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The Wedding #2

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  • Br. Ron
    Due to the peculiarly unpopular nature of my posts, ... Well, excuuuuuuse meeeeeeee! (just kidding) The truth is that we are witnessing the Return of Christ.
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 17, 2002
      Due to the peculiarly unpopular nature of my posts,
      I get flamed almost daily. Here is one I got this morning:
      >"man,  you ain't no brother ..... you ain't no brother at all
      > you are a horrid jumped up person ... ugh.. look at yourself
      > ugh ... horrible ..inexcusable ... why are you here? .....
      > what are you doing here? .....change  your mind ... ugh ~!!!
      > its horrible ......"
      Well, excuuuuuuse meeeeeeee! (just kidding)
      The truth is that we are witnessing the Return of Christ.
      Not only is the etheric vehicle of the Earth being quickened
      right now but the etheric vehicle of humanity, as well.
      Not everyone yet has the filaments fit to receive this great
      increase of voltage. Most will check out and move to finer
      planes where the path up the mountain is not quite so steep.
      But we...you and  I...are here, at this time, for a reason...
      and that is to learn to quicken ourselves in tempo with the
      quickening that is descending into Matter.
      Our task is to know Goodness. But knowing Goodness
      unfolds sequentially. There are some initiations that must
      take place, first.
      Here is a rough list of these earthly initiations, as I see them.
      1. Pseudo Religion (That which we received as a child)
      2. Pseudo Atheism or Agnosticism. (The rejection of divinity
          as we were taught it)
      3. Pseudo Enlightenment (glimpses of the divine as given
          through artificial catalysts such as forced meditation, drugs,
          black magic, etc.)
      4. Dark Night of the Soul. (Where we realize the counterfeit
          nature of our enlightenment and embrace remorse and the
          recognition that we may have 'blown it.' It is here that many
          initiates face the 'Dweller on the Threshold' ...or the 'Lesser
          Guardian' as Steiner puts it)
      5. Purification, Detoxification and wisely embraced Penance.
      6. The Dawn of Hope (The rays of genuine Christic Light
          illuminating the Horizon) It took me over a year to reach the
          point of seeing the difference between the Luciferic Light
          and the glorious Christic Light.
      7. The Real Work Begins (Preparing to upgrade our finer bodies
          through Love, Prayer, Selfless Service and Study...of inspired
          written works, the Akashic Records, and the observation of
          Life itself........ And discussing on lists like this.
      The reason I'm so dogged on getting this stuff across
      is that I feel a justified impatience due to the nature of
      these critical times.
      Many of the posts I see are from those who are stuck in
      phase 3 above.
      The reason I know this is because I've been there.
      I too denied the reality of Evil (which ultimately must lead
      to the denial of Good as well).  
      Yet, every initiate knows that the prerequisite for knowing
      the Christ is facing and acknowledging the Adversary...or
      "The Devil" if you will. Not 'obsessing' about Evil, but simply
      acknowledging it's reality and depth.
      The denial of these august depths (of both Evil and Good)
      is a sure sign that one has not yet faced his own Shadow
      Double. Such a recognition always precedes the recognition
      of Our Lord of Light.
      Let us pray for Faith and Courage to face our terrors
      bravely and walk through these initiation as true
      postulates...as knights fit to don the Armor of Christ
      and the Pure White Wedding Garments not made with
      Against this, not even the gates of Hell can prevail.
      Love to All
      Br. Ron 
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