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Rép. : [anthroposophy] Psycho "West-turn"

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  • danifyou@tv.videotron.ca
    Thanks Bradford. I will save that precious movie list, it is certainly a repertory of connaiseur. Many I haven t seen. I will keep in mind that you found a
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      Thanks Bradford.

      I will save that precious movie list, it is
      certainly a repertory of connaiseur.
      Many I haven't seen. I will keep in mind
      that you found a pearl named 'Lady in White'.

      Mr. in Blue :)

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      >Subject: Rép. : Re: Rép. : Re: [anthroposophy] Psycho "West-turn"
      >Date: Sun, 3 Mar 2002 18:11:13 -0400

      Danny writes;

      >You know what Bradford, I love discussing about movie experiences like
      >that. Eventhough that one was not the greatest in regard to Cosmic
      >Intelligence(there are not
      >that many of that kind.

      Bradford writes;

      The westward movement of the Christ Being as he meets with his reflection
      arises in the Arts as those films, many many, that reflect the internal
      arising of the Christ meeting its reflection in the soul life and the world
      of Man. You can walk to your video store and open up this magnificent can of
      Whoop Materialism and study for yourself the realms of Etheric life in such
      studies as "Being There" . Astral worlds in such studies as "Dreamscape".
      Elemental worlds, in such studies as "Fairy Tale a True Story". Demeter and
      Persephone myth in such studies as "Aliens and Poltergeist"... Asura like
      studies in Lord of the Rings and the current condition of the Michael School
      battle. The double and the shadow in such films as "Portrait of Dorian
      Gray". You can see the line of connection between the B/W "Moby Dick" and
      the film "Deep Impact." Kamaloca and Devachan can be studied "What Dreams
      May Come"... These are very solid... My all time favorite has been "Lady in

      But far in the west, for the student who wishes to see the Michael School
      pictures arising in the soul life and the Arts.. hovering over deeper
      themes... "Nicky" "Spawn" are wide ranging various individuals who have
      lifted little curtains. They may not know of or remember their participation
      with the Michael School but it has cast its impulse into the soul life and
      we can draw insights and strength from understanding the vastness and
      freshness of vision that is asking the questions the Michael School wishes
      to have humanity digest.

      We should be able to see the unfolding of events in the reflection of the
      Christ in the Far West as it rises and gains strength.

      Cosmology contributions from the west;

      Magnificent Seven and understanding the Challenger 7 who died.. Planetary
      use of occult fields of Seven. 2001 A Space Odyssey; Matrix; What Dreams
      May Come; Wings of Desire; It's a wonderful Life; Little Big Man with Dustin
      Hoffman; The Green Mile; Poltergeist from Toby Hopper; Raiders of the Lost
      Arc; To Kill a Mocking Bird, (Gregory Peck), Moby Dick, Gregory Peck. Good
      Will Hunting; The Fisher King; Ghost, (Whoppi Goldberg) Older X-files,
      legacy of Chris Carter following abnormal Archai thread through Hoover;
      Splash, elemental world Nymph and undine; Dreamscape; This Quiet Earth;
      Emerald Forest; Lady in White; Made in Heaven; Fairy Tale a True Story; The
      Secret of Roan Inish; Being There, Peter Sellers portrays the outline of the
      etheric body; Dangerous Beauty; Always; The Bishops Wife, Cary Grant; Julia;
      (and other Bergman works); Wuthering Heights B/W version; (understanding
      karmic soul mates); Portrait of Dorian Gray; B/W; Spawn; The Rapture;
      Resurrection; Wind Walker; Mind Walk; Contact; City of Angels; Silence of
      the Lambs; Addiction; Excalibur; Dusk til Dawn; The Stand; Gattica; A.I.;
      Brazil; Blade Runner; K-Pax; Old B/W Beauty and the Beast French film by
      Cocteau; The 6th Sense; Strange Days; Lord of the Rings; Titus Andronicus
      with Anthony Hopkins; Deep Impact; Pay it Forward; Brotherhood of the Wolf
      (intellectual soul force from Roman Wolf of Romulus and Remus to the Templar
      and IMF situation); Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon; Titanic and Terminator
      also reveal the under rigging of a Cosmology. Add to the list as it grows
      daily. Each gives a special insight into the true forces at play as we
      observe through the window of the soul, studies in the Reflection of Christ
      in the Human Soul.

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