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Rép. : [anthroposophy] "Next" #2

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  • danifyou@tv.videotron.ca
    And the Wounds are Good, for in the Pain is In Flames , INFLAMMATORY process of the Î entering and making His the Place of the Skull, direct Fire Fight
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 1, 2002
      And the Wounds are Good, for in the Pain
      is 'In Flames', INFLAMMATORY process of the 'Î' entering and making His the Place of the Skull, direct Fire Fight with the Death of Matter, the 'Î' enter the nervous system
      Alchemical like and Redeem Refashion
      in the form of an 'Î', of an Eye....

      Matter is to Heat,

      Matter is to Eat.

      Enjoy the Chewing and the Digest In of:

      'BREAD and WINE'! :)

      ----Message original -----
      De : "Br. Ron"<rlloyd@...>
      In order to close the gap behind us, we must first
      understand the nature of the gap and what is in it.
      (This gap BTW, is represented in Qabala as the 'Abyss')

      Consider this. On our backside, we have shoulder blades
      which our friend Bradford has rightly pointed out are
      'stumps of wings'.....wings yet to be developed, if we so

      But we also have a tail in embryo back there, if that
      happens to be our evolutionary choice.

      So, before we even attempt to close this schism we
      must decide our preferences...demonic or angelic.
      The left hand path or the right. If the choice is the latter,
      we of course have a Helper. If it is the former, we also
      have helpers...legions of them. And as we know, the pull
      is great toward both.

      Now how can we then, in practicality, address this process?

      The relationship humans have with the cells in their own bodies
      is a lower analog of the relationship Christ has with humans.

      Those who pray, know that the prayers most swiftly
      answered are those coming from the greatest need.
      The greatest cries heaven-ward are addressed first by
      Our Lord.

      Likewise, physical pain may be considered beseeching
      'prayer' directed to us from those cells in our bodies most
      in need of our attention and a change in conditions.
      Otherwise, we usually consider them not.

      The gap can most easily be seen by humans as that
      blank space in consciousness which exists between
      the Mind and Body.

      Humans are not the only ones awakening to see
      the body needs loving attention. God is also awakening
      to recognize that we....the cells of His body, need attention

      As Above so Below.

      Here the gap becomes most glaringly apparent.
      If we would close this chasm between ourselves
      and God, we must simultaneously close the chasm
      between ourselves and our own physical cellular
      make-up. (on Earth as it is in Heaven)

      This is how we fold back upon our TOTAL Self and
      seal the seam, which ascends 'upward' toward the
      Macrocosm and descends 'downward' toward the

      The Adversary is simply that force which seeks to
      interfere with this unification of dimensions.

      So, let there be Majesty embraced!....the Royal Spirit
      of the Christ Singularity, 'coming in the clouds' to
      connect all the dots and seal all the spaces in the
      Faustian chalk-ring and thereby contain the Sovereignty
      of all Being from the pointed tails and piercing forks
      of the crouching gargoyles of Self Doubt.


      Br. Ron

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