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Re: Rép. : [anthroposophy] Doctrine of Signatures

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  • Bradford Riley
    From: Lil Ole Miss ... Bradford comments; Epiphysis & Hypophysis the entire Grail mystery hinges on the etherized food that
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      From: Lil Ole Miss <lilolemiss@...>
      >: Re: R�p. : [anthroposophy] Doctrine of Signatures
      >Date: Thu, 28 Feb 2002 19:31:45 -0800
      >Hi, Danny, Dr. Starman,
      >Yes, the pineal gland, called The Master Gland in some disciplines,
      >is shaped similar to the mango fruit, but also similar to a pear, a
      >fruit which is mentioned often in various mythologies. Interesting
      >concept indeed.

      Bradford comments; Epiphysis & Hypophysis

      the entire Grail mystery hinges on the etherized food that comes from our
      transformed blood. Our new eyes and new ears are fashioned from Kvasir's
      blood or the Mead of Poetry, which takes place in the Grail or cup of our
      skulls. That is why the entire vintage Mead of Kvasir's blood is stored in
      an impenetrable mountain fortress. That is why the Grail Castle was in such
      an obscure and impossible location.

      The snake hole that Odin drills with his auger is the same anatomical
      construct as the human ear. Our ability to listen stands against the nervous
      disorder of attention span deficit. Can we hear and understand our
      formidable social issues, which loom giant like, before we are able to see?
      "Thomas, because thou hast seen me, thou hast believed: blessed are they
      that have not seen, and yet have believed." The etherization of our blood
      depends very much on a new form of hearing and a new form of seeing. This
      new form of seeing and hearing evolves from our gradual, Grail-like,
      transformation in our hearts and our hearts blood.

      "The next step is connected with warmth. Man's activity is to be sought in
      what streams out form him as inner warmth. Out of what proceeds from
      warmth: passions, impulses, instincts, desires, wishes and so on, Karma
      arises. Just as the parallel organ to the ear is the organ of speech, so
      the parallel organ to the warmth of the heart is the pituitary gland, the
      Hypophysis. The heart takes up the warmth from outside, as the ear does
      sound. Thereby it perceives world warmth. The corresponding organ, which
      we must have, in order to be able to produce warmth consciously, is the
      pituitary gland in the head, which at the present time is only at the
      beginning of its development. Just as one perceives with the ear and
      produces with the larynx, so one takes up the warmth of the world in the
      heart and lets it stream forth again through the pituitary gland in the
      brain. Once this capacity has been achieved, the heart will have become the
      organ it was intended to be. There is a reference to this in words from
      `LIGHT ON THE PATH': `Before the soul can stand in the presence of the
      Masters, its feet must be washed in the blood of the heart.' Then our
      heart's blood streams out as today our words stream out into the world. In
      the future warmth of soul will flood over mankind.

      "Somewhat deeper in evolution than the warmth organ stands the organ of
      sight. In the course of evolution the organs of hearing, warmth and sight,
      follow in sequence; the organ of sight is only at the stage of receiving,
      but the ear already perceives, for instance in the sound of a bell, its
      innermost being.() Warmth must flow from the being itself, the eye has only
      an image, the ear has the perception of innermost reality. The perception
      of warmth is the receiving of something that rays outwards. There is an
      organ, which will also become the active organ of vision. This is today
      germinally present in the pineal gland, the Epiphysis, the organ that will
      give reality to the images that today are produced by the eye. These two
      organs, the pineal gland and the pituitary gland as active organs, must
      develop into the organ of vision (eye) and the organ of warmth (heart).
      Today fantasy is the preliminary stage leading to a later power of creation.
      Now man has at most imagination. Later he will have magical power. This
      is the KRIYASHAKTI power. It develops in proportion to the physical
      development of the pineal gland.

      "In the reciprocal relationship between ear and larynx we have a prophetic
      model (vorbild). Thinking will later be interpenetrated with warmth, and
      still later man himself will learn to create. First he learns to create a
      picture; then to create and send forth radiations; then to create beings.
      Freemasonry calls these three forces wisdom, semblance (beauty) and power.
      (See Goethe's Fairy Tale.)"

