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  • danifyou@tv.videotron.ca
    The problem is simple for me... There is the old, and there is the new... The old is of Moses, those who do not make themselves into the 10th Hierarchy fall
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 27, 2002
      The problem is simple for me...
      There is the old, and there is the new...

      The old is of Moses, those who do not make
      themselves into the 10th Hierarchy fall under
      Mosaic Law. Our legal systems are of such a Law. And this Law will continue to be and operate. There is no question for me as to what will be done in case of an attack from
      the old and non-Christ like, the eye for eye
      and tooth for tooth shall prevail, it is an automatism that every governents of any country will always enforce.. I have nothing
      to do with it... the system take care of that...
      "Ceasar" takes care of what belongs to him
      and his ways...

      Those of the Christ do not go attack and are foreign to these things, those ugliness are
      collective issues of the wicked masses.
      Those of the Christ are few and know Evil and reject it and seek to bring the Ways of the Kingdom.

      The no-Life no-Light ways belong to the kingdom which is divided against itself, the kingdom of the Evil/Dead. I will never be in favor of bloodsheds and yet they will continue, we of the Christ are not in favor of bloodsheds, and yet they will continue as long as we are not a Family in Christ.
      So I let those of Moses fix their things between themselves, and when they will possess Reason, the True, the Beautiful and the Good, these things will be no more..
      Until then, Mosaic Law apply, there is plenty of soldiers everywhere to enforce Mosaic Law.

      As I behave Wise/Good in Love/Freedom..
      I don't need any law to forbid try to make me harmless punish me...
      Law is for the Wickeds...
      Let me be harmless and ascend
      into Heavenly Regions...
      But let me Slay(Redeem) Demons [Spiritually]
      and Protect the 'I AM' from Detsruction;
      to not 'Second Death'.

      Want no war?
      Then: "Change the tenour of your mind".

      But guess what?
      There will be war ti'll the end...
      And more and more occult and magical
      it will be...

      The Evil and Death have for mission to destroy the Earth; and they will, and then
      Jupiter will come to be, the retarded beings will find their proper dwelling as much as the Righteous will do...

      The question is one of Salvation...
      Are you Resurrecting yourself in Christ or not? That is the question...

      "Let the Dead bury the Dead"...

      Let the Living Live and Enliven... :)


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      De : "Br. Ron"<rlloyd@...>


      Another way to describe my point...

      There is that story about Kali...
      There was a Demon that at each blood drop it
      was shedding in the Battle of Good against
      Evil, each drops were becoming in it's turn
      a demon.. So the Strategy Kali used was to use
      a Big Mouth and Tongue as to Lick it all.

      Let me[us] see that Story as the
      Encompassing Power of the Word,
      of the Tongue as a Sword. :)


      I do see the metaphysics behind karma and violence.
      Yet I (with all these planets in Taurus) seek a practical
      morality in regards to terrorism. Is strict passivity
      called for here?

      Besides the 'sword of the word,' is there never a time when
      we should we collectevely take military action in a practical
      physical sense against Islamic terrorism or other memes
      sworn to kill our loved ones and ourselves?

      (I know the knights of old would never think twice about donning
      their armor and riding off into battle)

      Would a strict passivity have worked with Hitler?

      How about in the case of a terminal malignancy in the body.
      Should we likewise resort only to the metaphysical
      'scapel of the word' and never resort to a physical scalpel?

      I was wondering what APs views are about this, too.
      (If indeed there is such a collective ethic)

      Love and Light

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