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After Resurrection factor in the actual

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  • Bradford Riley
    Bradford writes; Now we wake up one morning, just after Resurrection and discover that our askew perception of how the world is off by a tad, that our
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 2, 2002
      Bradford writes;

      Now we wake up one morning, just after Resurrection and discover that our
      askew perception of how the world is off by a tad, that our perception that
      doesn't link with reality, that keeps missing my meters and gaps, suddenly
      the headlines were what we truly imagine in our hearts. Such things are just
      the way we have a slightly off set picture between the ideal and the actual.
      The actual is very flawed, but we sense the ideal just next to it. We think
      we are crazy, but we are not, it is the tilt of the world that tips the
      scale off balance and we, we are the balancers of the real. So why not the
      real becoming as we picture it in our hearts.. just next to the lie... is
      the real. Which real do you see? (I see this, but it is not my writing)

      Back from the future -- a living possibility of what
      we might become.

      Imagine reading this in tomorrow's history books --
      then ask yourself, how
      may I contribute to this possibility?


      It was incredible.

      It would be termed the second American revolution --
      this time extending far
      beyond the borders of the USA.

      This revolution was global -- and even more
      importantly, it began as an
      inner revolution -- a revolution of values, of
      perception, of priorities --
      a revolution of the heart.

      Catalyzed by the tragic events of September 11,
      2001, millions upon millions
      of American citizens began to wake up from a long
      and deep slumber.

      It was as though the collapse of the towers of the
      World Trade Center
      symbolized a deeper, inner shattering. As the twin
      towers of separation and
      selfishness crumbled within the hearts of so many,
      an invisible but potent
      energy began to be released -- in greater measure
      and proportion that at any
      previous time in the history of this young nation.

      Some called this energy compassion -- others termed
      it lovingkindness,
      empathy, a sense of connectedness -- even love.
      Whatever one might call it,
      this mysterious force was called forth so fully and
      powerfully in the
      aftermath of these horrific events that every aspect
      of life in America --
      and around the world -- began to transform -- and
      often dramatically.

      The changes were not widely apparent at first
      because the upper echelons of
      governance and media, allied with those who had been
      profiting from war and
      weaponry broadcast a different message -- a message
      of fear, of violent
      retaliation, of an absurd and almost cartoon-like
      absolutism that was incapable or unwilling to
      explore any of the intricately
      interwoven complexities underlying these events that
      were apparent to most
      who dared to think. In fact, this hysteria brought
      the entire world to the
      very edge of suicidal self-destruction -- but this
      was not to be the end of
      humanity -- not yet.

      The 'mainstream' media, so-called 'opinion-makers'
      and official
      spokespersons completely missed the far greater
      story that was emerging
      within the hearts and souls of so many. They were so
      busy selling war and
      isolation and violence that they had no interest or
      inclination to look to
      the people's hearts and discover what was really
      going on.

      It was only a matter of time until the breakthrough
      occurred. This deeper
      story -- a story of hope, of possibility, of a new
      role for America in the
      world -- began to break through -- one conversation
      at a time.

      One article at a time. One website at a time. One
      courageous action at a
      time. One letter to an editor or Congressperson at a
      time. One prayer at a
      time. One simple kindness at a time.

      Soon, an initially dim and flickering candle's flame
      burst into the Statue
      of Liberty's radiant torch, now casting a brilliant
      light that would help to
      illumine every nation, every village, every land,
      every child, woman, and
      man on this sacred planet earth. It was as though
      America awakened to its
      deeper destiny at last -- to be a beacon of hope for
      the world -- and to
      unleash its massive wealth and power only and
      exclusively for the good of
      ALL humanity.

      It was astonishing -- breakthroughs -- on a scale
      that would have been
      considered utterly impossible even a decade before
      -- in human rights,
      education, civil liberties, governance, foreign
      policy, children's security,
      domestic policy, worker's rights, environmental
      restoration, economic
      justice -- began to occur at a pace and with a
      spontaneous ease that would
      be remembered for centuries.

      Nonviolent actions in service of a peaceful world
      cropped up everywhere.
      People began to reclaim their power and put their
      money and actions where
      their values were - many for the first time in their

      Suddenly, the public conversation shifted from war
      and violence and revenge
      and retribution to the promise and possibility of a
      deep and enduring peace
      -- not only for Americans, but for every citizen of
      the earth. The illusion
      that security could be attained through military
      means simply dissolved --
      like the Wizard of Oz exposed in his utter
      insignificance at last.

      The once-popular illusion that economic systems
      created to serve money,
      rather than designed to support life, could ever
      result in abundance for all
      -- shattered like broken glass.

      The fantasy that fossil fuels and nuclear energy
      were even feasable
      alternatives in an age of unprecedented ecological
      challenge -- utterly
      collapsed, its blustering promoters exposed in their
      moral nakedness like
      the Emperor in his new clothes.

      The idea that the purpose of life is to consume, to
      buy, to invest value in
      material objects to the exclusion of depth
      connection with Creator,
      Creation, and Community -- simply died -- like the
      Marlboro Man when lung
      cancer tamed his masochistic machismo.

      The dissolving of so many illusions, like the
      melting of thick snow after a
      long, dark winter, revealed buds and blossoms of new

      This transformation of the United States did not
      stop within its own
      borders. Invasive engagement in the affairs of other
      nations was halted
      practically overnight.

      Short-sighted policies that did not serve the good
      of the whole -- all
      humanity and the whole of the earth -- were

      A new level of ethics, morality, and fully inclusive
      spirituality emerged to
      guide all national decision-making.

      Finally, the United States Of America stood as a
      true model for the world,
      beginning to tithe its ideas, resources, creative
      energy, technology -- to
      the world's peoples.

      This 'great giveaway' -- modeled on the Native
      American traditions --
      involved tens of millions of volunteers both at home
      and abroad -- serving,
      helping, teaching, supporting, listening -- working
      together towards a
      single goal -- a world that would work for every
      earth citizen.

      Not for a select elite group, or for a single nation
      or group of nations at
      the expense of all others -- no, those days of
      selfishness were over.

      Not from a standpoint of ethnocentric and arrogant
      cultural dominance, but
      from a willingness to share, grow, learn, and create
      together did this
      massive initiative spring.

      Like the Peace Corps, this spontaneously emerging
      Life Corps dramatized and
      made tangible and practical something so many
      Americans had been feeling --
      a deep desire to help cocreate a better world, a
      'growing up' from the
      self-centeredness of immature adolescence to the
      servant-leadership of mature adulthood -- a
      deepening sense of national
      purpose true to the ideals first set forth at the
      very beginning of the
      American experiment. America, at last -- was living
      out the true meaning of
      its creed -- and bells of freedom began to ring to

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