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Doctrine of Signatures

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  • danifyou@tv.videotron.ca
    ... De : DRStarman2001@aol.com I have a small 2 cents of connections here concerning figs... The Doctrine of Signatures tells us something. The shape of that
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 28, 2002
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      De : DRStarman2001@...
      I have a small 2 cents of connections here concerning figs...

      The Doctrine of Signatures tells us something. The shape of that fruit is
      like a testicule, the genitals as a Scorpio thing... the old....

      To add details... :
      Old,Scorpio / New,Eagle...

      Figs when they come out in spring also have the color of human flesh.

      Interesting Dr. Starman, Thank You!

      You make me recall how unusual is the fig...
      First this is not a fruit, but MANY, that which we call fig is an envelop for several fruits,
      as much as there are 'seeds' inside if I recall well. And the pollination proceed unusual too, the thin and small fig 'wasp' has to enter by the hole of the flower thing, and the fruit as a matter of fact still has a hole also under it. So, many 'seeds' and these kept in a thick transparent fluid....

      In the Buddha connection... was there not
      a snake as well that came shelter/protect
      the Buddha while he was sitting meditating under the Banyan Fig Tree?

      Banyan belong to the 'Mulberry' family btw...
      Once my imagination told me that Old Saturn
      looked like a raspberry, but then a friend told me that the Dr. , him, spoke of the mulberry.. We don't have these here really.... ;)

      So the fig as a Moon(astral) and Saturn(physical) thing basically would we say. Has to do with the old Adam, biological man of the reproducing through sexual(astral) physical encounters. I think the story of the drying of the Fig Tree as to do with the Christ Gesturing the end of the old...
      "Thou shall Sun Creative BE!"
      "Thou shall be Etheric Living Man of the Quickening Spirit!"

      I also recall think actually to
      'Mangifera indica'...
      "indica" stand for "from India".
      This is the Mango Tree.
      I once heard that it has the shape of the
      pineal gland...
      Quite interesting is that Doctrine of Signatures... I think Paracelsus did introduced(or reintroduced...) it.
      It does fit with the genesis/expelling of the plant kingdom out of Man that the Dr. Steiner
      spoke about isn'it?

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