      . Poe's poem THE BELLS is certainly an example of the inner tone of a Bell,
      but also we should feel the relationship that Joan of Arc had to St.
      Michael, when she heard the tones of her local Bell. She was suddenly
      opened to inspiration. Heaven knows what Beethoven felt as he formed new
      ears from the old ones and listened inwardly to something, while losing his
      outer hearing.

      Honeyed words dipped in the blood of wisdom are balm for men, giants, Angels
      and dwarfs. The real myth is the myth we believe we live as isolated
      consumer-animals enjoying ourselves in a toyland of technology. By severing
      the community of conversation and brotherhood and replacing it with
      subservient silicon dwarfs and clumsy memory giants we have placed something
      between our hearts and our words. This also is part of THE DESTINY OF HUMAN

      In our study of THE MEAD OF POETRY and our much needed work towards the
      attainment of the etherization of our own blood, we finally enter, through
      the snake, the serpent, double helix, DNA or Kundalini, the stone fortress
      of the great Giant Suttung.

      Odin disguises his true name, while working as a harvester and travels under
      the pseudonym of Bolverk. Bolverk means bulwerk or as the dictionary
      defines it, "any person or thing giving strong support or encouragement in
      time of need, danger, or doubt." Saying �During the crisis, religion was his
      bulwark� sets the example. So Odin uses this as his code name and we might
      associate the twentieth century as a time when we needed Spiritual Science
      as a bulwark against the attacks from materialistic science.

      Penetrating the mountain fortress of materialistic science, Odin uses an
      auger. He is able to drill into the skull like mountain fortress of
      Suttung, with his auger, but he requires the dumb brother of Suttung, Baugi,
      to help him drill. Odin needs a little crack, a tiny lever, just a bead
      that he can use to crack the code of materialism itself and unlock the
      hidden Mead of Poetry that has been hidden away and distilled from the blood
      of Kvasir. In the dictionary the word auger descends from the word adder or
      viper. A hole driller that can enter like a snake into the mysteries of

      "Be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves."

      St Matthew 10:16

      Odin turns himself into a serpent and using the hole made by the auger,
      finds himself in the inner complex of the labyrinth of the mountain rock
      built by the giant Suttung, who is not user friendly to Spiritual Science.
      Suttung merely stores and selfishly hoards Kvasir's blood for purely
      utilitarian interests. But his daughter, poor thing, is shut into the inner
      sanctuary. Very much like the core of Mother Earth herself, Gunnlod sits in
      the recesses of the mountain fortress on her stool of gold merely guarding
      the etheric treasure that could renew the planet and nature herself. She
      represents the pituitary gland prior to the transformation of the heart that
      is achieved by listening and discovering the romance between the human soul
      and truth.

      "Gunnlod was sitting on a stool of solid gold. And at the sight of Bolverk
      (Odin), Suttung's stern warning that she should guard the mead flew right
      out of her head. She was not sorry to have company. She sat and listened to
      Bolverk's beguiling words and songs; she wrapped her arms around him; for
      three days they talked and laughed and for three nights they slept together.
      In the silent cave under Hnitbjorg, the heartless father of the gods made
      love to the spellbound daughter of Suttung. Then Gunnlod was drunk with
      passion and ready to give Bolverk whatever he desired. He asked for three
      draughts of Kvasir's blood and Gunnlod took his hand and led him to the
      mead. With his first draught Bolverk emptied Odrorir, with his second
      draught Bodn, with his third draught Son. The Father of the gods held all
      the divine mead in his mouth.

      "Then Odin turned himself into an eagle, flapped down the passage out of
      Hnitbjorg, and headed for Asgard."

