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Suicide bombings on Passover

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  • elaineupton2001
    Hello list, We are in a rich time--Passover, Easter Holy Week, Full Moon, beginning of Spring! (La Primavera!) The blossoms are out in Maryland! In an historic
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 28, 2002
      Hello list,

      We are in a rich time--Passover, Easter Holy Week, Full Moon,
      beginning of Spring! (La Primavera!) The blossoms are out in Maryland!
      In an historic moment, Hollywood finally decided to award black
      actors for outstanding acting talent (even though the roles for which
      they were awarded raises considerable controversy among blacks, at

      Yet, we are also in a troubled time: earthquakes and war in
      Afghanistan where hundreds have recently died and more are left
      homeless; the daily unheard of traumas and tragedies of many; another
      event in the long saga of the Middle East--this time, a suicide
      bombing at a Passover Feat in an Israeli hotel, while peace talks are
      going on among Arabs in Beirut...

      What is the story of Passover? How might this story appear to a
      suicide bomber and his or her supporters in the Islamic world?

      ((First, let me say that I do not condone suicide bombings....Rather,
      my concern is with why these things happen and what can happen to
      create a Middle East and world of harmony...))

      Again, then, what is the story of Passover? Maybe some of you know
      more about this story than I do. I have celebrated with several of
      many Jewish friends (in the past), and of the little I know, one is
      celebrating a moment in history when Jews, who had endured so much
      struggle and sorrow, smeared the blood of a lamb upon their door, a
      sign of the "chosen people," so that the angel of death
      would "passover."

      How would an Islamic militant feel about this? Obviously, I don't
      know for sure what such a one would feel. Yet it seems fairly obvious
      that there is a BIG problem here, when Israel is occupying
      Palestinian territory (brutally occupying, for there is brutality on
      both sides--Palestinians and Israelis). Palestinians have no
      recognized home, no recognized state, no way to live without being
      surrounded by Israeli might and power (that of the Israeli Army,
      which, if reports are correct, U.S. taxpayers are funding). It is a
      given that Israel is the most powerful military force in the Middle
      East, a force funded, if reports are correct, by mainly the U.S.A.

      So, in this light, the frustration, the massive frustration, and even
      anger and hatred and desperation of the suicide bombers and their
      supporters is understandable. I am not saying their actions are
      right, but that their feelings and actions are (at least as far as
      possible from this distance) understandable. It doesn't take a rocket
      scientist, as they say, to figure this one out.

      The "chosen people" have become the "chosen" by the U.S. government,
      as regards the state of Israel. The "chosen" people (the Israeli
      government and its supporters, which is by no means all Jew, as
      witness by the massive anti-war demonstrations recently)--but the
      Israeli government and its supporters are doing things to hold power
      over the Palestinians.

      The Palestinians are not without criminality, certainly not. But they
      seem to be the "underdogs" when compared to Israel's military might,
      and so "guerilla tactics", like suicide bombings, are what they use.

      I find it important to consider when and how the "passover" can
      become a celebration (as the Christ calls for) in the spirit of
      the "new testament." When he breaks the bread and lifts the cup, he
      says this is the "new testament" of my blood. This is a different
      kind of event, an evolution of the passover feast. The sacrificial
      Lamb is no longer without, but now within. "This is my body...This is
      my blood." This blood, Steiner tells us, purified for centuries, 24
      generations, is ready to enter and unite itself with Earth.

      This is the new passover, the new testament, the great personal and
      cosmic, divine and human sacrificial act.

      Our stories run our lives. I dare say that as long as Israeli
      officials (many of them, but not all) have this "old" story
      of "choseness" then there is a blockage to the new harmony, the new
      sense of responsibility, the practive of Love as that of Good Friday.

      Yet, there are thousands who carry a new light, thousands among
      Israelis (many of whom are my dear friends). There are the
      Refuseniks, soldiers who refuse to participate in the war against the
      Palestinians, and there are Palestinians, especially that brave group
      of women, who work for peace. So, there is hope.

      May all who will find this Christened Love, and May all be Fed,
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