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Rép. : [anthroposophy] Re: living with invisible people

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  • danifyou@tv.videotron.ca
    ... De : luciferius2002 Hi Evlogite (?) I am really no expert at all in these matters. So I would stick to the commen expression
    Message 1 of 1 , May 22, 2002
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      De : "luciferius2002"<luciferius2002@...>
      Hi Evlogite (?)

      I am really no expert at all in these matters. So I would stick to
      the commen expression "to learn from the past". Could't this include
      knowing about ones incarnations and conflicts from the past too?

      If I am in it to LEARN, every "information" could help to make a
      better start or choose a better direction. If I am in it to BLAME it
      on someone or something, it might be go on and on.

      It is said, that man today is about to achieve the ability to make a
      new start out of a free decision. But this ability will not be
      supplied from above without taking some steps on your own (that's the
      problem with freedom ;-)

      Could this decision be a one that goes in the sense of a new sensitivity, as to for example
      imaginations of the good in action through
      love streaming deeds freely enacted having the heart for source rather than a nerve sense stimuli mathemathical reaction of a purely physical relation where no body can never occupy the same space? Could this start by the not well understood principle of compassion too often mistaken for pity and
      the like, while it is rather uniting in life, SOCIAL gesture, moral principles chosen, freely chosen and made ones own and springing from love and the "selfless" desire of the evolution that is forwarding of live into a radiant abundance, the prospering elation and celebration of man in the cosmos, the Communion of Man, love of one another? Are we talking of a choice that makes man to enter the etheric world via he's own etherical body, aka the Body of Love, key to ascension into the spiritual world, the superSENSIBLE, that which Paul referred to as a quickening spirit, something attributed to the Being of Love that entered human evolution through incanation and in three days overcame Death, could this Friend be Impulse of a New Life?
      Could it be called Man's own Identity that previously remained hovering in the spiritual world for Fertilization to take place. Surely
      Paul was a Good Gardener, for he said: not
      me biological man made out of sense activity
      of this world, but Christ in me, Christ that lifts me away from the stinger of the Death of matter towards My Freedom My Spirit and my True Capacities and Identity....

      opening ourselve to another life?
      I am sure, somebody else knows the "right" books on this.


      --- In anthroposophy@y..., "evlogite" <evlogite@y...> wrote:
      > Dear L:
      > What do we do then regarding talk of former lives?
      > In particular, when individuals come to us in a therapeutic
      > situation, claiming that all their problems stem from their death
      > persecution at the hands of others in some past life scenario.
      > Is it the same as "my colleagues at work persecute me" or "the
      > kids at school hound me"? It seems when the past life variable is
      > added to the mix, their certainty gives rise to our (my) scepticism.
      > I am as interested in the reasons for their certainty as much as
      > possible causes of my skepticism.
      > Any thoughts on this?
      > Regards,
      > evlogite

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