      Everybody seems to have to sleep with somebody if they want to get something
      from anybody. Freyja needs to have sex with the four dwarfs to gain THE
      NECKLACE OF THE BRISINGS and Odin/disguised as Bolverk needs to charm,
      enchant, stimulate, seduce and arouse Gunnlod the daughter of Suttung. The
      songs he sings are songs he learned while he hung on the Tree of Life or
      Yggdrasill. These songs are the archetype of the nine regions for which
      Christ hangs on the Tree of the Cross. Nine songs for the nine worlds were
      learned and these great poems, were part of the seduction Odin needed to
      charm Gunnlod off her golden pedestal. The etheric currents come into the
      hidden fortress through Odin and cosmic intelligence. These refined forces
      stimulate the development of the pituitary in order to release the secret of
      the mead. These same songs were charmed by the cunning dwarfs into the
      making of the nine rings that Tolkien describes in his great work, THE LORD

      These same songs are included in what Christ speaks of in the Beatitudes
      from The Sermon on the Mount. Grand mysterious formulas that weave, enchant
      and charm the nine worlds and the nine fold structure of the human being.
      The nine layers of the inner earth are seemingly equal to the human
      blueprints that make the basis for our physical, etheric, astral, sentient
      soul, intellectual soul, consciousness soul, spirit-self, life-spirit and
      spirit-man. The human being is meant to find the words and the meanings to
      all worlds. He is the soother, the comforter, the mediator and the voice by
      which the divine recognizes itself and understands.

      These same, strange rings that Tolkien, Wagner and astronomy speaks of, are
      apparently of the same type as the rings Saturn has. Only the reversed image
      and polarity, of that which the earth has as her layered interior core. But
      with Saturn they appear to us as its exterior rings.

      To be a Lord of the Rings means being able to penetrate the inner earth
      mysteries while incarnated and after death to reach the outer Saturn
      reincarnation mysteries. A wave like cosmic reverberation carries the human
      soul from incarnation into space toward the inner earth mysteries and
      outwards after death to the far-point where Saturn and the gods intone their
      karmic response to our individual destinies.

      The waters of the etheric worlds, like the water and ripples on a pond,
      reveal a tightly connected system that runs from earth core to Saturn's
      outer rings. The borrowing and transforming of these mighty ether fields is
      hidden in speech and the parathyroid glands.

      A Bodhisattva can make use of these ether fields, to some degree, but the
      Sun-Spirit-Christus was able to step up, miracle, by miracle, from water to
      wine; to the raising of Lazarus; to the Resurrection, the entire nine fold
      integration and beyond, of that which comprises the material and spiritual
      both as atomic table and etheric cohesion.

      Here the intoning field of matter and spirit, formerly outside of the earth,
      has moved its resonation field to the inside of the Earth. To build a
      complete dove like Resurrection body requires enormous agreements or mastery
      within the planetary community. A Being of immense order entered the
      earthly matrix. Coordination between Saturn and the intimate subtle bodies
      and karmic structure that each individual carries will now be under the
      active leadership of the Lord of Karma, the new Lord of the Rings. The Sun
      centered field of immortality, in progress, has shifted to an Earth centered
      field, in progress. The new CEO is here amongst us even as we speak.

      All of these delicate and shattering mysteries are clearly within the
      seduction of Gunnlod by Odin. The sound waves that allow us to hear reveals
      how Odin bored into the skull, to where the solidified gold in listening, is
      slightly warmed by Gunnlod sitting on it. Through our ears we hear, but ear
      is also in the word heart and in the word earth. Gunnlod is so entranced by
      Odin that she warms up on her stool of gold and begins to heat up the hidden
      gold that connects both heart and earth to the ear.

      What is so wonderful about this seduction and this heating up is that the
      Fallopian tube that transports the ova from the ovary to the uterus is
      designed in the same way as the Eustachian tube of the ear. In listening, as
      Gunnlod is doing with Odin, her heart and her reproductive center not only
      wants to hear more of Odin's fascinating words but while listening she
      becomes in the mood for the entire reproductive stimulation that mating and
      egg production entails for the female. How is this so? How can this be true?
      Because Bartolommeo Eustachio (1524-1574) connected in his research both
      the Eustachian tube and the uterus. You can look it up in the dictionary.
      His colleague, Gabriel Fallopius, (1523-1562) both men living in Italy, both
      men connect the uterus with the inner ear. Fallopius looked into the chorda
      tympani, sphenoid and ethmoid bones.

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