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The 'OZ' Sound

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  • danifyou@tv.videotron.ca
    Thanks Bradford... :) I knew of course the Christ statue emerges.... ;) For in the Organic Standing this is but a Collective Story told by Many Freely Giving
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 1, 2002
      Thanks Bradford... :) I knew of course the
      Christ statue emerges.... ;) For in the Organic Standing this is but a Collective Story told by Many Freely Giving GoodNews Stores and Wear-(NEW)Houses, of each of the I AM's Brotherly Economical to one another, Seedling, Pollinating one another, this is but Making Love in the Ether...
      The Sprite Spriting Jupiter Colors making every Place a Full Bloom of a Living Room,
      for the smallest SEED of all grows into 'Baum' where all the Birds of Heaven comes to nest and Sing the Glory of the All-Mighty.

      And 'OZ' is the Sound, the Peripherical Mother Spouse of a Warmth Embrace Sheatening and Nurturing the Life Harvest Manifestation.... LOVE-IS-ALL-A-ROUND :)

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      De : "Bradford Riley"<holderlin66@...>
      From: danifyou@...
      >Subject: [anthroposophy] To Harp-SycorAxe :)
      >Date: Thu, 31 Jan 2002 19:20:00 -0400

      >High Bradffffforrd My Ffffrrrriend :)
      >Me dits fffffind ShakeSSSSSsPearrrMMmmm
      >Moss-Th Prrrrreshhhhiousssss...
      >S-HE!-Rrrrrrr HhMMmmm-Hhhhhearrr itsssss:

      Thanks Danny. Nice work!

      But the Representative of Man, the Christ statue emerges as the dross of his
      Caliban instincts and the earthly double fall away, or are splintered off
      the soul from one side. The other side develops an Astral link to the
      surrounding elemental worlds. Ariel is the otherside of the pole between the
      sub-earthly and the super-spiritual initiation that Shakespeare outlines in

      Here is the first Prototype of the Representative of Man. Caliban with a
      host of Ahrimanic impulses including Toads, which is how to catch a dwarf or
      evil gnome, also molestation... things in the soul life that exist because
      of our integration with Ahrimanic and Luciferic forces. Prospero, the erect
      and tall Representative of Man has Ahrimanic forces caverened and locked in
      the lower regions of the controlled will forces. There in each individual
      are the untransformed inner earth mysteries. We donot have to go far afield
      to see how much of our own soul life is clouded by impulses and substance
      that we share with gravity and the desire of matter or our double.

      Ariel as a sort of Luciferic and Humanized Angel holds that pole in The
      Representative of Man that soars and is set free, but free to do the bidding
      of the Spirit of Man, the Christed Soul, the Prosperous soul. There in
      Shakespeare's final play, a vast Spirit Self Initiation of Symphonic poetic
      works, results in the first Rosenkreuz inspired grasp over what I guarded
      for several years at the Goetheanum. I stood by The Representative of Man as
      a guide to visitors for over threes years there.

      How will nature and Politics change when the Human Soul/Spirit is able to
      release Baptized, Humanized Kings of the Elements and Queens of the waters
      who can make earth's weather and experiences in the Devachan change
      perception and tone? Our illusion with merely making merry with scientific
      matter is not nearly the full monty. We are a few bricks short of a full
      load and yet we gamble and play now with the most awesome powers. Greater
      than nuclear energy... the life forces themselves. Which is the type of
      manipulation that the Tempest reveals as disturbance in the Devachan of the
      karma of individuals. Indeed the Tempest is a re-education codex for souls
      who had failed on earth to come to harmony and social progress. In the
      Tempest, they are in a Kamaloca way, reeducated so that they will do right
      when encountering it the next time. But it serves also as an example of
      Initiate insight into Devachan forces of matter.

      Yesterday you could read or hear on the News that they have spiked the DNA
      of tough goats with spider DNA in order to make a spider thread that will be
      stronger than steel. Sheep and Goats? The Spider in Lord of the Rings? The
      electronic spider energies weaving a web round the earth and Steiner tells
      us in lecture I have quoted many times, that a cross between the mineral
      silicon world, between mineral and animal would start a death knell...
      Things we applaud now are haunting and potentially dangerous in the hands of
      the scoundrels who seek only profit and consumer advancement and who have
      been trained with brains geared to screw up creation.

      Symbols such as Goats, Sheep, Dove, the Ass and the foal of the Ass have
      powerful cosmic implications, the warehouse of nature is a loaded deck of
      super forces and since we have no understanding of the astral, etheric and
      ego integration with which this world is hinged, we are a danger, a grave
      danger to ourselves and Beings who share our destiny.

      But, we do not have enough thinkers on the Michael Team to even sustain an
      attentive eye on events and peer into the understanding of what Spirit-Self
      and Consciousness Soul faculties entail. Where do we uncover the
      Representative of Man in each of us? How do we take our portion of the nine
      layers of the inner earth, the sub spheres and contain and transform them?
      If we find it and if we work with it, we come to such an Initiatin described
      in the Tempest. We stand, each of us, like tall grass blades, swords with
      roots into the deep inner mysteries of the earth and by our unified grasp of
      the ground beneath our feet and the stars above our heads and the middle
      earth sphere of Man we put a choker chain on the negative gods who already
      think we are nothing but the foam at the top of a beer mug.

      From Danny who did his homework!

      >Of Sycorax, toads, beetles, bats, light on you!
      >For I am all the subjects that you have
      >Which first was my own king: and here you sty me]
      >In this hard rock whiles you keep from me
      >The rest of the island
      >Thou most lying slave,
      >Whom stripes may move, not kindness! I have used thee,]
      >Filth as thou art with human care and lodged thee]
      >In my own cell, till thou didst seek to violate
      >The honour of my child
      >O ho, O ho! wouldn't had been done!
      >Thou didst prevent me, I had peopled else
      >this isle with Calibans
      >Abhorred Slave,
      >Which any print of goodness wilt not take,
      >Being capable of all ill! I pitied thee,
      >Took pains to make thee speak, taught thee each hour]
      >One thing or other: when thou didst not, savage,]
      >know thine own meaning, but would gabble like]
      >A thing most brutish, I endow'd thy purposes
      >With words that made them known. But thy vile race,]
      >Though thou didst learn had that in't which
      >good natures
      >Could not abide to be with therefore was thou
      >Deservedly confined into this rock
      >Who hadst deserved more than a prison

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