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Rép. : [anthroposophy] Re: The Cup or the Sword

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  • joksu57
    ... fruit is like a testicule, the genitals as a Scorpio thing... the old.... ... scorpion-fly.... ;) ... Hello Danny! And thanks for your contributions to
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 28, 2002
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      --- In anthroposophy@y..., danifyou@t... wrote:
      > Hi Jouko,
      > I have a small 2 cents of connections here concerning figs...
      > The Doctrine of Signatures tells us something. The shape of that
      fruit is like a testicule, the genitals as a Scorpio thing... the
      > To add details... :
      > Old,Scorpio / New,Eagle
      > This actually could lead us to think that maybe Icarus was a
      scorpion-fly.... ;)
      > Take care! :)
      > Danny

      Hello Danny!

      And thanks for your contributions to this thread. I think that you
      are on the right track with this fig-genitals-Scorpio-Eagle -case
      (Hey, I can also make long words!). In astrology there is
      correspondense between genitals and the sign of Scorpio. Genitals are
      near the base chakra, which was the starting point in "old system".
      Eagle soars high above, it is connected in some sense to the sun; so
      there's the reference to this "sun-force" coming from above. I have
      seen also a third factor added to this scheme: Scorpio - Eagle -

      As you might know, the sphinx, the vision of Hezekiel and the vision
      in "Revelations" deal with the "fixed cross", Aquaries (human) - Leo
      Scorpio (eagle) - Taurus (bull); these signs form a great cross. Now
      also the evangelists are placed in this scheme: John-Eagle, Luke -
      Bull, Matthew - Human, Mark - Lion. I think that this has
      been "common knowledge" earlier, e.g. in Verdi's opera (where
      else!) "Othello", the "hero" is called "The Lion of Mark". Pondering
      what we discussed "above", it is interesting to see that the Gospel
      according to John in connected just to Eagle.

      By the way, Dr. Steiner has said that in Luke's Gospel
      there's "buddhism in reborn shape" in some sense. Now Gautama Buddha
      is closely linked to Taurus the Bull. It is said that Buddha was
      born, "illumined" and died under this sign. So Buddha - Taurus -
      Bull - Luke! There are no coinsidences in the old symbology!

      Warm Regards & take care:
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