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R: [anthroposophy] Re:Foundation and experience

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    Dear L. and all you may find a good issue about the topic of the foundation in Spiritual Science s path on the following.
    Message 1 of 1 , May 25, 2002
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      Dear L. and all
      you may find a good issue about the topic of the foundation in Spiritual
      Science's path on the following.
      visiting the English language section in which the basic you are discussing
      are somewhat developed.

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      > Hi Danny!
      > Sorry for calling you fou. I didn't do it out of some french esprit
      > (unfortunately) - just typing error (unfortunately).
      > About your detailed answer in the last post:
      > To me it sounds like the content of at least a dozen books by Dr
      > Steiner. All talking about the goal, not the foundation. Frech esprit
      > again? :-) I would like to back again to basic questions that arises
      > in the majority of every thinking individual today - and should arise
      > in Steiner "drilled" minority as well.
      > To me, a foundation should give me a firm point to start from. This
      > point must be clear to me and experienced by me. To merely "believe"
      > in for instance Truth, Beauty and Good wont do it. The ones who have
      > reached such a firm point should tell us how THEY have done it and if
      > it is in their power, show the steps from here to there.
      > I think that I could learn better how to dance from a dancing student
      > than from a teacher who already does pirouettes all the time and has
      > her/his focus on "higher" stages.
      > If I am not able to build a bridge in these matters, that makes it
      > possible to talk about it with the next person on a bus I am sitting
      > on, than maybe I myself have only an abstract or believing
      > relationship to this matter.
      > I would be advertising fruits wich I only have heard about. The
      > market wont accept that today.
      > Danny:> World Redemption what do you think?
      > I think, show me a firm point, let me experience it and I will help
      > with the redemptation.
      > Regards,L
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