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  • jeff auen
    This may be of some interest to those involved in astrology: December 21: Solstice Meditations Long observed as important times to harmonise with the energies
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 21, 2001
      This may be of some interest to those involved in astrology:
      December 21: Solstice Meditations
      Long observed as important times to harmonise with the energies of the Solar
      cycle, the Solstices and Equinoxes are now recognised as important times to
      link up in meditation for the upliftment of our world. At the time of the
      December Solstice the Sun is furthest South in its alignment to Earth. For
      those in the Northern Hemisphere it represents a time of reflection and
      renewal as the Sun is reborn; for those in the Southern Hemisphere it
      represents a time of maximum light. As the Sun enters Capricorn we are faced
      with the responsibility of embodying our light into structure through
      creative self-expression.

      The global linkup time will coincide with the exact moment of the Solstice,
      which is 19:22 GMT/UT (11:22 AM Pacific Time). On this day, Saturn, the ruler
      of Capricorn, and therefore of the December Solstice, will be in Gemini,
      focusing us on issues of thought and communication. Saturn will be in
      opposition to Pluto in Sagittarius and exactly square Mars in Pisces,
      creating a powerful but challenging T-square.
      The Saturn-Pluto opposition will highlight any conflict in the collective
      consciousness between information and wisdom/truth, and will urge us to
      overcome the blocks to enlightened understanding. With Pluto and Mars
      involved there is an issue to be healed that is either to do with how power
      is being used to subvert this process, or how power is not being used to
      enable this process to unfold. The T-square embodies the archetype of an
      information-based war, which usually means the use of untruths or propaganda
      to assault and disempower the unquestioning or undiscerning. Any military or
      non-military wars that are being fought at this time are likely to be based
      to a large extent on untruths and propaganda. With Mars in Pisces there is a
      strong potential to misuse the will through the manufacturing of illusions,
      or by not questioning the illusions that are manufactured.

      With Venus conjunct Chiron (the Wounded Healer) in Sagittarius, human and
      planetary relations are being tested, with the main lesson being this: Are we
      going to heal our human and planetary relations through love and
      understanding, or are we going to choose to perpetuate conflict and wounding
      instead? Put this way, the craziness of war is easily exposed.
      So this Solstice will present us with a unique opportunity to look at
      ourselves and heal. Mars in Pisces is very much the spiritual warrior
      archetype, and combined with the Pluto-Saturn opposition, this means that
      spiritual energies are going to be available to be channelled into
      manifesting peace. Meditation itself will be powerful, particular if the
      focus of that meditation is on peace and healing through the power of love
      and enlightened understanding. Most of all, though, this Solstice will be
      about one thing, which is the gift presented by the T-square: transforming
      our thoughts to enable spiritual truth to manifest and be acted upon. So for
      this Solstice, may we not just think about peace and healing, but become
      these things and live them.
      ----- Jeff
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