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R: [anthroposophy] Spiritual books

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    Dear L. thanks for this post. Kuhlewind was Scaligero s student as me and I remember him coming in Italy more or less in order to make personal knowledge of
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      Dear L.
      thanks for this post.
      Kuhlewind was Scaligero's student as me and I remember him coming in Italy
      more or less in order to make personal knowledge of the same Scaligero as a
      true experimenter of the living thinking path he was looking for. So he
      became a true friend and student of the main Italian anthroposophist till
      Massimo's death (1980).
      Among his works I appreciated a lot the one about "Study of Anthroposophy"
      and also his book about John's Gospel. Presently you can find an interview
      with him,about the "Star children", in the April and May numbers of
      "Anthroposphy Worldwide" magazine.
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      > Hi all!
      > I found this note on the internet:
      > I first met Anthroposophy at the age of eighteen. My feeling
      > was: "That's interesting, but I know it all - it's alive in me."
      > After the War, there came a second meeting: Truth and Science and
      > Goethe's World Conception. Following this, the cycle of lectures on
      > St. John's Gospel (given in Hamburg) inspired me. I began to read one
      > book after another. And continued to do so for about ten years. Then
      > I felt: this is sterile, I'm not succeeding on the path of inner work
      > (praxis), and this "pile" of knowledge I've been amassing only seems
      > to be a ballast - as indeed it was!
      > At this point, I nearly threw out the whole of Anthroposophy, but I
      > had a significant dream, and I remembered one of Steiner's books
      > which I knew I had not understood - The Philosophy of Freedom. And so
      > I began to study this book and all of Steiner's other epistemological
      > works. I wanted to give these "a last chance." Strictly without
      > looking into the more esoteric works, I wanted to understand these
      > epistemological works by themselves alone. After about half-a-year, I
      > knew what direction I had to take. I saw the errors I had made and
      > the misunderstandings (felt as understandings) I had committed. I
      > realized that the level of real understanding is not the level used
      > in the other sciences but is, minimally, the level of living,
      > experienced thinking, i.e., the process not the thought. From this
      > moment on (about 1958), I slowly began on the path of inner schooling.
      > Georg Kuehlewind
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