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  • Michael Meiring
    Dear Lisa I apologize to you if you took my message as a personal attack . I said, If you do not see yourself as a sinner, then you reject Christ s work on
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 1, 2002
      Dear Lisa
      I apologize to you if you took my message as a personal "attack". I said, "If you do not see yourself as a sinner, then you reject Christ's work on the cross."
      The operative word here is "IF". I never said that you claim to be perfect or that you reject Christ. I said "if". My main point is that Jesus had not come for the "healthy", but for the "sick" (Mk. 2:17). In other words, those who acknowledge that they are a sinner before God, and repent and turn to Christ have been called by God. Those who claim to be without a sinful nature, do not see a need for a Saviour. "Why do I need a Saviour when I am not such a bad person - I am a good person", would be the unbeliever's response to the gospel.
      Maybe I should have replaced the word "you" with "one" or "we". I am sorry again.
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      Subject: [anthroposophy] Re: Att: Lisa

      > Michael,
      > Gosh...and to think, I was worried that I may have sounded too harsh
      > in my previous reply to your post!  Thank you so very much for
      > setting my mind at ease.
      > I am just blown away...
      > The 'dark waters' I referred to was the sludge and condemnation
      > seeping from your words....YOURS Michael, not God's.
      > You did not approach this list in the manner in which someone wishing
      > to spread the Word of God...with the desire to REACH out to others
      > with an embrace of Love would do.
      > >The dark waters must have been the devil's weapon in order to
      > prevent you from seeing the light of the gospel of Christ:<
      > I do see the light, better the question would be...do YOU?  An
      > approach with the Gospel on your part would be received better by
      > anyone, I should think.  Instead, you came out with your guns firing.
      > And why?  Just what WAS your intention in posting? Your post felt ,
      > to me, like an ALL-ASSUMING attack on those who frequent this list. 
      > What on Earth, or Heaven for that matter, gives you the right or
      > justification to assume that no one on this list could possibly have
      > Christ in their hearts?  As you should well know, each individual's
      > relationship with Jesus is only accountable to HIM not to you or any
      > other person on this Earth
      > >But Lisa, if you do not see yourself as a sinner, then you reject
      > Christ's work on the cross. >"Whoever rejects the Son will not see
      > life, for God's wrath remains on him" (Jn. 3:36). That >isnot what I
      > say, it is what God says.<
      > ?!?!?!  Where did you get this?  When did I claim perfection and void
      > of a sinless nature...or rejection of Jesus?
      > I am sorry Michael, you really are coming from left field here...
      > If you wish to continue with this 'discussion' in a nicer way, feel
      > free to email me at lisastephzim@...   -so as not to fill this
      > list with off topic discussions.
      > Have a good day, Michael.
      > Best Wishes,
      > Lisa
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