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  • Michael Meiring
    Dear Gerry, ... I do not believe that Anthroposophists hold to the inerrancy of Scripture, otherwise you woudn t hold to Steiner s distortion of the Bible. In
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      Dear Gerry,
      You wrote:
      > Many of us on this list are Christians and we believe in the truth, even the innerancy of scripture. But spiritual science is a path of spiritual knowledge, and while it confirms the truths of the Bible, it is not in itself based on the Bible. 
      I do not believe that Anthroposophists hold to the inerrancy of Scripture, otherwise you woudn't hold to Steiner's distortion of the Bible. In fact, evidence is that all Anthroposophist writers have said that the Bible is full of errors, and the Gospels are contradictory. Just check the other posts if you do not believe me.
      The Bible is without error, and the Bible alone is sufficient to bring a person to salvation through faith in Christ. Jesus confirms this truth through the story of the rich man in hell (Lk. 16:19-31). By refusing to listen to the word of God (v. 31), the rich man did not escape the flames of hell.
      > Does it not give you pause that somene, Rudolf Steiner, could speak confidently of the reality of Christ, of the Trinity, of Christ's Incarnation, death and Resurrection, without deriving it from the Bible?
      It makes me shudder to think where Rudolf Steiner is now and how many people he has deceived because of his denial of the many teachings of God's word. Anthroposophy is not a Christian worldview.
      The Bible says that there is only one God, and He is the LORD who exists as three distinct persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
      Rudolf Steiner taught polytheism, that there exists many gods.
      The Bible says that Jesus Christ is God the Son who was also fully Man (yet without sin).
      Rudolf Steiner taught that Jesus and Christ were two separate beings and that the former was only a human, whereas the latter was a god.
      The Bible says that man was created in the image of God, i.e. with righteousness, holiness, and knowledge. In these qualites man reflected the likeness of God. Yet, man was still created with a human nature, not with a divine nature.
      Rudolf Steiner erroneously taught that the image of God meant that man was created with a divine nature, and are thus, gods in embryo.
      The Bible says that, since the fall of Adam & Eve in the garden of Eden, man has been shut out from the tree of life, and is born with a sinful nature.
      Rudolf Steiner denied the biblical account of the Fall and instead interpreted Genesis 3 in an extreme esoteric way. He said that man is inherently good.
      The Bible says that God the Son (Jesus Christ) came down to earth to save His people from their sins, through His shed blood on the cross.
      Rudolf Steiner denied the biblical atonement of Jesus Christ, saying that His death was simply a demonstration of the power of the huiman ego.
      The Bible says that through the resurrection of Christ, all those who turn to Him for forgiveness of sins are justified by faith alone.
      Rudolf Steiner taught that knowledge of oneself and the development of one's ego will cause one to find one's godhood/divinity.
      The Bible says that God's people - those who have been saved by grace through faith - will gain eternal life and live with Christ forever in heaven. Those who reject the gospel of Christ will be tormented day and night, forever and ever, in hell.
      Rudolf Steiner taught a doctrine similar to purgatory - the heretical teaching of Roman Catholicism. And he taught reincarnation which is nowhere to be found in God's word.
      The conclusion of the matter is that you cannot be a Christian and believe the false teachings of Rudolf Steiner. Steiner's teachings contradict the sound doctrines of the Bible. You cannot serve two masters (Matt. 6:24).
    • Michael Meiring
      Dear Gerry, ... In my previous post on Psalm 82, I did not deny that men are called gods there. I said that the judges of Israel were called gods in the
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        Dear Gerry,
        Re to my comments of John 10:34, you wrote:
        > If Michael is correct that Psalm 82 does not say that men are gods, then Jesus' use of it was a false citation and a misunderstanding of the scriptures.
        In my previous post on Psalm 82, I did not deny that men are called "gods" there. I said that the judges of Israel were called "gods" in the sense that they had been divinely appointed by the Most High to execute judgments upon the Israelites. However, they were judging unfairly and God said that although He called them "gods", they would die to their true self (i.e. as "mere men").
        "God stands up to open heaven's court. He pronounces judgment on the judgesHow long will you judges refuse to listen to the evidence? How long will you shower special favors on the wicked?... I have called you all "gods" and "sons of the Most High." But in death you are mere men. You will fall as any prince - for all must die." (Ps. 82:1-2, 6-7, TLB)
        Clearly then, the judges were "gods" in status only - not in nature. Jesus, on the other hand, was more than simply a so-called "god", He was "the one whom the Father set apart as his very own and sent into the world" (Jn. 10:36). Jesus was claiming to be equal with God - not in status, but in essence. The Jews perceived Jesus to be a mere man, so when they heard Him say that He and the Father were co-equal, they wanted to stone him to death for blasphemy (Jn. 10:30-33).
        > Some anthropophists do look to scripture, like the Bereans, to see whether these things are true, and the results are very rewarding.  For example, they go to the BIble to see whether the teachings about reincarnation are true, and they find that they are not contradicted but that the Bible shows them a whole new light in which they can understand reincarnation.
        This is a blatant lie. Anthroposophists do not look to Scripture to see whether a certain teaching is true - they go to Rudolf Steiner. The Bible nowhere teaches the false doctrine of reincarnation. Provide me with one Scripture which does.
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