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Characterizing the Double

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  • danifyou@tv.videotron.ca
    Ready for a Manichean ride fellows? ;) This is a Michael s jaw chewing gesture crunching blast over: -- The Double, this stabilizing navigator dead shells
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 3, 2002
      Ready for a Manichean ride fellows? ;)

      This is a "Michael's jaw" chewing gesture
      crunching blast over:

      -->The Double, this stabilizing navigator dead shells surfer "hypo-criticalling" the moment in no consciouness cold blood no soul, enacting lawnmower over butterfies, flowers and wonder, hyper-active-criticizing-despising fellow human earthlings, liar/divider but uniter common mind Spirit of Personnality Prince of this world retarded Elohim dominion Mystery of Numbers cloning manufacturing gesture over humanity having crossed Treshold unconsciously, ever contained sizeable reduction automatical and electronical pop culture corporate science garbage Matrix's "GPS" holographic hollow fetcher of the stone materialistic consensual anti-Christ reality tacit redundance ridiculous one-sidedness egoism geocentric gravity dot(h) tomb point of extinction, rictus provider of fashion-man eyes wide shut wooden etheric body sheer matter madness satisfaction happiness neurotic complacency mouse hole cave indwelling darkness artificial light 8th Sphere Trap spiritual life repeller...

      The 'I' already knows your thinking and behaviour 'no surprise' relation to an untransformed compulsive astral aka a "cheap Lucifer" "candy diet" high brain buzz illusion of life mere electricity in nervous system short-circuit sentient life, decadent,
      man, get a bit of adrenalin then, waste your Heart lose your Self and be devoured by Alien insect demons playing propagating propaganda visible and invisible strings silica spiders webbing conditioning immoral evil waying stealing "marbles"(sheaths) for their own "game" in/on technological Earth ground 5th period Pandora box spreading it's Second Death content...

      A Dove for the 'Replicants'!

      Bladerunning ;)
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