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Epiphany fading

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  • Bradford Riley
    **** Sunday January 6th. Moon Virgo. Epiphany, the Festival of the Appearance of Christ. Day of the 3 Holy Kings. Joan of Arc born 1412. Schliemann born
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      **** " Sunday January 6th. Moon Virgo. Epiphany, the Festival of the
      Appearance of
      Christ. Day of the 3 Holy Kings. Joan of Arc born 1412. Schliemann born

      Bradford writes;

      Now there is a dump truck full. Looking back in Olaf Aestesons eye, where he
      sees Michael working behind the threshold in his Rip Van Winkle sleep for
      the twelve Holy Nights, the Countenance of the Sun, the Midnight Sun shining
      through the matter and substance we call matter of the Earth, illuminating
      what the soul riches that the human I Am's are growing in the matter of
      their matter. Each table of the atomic table a transubstantiation of our
      own collection of enchanted elemental beings, (we harbor the enemy, the
      untransubstantiated substance of the world) is our garden.

      Michael overshadows lovely Joan of Arc. Rich is the testimony of how valiant
      he will stay with the I Am and the Christ. Joan stands as testimony, even
      under torture, that Michael, the holder of the Archai safety zone where I
      Am's were born from Saturn's ancient fires, where Love, the gift to the
      Earth, infused the I AM's, remains guarded. Joan enters this day.

      The Archangelic forces that Victor Hugo worked under, that have given us
      such masterful Andrew Loyd Webber contributions, the French language and
      Word would have been lost, as the Celts were lost, as the horror of the
      holocaust nearly lost to us the entire Jewish race, what a horror is loss
      and the Beings who walk in men's will unknown who propel such losses.
      Michael bides with humanity.

      But other Archai are not so warmed by the sacrifices of Christ and Michael.
      The old gods... the old ones... they were the makers of Man.. the old ones,
      who infused the foundations with the fire of the I Am... some became dark
      lords Asuras and they do not think highly of Michael or Christ, yet would
      test... Test Joan in fire to see if she can truly stand in the healing love
      of the fire of the Archai Michael and the Sun Word Christ. Watch and teach
      America, for such a one, from the old gods is sifting the will of men to see
      if their brotherhood is mere sham or can be bypassed and cloned from
      creations ancient fount. Watch America, watch! For Mater and Mother and
      matter is now the Whore's coin as well. Recycle the humans.. watch, watch!

      Kings, Kings... Shepherds and Kings at the Turning Point of Time. Yes they
      harbor the enemy. Three seeds of immortal transformed selfhood in Spirit
      Self, Life Spirit and Spirit man...hover darkly outside of the Saturn orbit.
      They are vast dark bright lords who would contribute much to our welfare but
      Men who remain darkened in their wills, rush a hidden agenda. Their unknown
      gifts bring Plutonium and the transubstantiation of matter to core levels
      without moral substance and it is not Love and removing the enchanted matter
      that enthralls men with the future temptations of Plutonium and recycled
      human astral, etheric and matter bodies. Three gifts, hidden in each and
      every soul dark wonders and enemies for the darkened wills of men.

      Three choices. Troy the mythic realm, Schliemann finds the lost Troy and his
      story alone is worth the novel, the movie the foundations of reality placed
      back into human hands. Troy no myth but the choice of Hera, Aphrodite and
      Athena; the forces of Willing in Hera, Power. The forces of feeling,and
      beauty in Aphrodite = ART. The forces of thinking, the POF, Athena rising
      out of the head of Zeus, virgin born from the word of Metis. Certainly the
      Archangel of the Greek folk Soul who walked with Aristotle should find a
      pathway, like Paul, through the Thought, through a POF destiny. Like
      Aristotle, Troy was lost and the works of Aristotle were also lost. But
      Schliemann found the 7 cities of Troy and proved that the Iliad and Odyssey
      were true Initiation texts.

      The choice that Paris made, that crowned fickle Helen and inaugurated the
      soap opera of feelings(augur or omen and prediction on the invisible lines
      of feeling and imagination) and the grand scale of Art leading to Raphael
      and Goethe's ancient mark as a sculptor come floating down the streams of
      time on the deeds and revelations of Men. Particularly the relentless belief
      that Schliemann developed becoming a shipping magnate.

      Look back all ye who wander past those Holy Nights. See dimly backward to
      the first fires of the Spirit lit by the dark ancient Lords and we who walk
      faintly as I Am's under the shadow of Angel; in global families of
      languages, under our Archangels; who seek protection for the Spirit Ring of
      the I AM, that can sustain and ward off the temptations of the Asura through
      the Sun Word, hold fast to the shepherds and the kings that have given us
      back the ring lords Love. Watch America.. Watch and teach this ancient
      Archai Lord what global brotherhood is in the Year ahead.

      Our twelve days ahead are miniaturized to the Sun's great work. One tick on
      the Sun Day is one mere mortal span of 72 years. Our hearts beat its cosmic
      time, our blood fashioned in the model of the first Beginnings beyond the
      big bang we hold the secret flame of the ARchai and here, Here on precious,
      my precious Middle Earth can we learn of that Great Sun Word who would
      protect and guard us and has given us strength to teach the dark ancient
      lords what the deed of Christ meant. We might even develop a five chambered
      heart... wouldn't that be special.

      We are overshadowed by the great Quest and the links that bind the kingdoms
      of humanity to elves, gnomes, sylphs, undines and Ents.. we have these
      years, where the Lord of the Rings shall ripple under our belts to form a
      slender hope against the betrayal of the human I to the dark ancient lords
      of Time. Far in the West one grows in the will of men, it has for some time
      been growing... but it has grown on the dark unconscious will of men in the
      west. It seeks, the ancient one, to learn what the good Spirits of Form
      would do with a cosmos, a creation and this lesson, sweet Hobbits is our
      inidividual I Am's.

      Thus out of Troy, Philia, Astrid and Luna. Science, Art and Religion and the
      beast called Politics fallen off the Greek wagon. Archangels of France,
      Norway, Sweden, tribes of African, Hindu, Afghanistan and the other language
      Stans, Russia, dark silent China... Language forces of the fire in Spanish
      and the Bull, Native Americans... Archangels who have learned of this Christ
      Event call to the high global Archai now ranging through American Wills and
      beg... Angels of men teach the ancient dark lords of time through humanity
      what mission Earth shall be as the Jupiter forces squirm in the depths and
      the Golden Aura in the interior of the Earth, squeezes out the rings we call
      satellites that circle us like wolves with wolves laser red eyes, hovering
      homeless between the moon and the earth because our Earth is now...

      Fades the midnight sun.. it is the 7th.. the vision clouds again... it must
      have been a dream.

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