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Rép. : [anthroposophy] Foundation and experience

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  • danifyou@tv.videotron.ca
    ... De : luciferius2002 Hi all, to me there is a strong connection between two of the threads on this list. ... you are discussing
    Message 1 of 1 , May 24, 2002
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      De : "luciferius2002"<luciferius2002@...>
      Hi all, to me there is a strong connection between two of the threads
      on this list.

      Elaine, earlier:
      > So, percept and concept? Surely these matters are important, but I
      > think I approach them from a vantage different than the one you are
      > following so far in the discussion. Yet, still, I appreciate that
      you are discussing this and questioning, prodding, me. <

      L, earlier:
      > It is said, that man today is about to achieve the ability to make
      a new start out of a free decision. But this ability will not be
      supplied from above without taking some steps on your own (that's the
      problem with freedom. <

      Danyfou, earlier:
      > Could this decision be a one that goes in the sense of a new
      sensitivity, as to for example imaginations of the good in action
      through love streaming deeds freely enacted having the heart for
      source rather than a nerve sense stimuli mathemathical reaction of a
      purely physical relation where no body can never occupy the same
      space? Could this start by the not well understood principle of
      compassion too often mistaken for pity and the like, while it is
      rather uniting in life, SOCIAL gesture, moral principles chosen,
      freely chosen and made ones own and springing from love and
      the "selfless" desire of the evolution that is forwarding of live
      into a radiant abundance, the prospering elation and celebration of
      man in the cosmos, the Communion of Man, love of one another?. . . <

      L, now:

      As I see it, one thing is the longing for a foundation to build an
      understanding first, hopefully followded by experiencing it.

      Bonjour Monsieur L,

      Hmm, as I "fou-lit" enjoy the course of yours in this place, something tells me you know some french also ;)
      I'm tempted to say that the foundation is bidirectional, regarding on one side the sensing activity, and the other the will-reaction-action principle of deeds enaction. Let us put aside the usual cultural
      "ball" of a human being rather solely fashion
      by the compulsive behaviours of what "circulates" as must and shoulds of the fashion-man holographic to all that streams from advertisements, news, "Hollywood", and the materialstic scientifical data releasing throwing for the masses to absorb.
      No, I am rather here speaking of the mindful man standing in the 'middle' and witnessing
      spirit based in himself standing, open to what the senses bring and trying to make sense of that instreaming
      triggering intuitions that with will imbued thinking shall lead to a unification of the "thoughtless" intuitions spiritual process to be clearly enlighten via the conceptual activity that makes one to say: Eureka!

      So the first foundation would be consciousnes, mindfulness, wakefulness to the world around, perhaps we could call it "sense-attitude".

      Second foundation would be the "Universe"
      one is carrying within himself, that which I would called personal culture, living concepts building blocks, imaginations of
      potentialities that will come to be manifested
      through speech and idiosyncrasy, spiritual reality. That which one through his OWN
      activity decided to go take in the spiritual world in terms of Good, True and Beautiful
      to integrate and make part of of ones own being, that is one's own manifestation and
      spiritual activity. For in the middle is the
      'Desire', an astral body that will choose either ease of the already digested meal of what is all around and of the working of the gods that have not finished their work here,
      still "feeding" man the old way, automaton like gesture stimulation and consuming the "want-man", namely the retarded
      beings of the diverse hierarchies. While if
      I operate towards and in the immaterial and "invisible" where man is really based from
      and what he is really about in his activity, to name it: Thinking, Feeling, Willing.
      The (this) supersensible become then foundation in itself! The cultivatin of the life of the soul, refinement and indwelling in it's living components rather than a mere eye sight, hearing and limbs movements of "nervous system stimulation illusion of life epimethean chaotic man", for example, is exactly the 'I' activity that will cause organic effects therein and produce the desired and needed relationship to the spiritual world.
      Clairvoyance may be then as simple as:
      Will-Thinking= Ajna Chakra = Clairvoyance
      (Bradford may have something to say about the glands here in that connection....)
      This is where leads thought-control among other things, this is only one effect.
      I say thought-control and tonic wonder and interest in understanding can only lead to
      the spirit in man meeting the spirit in the world, for else the world around us is made of end processes, myriads of stimulis merely
      producing tiredness that will lead you to go to bed at the end of the day not much richer of spirit than the day before, redundance and impoverishment of the materialistic life, also
      known as the human short circuit having for result: dehumanization.

      I say you cannot reach a place where there is nothing, only the yet unkown in you and around. To go through the void of not knowing, to go beyond that barrier may be the "not comfortable zone" Steiner talked about when expressing the desire for people to fear not standing in the void, a void of natural world in order to reach Knowldege
      of the Higher Worlds.

      Withdrawing then from mere 'Space' spell boundedness nervous system activity to 'Life' in 'Time' does then allow to be where the spirit processes, may it be of an astral nature
      or etheric, that which put things in action and to appear in the world, to form the world,
      the "Intelligent Light" in it's different Musical Tones and Registers....

      The other thing is to experience it, hopefully followed by the
      ability to act intuitive out of it.

      I think it is a learning as you said yourself
      earlier, first you may not be the most skilled,
      but then you build the new relationship
      day by day, step by step. I think myself that
      the little that is gained is showed to the beings in the spiritual world at night and that a cooperation with the guardian angel takes place in order to fructify it day by day,
      step by step through the daily experiences
      and struggles, that which Christ as Lord of Karma will not miss to Mysteriously Working
      bringing things about for the Highest Good, without forgetting the relationship to the different hierarchies to which you become a percept yourself.

      "...the not well understood principle of compassion too often
      mistaken for pity and the like..." might need a foundation first (at
      least to me) before I can give "...moral principles chosen, freely
      chosen..." a new meaning. The ability to act out of freely choosen
      principles is the goal. The starting points could differ.

      Do you have an example of this to share with us, Danyfou?

      In prosa, please :-)

      Regards, L

      I guess I can do that... ;)
      The starting point could be as as simple as to feel comfortable everywhere as if in your own living-room... Then that which comes to interfere to the peaceful soul may be worth analyzing....
      Sticking to 'The Peace be with you' and the
      True, Beautiful and Good WHATEVER may happen may bring unexpected results...
      For another name for it may as well be the will to stand for the above, equipoise equanimous like.
      Sounds like a bettering of the world to me, that which may be "The Kingdom of God",
      World Redemption what do you think?

      Best regards,

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