes spread over many stars, and is called a "Zodiac". Anyone able to see the pictures described in the Akasha who open-mindedly reviews what science has discovered of astronomy can work out the details further. Moreover, these stages of existence have a relation to the sevenfold planes of the planets, which is why ancient astrology would say, for example, that the 'effect' of a star like Aldebaran was 'similar to Venus'.

      Dr. Starman
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