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    Hi Bradford, As I m in my sequence/preparation to go to my work in the night as command center security agent in charge of a 50 floored building ;) I take few
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      Hi Bradford,

      As I'm in my sequence/preparation to go to my work in the night as command center security agent in charge of a 50 floored building ;) I take few minutes here to thank
      you for the Atlas-like knowledgeable-wise
      sharing of your Herculean/Christian Work/Experience/Researches.

      Always Great and Good to hear from you! :)

      Take care!


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      >Subject: [anthroposophy] Re: The Cup or the Sword
      >Date: Wed, 27 Feb 2002 19:49:04 -0000
      Bradford writes;

      Very profound interpretations, the marriage in Cana was superb. Money
      Changers excellent. Rended unto Caeser for his world and our to our world..
      Nathaniel great stuff.

      Now with Johannine Christianity I have written recently that it was a
      harrowing experience for Lazarus. John's specific initiation by Christ takes
      a human being, the seed form of the Logos and Elohim creation and plants
      Lazarus/John, as you said unconsciously, or in the matter of consciousness,
      without interference of the consciousness so that the whole seed can be
      brought back from the Father or Fathers.. and be hovered over by Mary and
      arrive born from exile on Patmos.

      We speak of the early creators of our solar family, the creators of us, as
      Archai when we think of the Time Beings. This Saturn evoltuion experience
      extends out to present Saturn. However prior to this time, a Seed that could
      come out of the matrix of the making of man, had not penetrated beyond the
      Time Beings or the Archai. Getting Man and Mankind or humanity to extend out
      to the systems of Time and have Christ take over the Karma of the entire
      moving destiny of each and every individual human being, may seem like an
      easy matter as it was the Christ, after all, but the lawful Logos details
      indicate that Lazarus/John - Christian Rosenkreuz alias the Polish Rider,
      allows for the seed force of a whole new blueprint to be executed by a
      member of Humanity. The Resurrection body blueprint is outlined in the
      Chymical Wedding... as an extension of Revelation and the St. John gospel.
      Imagine the texts we have before us, if we knew how to study them!

      This does not imply at all that John did the work. On the contrary, the
      reworking of the human Chakras, and Nine Bodies, etheric, astral, ego,
      sentient, intellectual, consciousness soul, spirit self, life spirit and
      spirit man needed to get a Being to stand in the powerful resonating, and
      harrowing forces of the worlds of the gods, the creators, and stand with a
      Time Body... a new time body, grafted into the human consciousness. This new
      Archai witness, of the creators of Man, during the Saturn evolution and the
      unfolding of time rhythms was downloaded, grafted, implanted into the John
      Being. He has had to do everything consciously, in living working relation
      to Mankind.

      However this John Being is a dual soul field. John... the namesake John the
      Baptist and Lazarus are the first miners for true gold. The gold mist that
      is the growing sun force of the Christ in the core of the inner Earth,
      reveals how John at the Cross was given the human core destiny task of
      holding the office of the working operations, the esoteric operations of
      Earth proper and in constant attunement to the Christ Being. This is thy
      Mother and He is your son.. indicate a Spiritual office... and What matter
      if he stay on earth until I return. Gives John and John the new working
      potential to create what Steiner indicated. Spiritual Science and the
      Michael School has a new race forming force in it.

      Out of Spiritual Science and the Archai Michael a new Race forming, Saturn
      like Power will gradually learn to lean on the breast of Christ the way
      Lazarus is depicted in the Last Supper. This leaning on the Breast of Christ
      is gradually understanding that Johannine Christianity in both Art (with
      Novalis and the Baptist) and Science (with Chymical Wedding and Rosenkreuz)
      will form twin tasks for twin souls. John the Baptist was already on an
      Archangelic status when he handed the reins to the Christ at the Baptism.
      The Baptist hovered over the Disciples after his beheading and out of this
      embryo of karma the new community formed. You can imagine that Lazarus was
      recovering from a harrowing experience and needed to lean his head on the
      heart beat of the Cosmic Word, now and forever. This was the beginning of
      the new zodiac and the work began immediately.

      Lazarus, by backroads and indications, seemed to have given up his Celtic
      Folk Soul position to become the esoteric leader of the Christ impulse. What
      this Christ and Michael level of participation means and the opening, as you
      have said, of the crown chakra re-designs from thinking and soul forces the
      seven chakra body, candlesticks, you name it. However a lawful human seed
      had to experience, untampered, unrestricted cosmic memory and Time outlines
      that raise humanites potential to Elohim potential. John experienced massive
      time conditions that were also used on the ceiling of the cuppola of the 1st
      Gotheanum. By the end of Earth to Vulcan evolution the general state of
      humanity should be at Archai status.

      However imagine that human beings, Buddha, for one, achieved Angel status
      already. Nathaniel apparently was a true ' Israelite' who like Martin Luther
      King Jr. or Gandhi were advanced spokespersons for their nation and race.
      Nathaniel and Joseph of Arimethia go onto develop higher and higher

      The seed force of those attending the last supper, turn to the already
      established Celtic world and relocate themselves in blood connections around
      Arthur's court and the Grail community. Michael the Archai and Time Spirit
      opened the 'Michael School games' with Wagner's 1879 13th production of
      Parsifal and the Grail mystery...

      Is any of this handed to humanity for nothing. No. Each individual who is
      growing in this realm requires their human development in Freedom. It is a
      stipulation. Each of the Disciples received either the etheric body or
      astral body or ego, atma... etc. of the Christ Being into their developing
      karmic body. Augustine, as Judas received the etheric body of Christ.

      However as these powerful events are still unfolding, the other vast Beings
      are either working with the Christ or seeking to grasp the Christ through
      the actions of humans on Earth. It is within the realm of our destiny to
      percolate the pot enough on the Earth to be able to alter the direction of
      those Beings who stand at a lofty footing and still must evolve using human
      will, thinking, and feeling forces.

      Therefore, when humanity is faced with issues like making copies of men, of
      cloning men and animals, of altering plants and using the crystal world as
      an electronic jump start, there are two ways to do this. On one hand, there
      is scientific Christology and the Chymical Wedding-Spiritual Scientific
      Goethean method; on the other hand there are also arbitrary insertions of
      nervous systems and cloned forms, given non-I-identities. Astral entities
      and scientific intercourse with astral and etheric beings in the merging and
      cloning of new forms never seen before like a Geep (combo sheep and goat)
      are coming of the political and economic spheres. There is the possiblility
      of moving the animal world around with various weird combinations; and
      moving them up through the evolutionary system to a premature human
      condition and using those unleashed astral forces for disturbing human
      sexual and other impulses that would counter those new humanized Christed
      forces in our thinking that are so needed.

      There are many unfolding events and details that are there for the
      witnessing and percolation of the pot. The clues that we undestand related
      to the Chymical Wedding and the making of the Resurrection body and how
      Zarathustra gave away his astral body to his students and his etheric body..
      has been brought to the table by Dr. Steiner and we can easily see that by
      knowing such things, we are required to think in the manner that the
      thoughts just recently written under this heading by Joku and the Brothers
      and Danny have done. So thanks so much for this direction in thinking.

      The Cup of the Brain and the Sword of the Word.

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